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1959 Corvette Dragster: Period Gasser

1959 Corvette Gasser

Now this is a hot looking machine! I’m not usually a fan of gasser Corvettes, but the fact that it was built back in ’68 makes it alright in my book. The seller even has time slips from when it ran back in ’68 through ’70, showing that at one time it was capable of running a 9.48 at 144 mph! It really was built for one purpose, going fast in a straight line. Many of the original racing parts are still here, although the seller has decided to pull the engine and transmission from this beast. That is one of my single greatest pet peeves, especially with a machine like this. The engine was what made this dragster so special. Removing it is strips it of most of it’s history and value. Hopefully, they will change their mind and will leave the engine where it belongs! You can take a closer look at this old gasser here on eBay in Glendale, Arizona with a BIN of $25k and bidding just over $6k. So would you leave this Corvette a gasser or would you give it a more original appearance?


  1. James Scott

    Dude can keep the car if he pulls the drivetrain. What good or use it is then.

  2. Mel Lindsay

    As of 8:00 pm 6-19 he has decided to leave motor in car. Its at $6600 rt now guys

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    • Dirty Dingus McGee

      Not sure the engine is included. Sounds like parts are, but not a complete engine.

      Shame, as the engine is what made this what it is.

  3. jim s

    if your planning on oldies drag racing the car you need to have a PI done by someone who knows the tech. inspection requirements. i think it would need a lot of work and some upgrades because of the claimed top speed. could still be a lot of fun. great find

  4. Jim

    Reminds me of my friends Vett, I was part of his pit crew.

    • jim s

      where/when was the car raced and what time/speed did it run? where is the car now? thanks for sharing.

      • Jim

        He ran it at Islip Speedway on Long Island in Islip, N.Y. This was back in the 60’s & 70’s. Don’t remember what he ran, lost contact with him, I have no idea whatever happened to the car. I forgot about until I ran across this photo, wish I had more. Anyone out there recognize it? It had ” Wheels of Fortune ” on the front fenders.

  5. roger

    I like the car,but price is kind of high

  6. Peter


    I TOTALLY agree with you. I’ve seen cars that might have tempted me, and the drive train is G-O-N-E. Ugh….

    Glad it now looks like this one will remain where it belongs. :-)

    jim s,

    “if your planning on oldies drag racing the car you need to have a PI done by someone who knows the tech. inspection requirements. i think it would need a lot of work and some upgrades because of the claimed top speed. could still be a lot of fun. great find”

    Good point. I don’t race, and am not up on the specs, but I do know that as the ET’s drop (and/or the trap speeds go up–not sure which is the deciding metric), the tech/safety requirements go up, in terms of cages, etc….

  7. JW

    Love the 60’s gasser look, smart move to keep the car in one piece otherwise it was worthless. The 60’s were the hay day of true drag racing IMO, if you considered yourself a true gearhead you were at the track every weekend.

  8. Healeydays

    I hate that he says “When is the last time you seen a 59 Gasser Corvette that ran in the 9’s” and all you are buying is the shell of a car that once ran in the 9’s. Without it being complete, it’s just another project car.

  9. RollerD

    If you look at “sellers other items” you will see the motor for sale and the reason for selling it separate is understandable, although disappointing. The bid price is nuts.

  10. DENIS

    It appears to me that he is still keeping the motor but including cam, misc parts, and injectors.
    If it runs under 10.00, has to have rollbar and I’m sure it needs lots of other safety updates. I like these old gassers but no way in hell is it gonna bring the BIN price w/no motor. The current bid price should include motor..but there’s an ass for every seat…right? Kool parade car…

  11. blindmarc

    Not worth more than 15k even if the motor was included. Everything needs to be rebuilt. Certified welds are a must, and at those speeds a 6 point cage would be mandatory.

  12. Jeff

    If you read the eBay ad – it was built with a 1967 L88 – how awesome!! The motor had the right suffix YI and is worth it’s weight in gold.

  13. Rocco Member

    The bidding on the eng. is at $64,600.00. Reserve not met. This is crazy.
    At one point the bidding jumped $20K, from $31K to $51K.
    Is it possible there is shilling going on here?

    And for the less informed(me), why is a Tonawanda IT stamped code block worth so much?

    • Mike

      I think all of the legit L88s were built in that plant, so the code is further proof of the blocks origin.

      • Rocco Member

        Thanks for info.

  14. Blindmarc

    I don’t believe it.

  15. blindmarc

    Can’t believe what the engine has bid up to. This guy is nothing but a flipper. Wish he’d lose his ass on this.

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