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1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Coupe Barn Find

Few classics are as iconic and easily recognized as the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. Rarely do we come across barn find Bel Airs, but when we do they tend to be missing parts or in rough condition. Take this Bel Air Sport Coupe, which has been hiding in a barn for the past 18 years. While the body looks solid, the original drivetrain is missing and it’s hard to tell what else might be gone. However, this could still be a good project and it can be found here on eBay.

While we have our concern about what might be missing, it looks like all the trim work is still place, but then again these photos were taken almost two years ago and it’s hard to say what shape it’s in now. The Bel Air came in a variety of body styles ranging from four door sedan to a sport coupe and even a two door station wagon. This car is the very sought after two door sport coupe, which doesn’t have a post between the front and rear side windows.

Not only are the photos out of date, but don’t show much detail either. All that’s visible in the interior photos are the dash and steering wheel. While they look to be in good condition, it’s hard to tell what condition the rest of the interior is in. Hopefully its complete and salvageable, but without more photos or seeing the car in person it’s hard to say.

If we were in the market for a Bel Air Coupe, we would give this one serious thought, but we would one to inspect in person and try to find out more of its history. The fact the original engine is missing will greatly impact the value of the car, but at least the seller has a replacement 283 V8 engine and three speed transmission for it. What do you think about this Bel Air? Is it too much of a risk or would it make a solid project car? And what would you do with it? Restore it or rod it?


  1. Jack

    let it go to someone interested in spending a lot of money trying to make it original again. I would take the 210, 2 door sedan version with the post any day as a hot rod…

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    • Jeff Hansen

      I agree completely. I love the 210 post. Had one for 10 years and went from the 327 that was there to a 350 but kept the M22 rock crusher in it. But kids came and car went. Now I am hoping to find another one.

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  2. kman

    Had a yellow 4 dr hardtop and the upholstery was the coolest thing ever. Never forgotten that car but it was a six. If the price doesn’t go too high and there’s some seats, door panels, etc. that can be restored, it could be a good find. It is amazing that the body and trim are so complete on this mid century icon after being left sitting for so long.

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    • Kman

      Hey, I had that same car! Two tone yellow and white, 4 door hardtop Bel Aire with the 6. I have never forgotten the upholstery either: that pale yellow vinyl with the black cloth inserts and the gold metallic thread running through it. A very pretty car. I painted it all yellow in a brighter shade,

      I noticec the grill and “floating turn signal bar” are missing – not the easiest parts to aquire. But the black sport coupe is the iconic one. Patrick Swayze had one in “Dirty Dancing”.

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  3. kman

    Just noticed the front grill missing and that could be a little difficult to replace. There’s a pair of turn signal lights that should be in a chrome bar set in the grill too. The upholstery on mine, btw, was yellow vinyl with black cloth inserts featuring gold metallic thread through them. Something else!

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  4. Gnrdude

    Rip out whats there & Go with a zz-350 or zz-400 & a TH350 Trans & a set of Cragars &you’d have a Seriously NICE car.

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  5. scot c

    ~ i am much more fond of ’55-6 but it is somehow very satisfying to see one so complete and in such fair condition. i actually would wish for a young hot rodder to learn his chops on this baby.

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  6. Larry

    I live in the Tampa area, I just asked the seller if i could stop by and see the car, I’m waiting for a reply.
    I will keep you all informed as it happens.

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  7. jim

    whatever somebody does with it, let’s just hope they get rid of the TA front wheels! those are god awful on that car.

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  8. mark

    Would be nice to see the rest of the interior. Get rid of all the miss matched rims right away!!!

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  9. Larry

    Well heres the news, the seller never got back to me so I just called him (10-01-12 @ 9:10am eastern time) and he said it sold to the first guy that came out and looked at it, said he was gone and didn’t see my contact to him thru e-bay. The ad is still on e-bay, something doesn’t sound right.
    Sorry I couldn’t get to see it and give more info on it.

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  10. G-Man

    Rod that thing and drive the piss out of it. Period.

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  11. Don Barrett

    I would go resto-mod with this one. Parts are still available to restore it but why not spend a little less and make it a daily driver? Put in a modern V-8. Most Chevys will bolt right in. For safety bolt in front disc brakes and maybe rear as well. By not going too overboard with upgrades you could also go back to full restoration later.

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  12. Barn Finds

    Sold for $10,100!

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  13. Horse Radish

    or not ….

    see above seller’s claim to Larry…

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  14. Dave

    I love ’57 chevies. It’s my favorite car.i would give anything to have another. This one lookes great to me.

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  15. Ed Blankenship

    Like to buy this Black 57 chevy 2-dr Hdt. call 269-945-3327 Ed.

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  16. Alan Wade

    Car. Looks. To. Have. Potential

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  17. Bobby Brown

    Is this car for sale just like it sits… If so call me plz 9315051074 thanks

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  18. Jay

    Not sure it really is a Bel Air. It might be a 210 with Bel Air pieces. It looks like it had the short fin top trim. Even though it is missing, the pinchwelds for the quarter is much longer on a Bel Air. And I believe all Bel Airs had gold fender gill trim and the V on the hood and trunk would be gold as well. Most of the Bel Air stuff is easy to change to make a fake Bel Air, but the long fin top trim is harder to change over because you have to modify the quarters. The VIN would tell the story if it were known. It would start with VC for a V8 Bel Air and VB for a 210.

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