Corvette Barn Finds

Barn Find 1970 Corvette 454 V8 With A 4-Speed!

Just at first glance, you can tell that this barn find is something truly special! Under all that dust is a rare 454 V8 and 4-speed equipped Corvette. And if that doesn’t make it special enough, it’s been with… more»

No Reserve Collector’s Edition: 1982 Chevy Corvette

This 1982 Chevrolet Corvette is a desirable Collector’s Edition model, sold as a non-runner with 35,000 miles. The Collector’s Edition cars are a desirable package, featuring fuel injection, a novel opening rear glass canopy, silver-beige paint, and upgraded wheels… more»

454/4-Speed: 1974 Chevrolet Corvette

As the 1970s rolled on, tightening emission laws were biting hard into performance figures of American cars. However, when a big-block equipped Corvette from this era surfaces for sale, it will still generate plenty of interest. That’s the case… more»

Cheap Corvette: 1975 Chevrolet Corvette

This 1975 Chevrolet Corvette has been parked in its current location for the past 8-years. and in that time, it has slowly become surrounded (and in some cases covered) with all manner of odds and ends. The owner has… more»

Tri Power Treat: 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray

With a new model due the following year, sales of the Corvette in 1967 were significantly lower than in previous years. This isn’t to say that there was anything wrong with the ’67 Corvette, and in fact, the opposite… more»

53k Original Miles: 1979 Chevrolet Corvette

The original owner of this 1979 Chevrolet Corvette, a gentleman by the name of Al, has decided that the time has come to part with his beloved baby. It is a really clean and tidy looking car, and as… more»

Ready for Rebuild: 1959 Chevy Corvette

This 1959 Chevrolet Corvette features red paint with white coves and is a stalled restoration project that the seller admits won’t get finished on his watch. With the listing claiming all removed parts and some additional components are included… more»

Wild Custom 1964 Corvette With A 409 And A 4-Speed!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but this custom Corvette looks like a mashup of a Saab Sonett and a Lamborghini Miura. It’s absolutely absurd and I hate to admit it, but I kind of love it! If… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe

I’m incredibly excited to be presenting this very special 1963 Corvette Coupe as a Barn Finds Exclusive! Reader David F’s father purchased this Split Window Coupe back in 1965 and it’s been with their family ever since. It’s been… more»

47k Genuine Miles: 1977 Chevrolet Corvette

For any person who is on the hunt for an original and unmolested C3 Corvette, this 1977 model is a car that really is worth considering. It is a one-owner vehicle that is in pretty impressive condition, and it… more»

BF Success Story: 1984 Chevrolet Corvette For $4k!

UPDATE 8/26/2019 – From Paul – Thank you to the good folks at Barn Finds! My 1984 Corvette featured here sold in six days and at the full asking price. What’s not to like? I really appreciated the suggestions… more»

One Owner SoCal Survivor! 1959 Chevrolet Corvette

This 1959 Chevrolet Corvette was reportedly purchased new in Southern California where it remained with the first owner for nearly sixty years. I’m not sure if this fits the true definition of “survivor” but no one can argue the… more»

Parked in ’71: 1960 Chevrolet Corvette

For the next owner, this 1960 Corvette represents a full restoration project. It has been parked in a barn since 1971, but it does appear to be a solid car that would respond well to the right treatment. The… more»

Turquoise Metallic Survivor: 1991 Chevy Corvette

This 1991 Chevrolet Corvette is a nice change of pace from the usual reds, whites, and blacks we see color-wise, sporting a totally 90s paint job of Turquoise Metallic. At just $5,750, this is likely one of the better… more»

1967 Chevrolet Corvette With 36k Genuine Miles!

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that Marlboro Maroon was the most striking color available on a Corvette in 1967. That is the shade that graces this completely original and unrestored Corvette that is located in Englewood, Colorado…. more»

Penny Suit: Coin-Covered 1965 Chevy Corvette

The novelty of layering coins on cars has thankfully worn off, but it’s still amusing when these vestiges of amusements past show up. This 1965 Chevrolet Corvette was used for a March of Dimes fundraiser in the early 80s,… more»