1957 Chevrolet 150: Base Model Survivor

1957 Chevy 150

I’ve seen a lot of ’57 Chevys over the years and I’ve noticed that most people just call them all Bel Airs, but there are actually 3 distinct trim levels. The 150 was the base model, the 210 lands right in the middle, and the Bel Air is at the top. While they all were based on the same chassis and body, the Bel Air was more luxurious and better optioned. Interestingly, they built and sold fewer 150s than the other two. I guess most buyers felt the extra money was worth more chrome and a V8! The 150 you see above is a solid survivor and amazingly never been modified. The original six is still in place and runs great! The seller states they have been driving and enjoying it as much as possible. They have decided to part ways with this survivor and have listed it here on eBay, where bidding is already over $10k.

1957 Chevy

I can’t imagine there are many original 150s left out there. Being a cheaper and less desirable model means many of these have had V8 swaps performed, in an attempt to make them more like the Bel Air. While it might sound like a great way to get Bel Air power for considerably less money, the job isn’t as simple as just installing an engine. I’m glad to see that this one hasn’t been modified, as I actually find the 150’s toned down looks to be rather refreshing. Sure the flashy trim of the Bel Air is awesome, but there’s something to be said for the modest looks of this car. So would you drive this base model or would you rather have the top of the line Bel Air?


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  1. JW

    I could picture my Dad behind the wheel of this car even though his was a 56 with the 6 banger 3 on the tree and 4 doors. I love the trunk shot back in the day you could get 3 friends in to the drive in for free with a trunk that big.

  2. RayT Member

    This one I’d like, even though it appears to me the left side (fenders and door) need some bodywork and the paint looks less than stellar.

    The lower-end classics appeal to me. Every car can’t be a V8 Power Pak, four-on-the-floor roadburner; far more lowball “sixes” were built than survive.

    It’s the same feeling I have for, say, early six-cylinder Mustangs. Yeah, you’ll lose drag races, but they are indicative of their time and are decent street drivers.

    If money was no object, I’d like a Nomad with V8 and all the frills. I could enjoy this 150, though. Hope someone does!

  3. DENIS

    ahhhhh, visions of a 283 fuelie……..

  4. jimbosidecar

    Probably won’t stay stock for long…

  5. daveH

    When did “Bel Air” always = V8?

    Many, many Bel Airs were 6’s and the V8 was available in all 3 trim levels as well
    The differences were interiors and the loads of chrome on the outside.
    V8 150’s were the hi-performance cars favored by Police dep’ts as well as by law breakers

  6. Dutch 1960

    The base 150 trim makes the car look like a ’57 at either end and a ’55 in the middle. Hope it stays stock, these look good without so much flash.

  7. Chris Buchaniec (@CBuchaniec)

    two things… cragars n keystone mags n white letter tires… four barrel carb for motor

  8. savthwav

    If it were me, this could be made into the perfect 1957 Black Widow (tribute/clone) Maker. I’m so old that I’ve seen the real things at war and in the flesh. So for all y’alls that don’t have any idea of what I’m talking about, go to “Danchuck’s” link below.


  9. Loretta

    I would love to find a stock ’57 210 or 150. My father bought me one as my first car in 1974 after receiving my driver’s permit. Three on the tree, hardtop with at least five hues of blue paint! Took me all summer to learn to drive that baby, but I did it. Earned me my theater monicker…”Lo-rider”. Why anyone would want to super-charge these babies is beyond me. My preferred area vehicle as I too was ‘manufactured’ in 1957. :-)

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