1960 Dodge Dart Seneca: Yard Driver

1960 Dodge Dart Seneca

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This might not be the most desirable of Darts, but I’ve always found these early Darts to be rather intriguing. I especially like the two door cars, and this base trim Seneca has a lot going for it in my book! The seller states it is barn fresh, but they have already cleaned it up, gotten it running, and have it yard driveable. It will need brake work before it will be safe for the street, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. The slant six is a bit lackluster, but is easy to work on and durable. I’m amazed by how well it cleaned up, considering all the bird droppings! Robert R spotted it here on craigslist in Darmstadt, Illinois with a $3,900 asking price. So would you drive this base model Dart or would it have to have a V8 to be of any interest?

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  1. Tom

    Does not look bad at all. Looks like a modern stereo head unit, speaker holes? I wonder why folks post picture without a pic of the engine?

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    • Mark E

      You missed the fader knob(?) to the lower left of the steering wheel. In any case, the doors don’t have holes in them but I bet you a donut the rear parcel shelf does… -_-

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  2. Dirty Dingus McGee

    If the bottom is as solid as it appears, buff it out and drive that sled. Maybe work up a 318 for use at a later date.

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  3. DREW V.

    Would drive it as is, maybe a Clifford Research header and 4 bbl intake, just to give it a lil pep…A smaller dia. Steering wheel to improve road feel and and being as I live in the Hot & Humid South an add on A/C unit would be a must…

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  4. Ed P

    Growing up, my neighbor had a white 1960 dart 2dr hardtop. It was a nice looking car. It was priced about the same as that years Plymouth and took the wind out of Plymouth’s sales that year.

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  5. Blindmarc

    Drive as is . A weekend to fix the brakes.

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  6. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    “…took the wind out of Plymouth’s sales…” I like what you did there. Great car, the brakes shouldn’t be difficult or expensive to fix. I’d love to have this Dart.

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  7. Woodie Man

    Desireable when talking about a 1960 Dart is kind of irrelevant imho. I’d like it just because its a two door and weird looking in an early sixties sputnik way.Why the owner didnt show the trunk top after cleaning off the pigeon sheiss is beyond me or self evident. Looks like the interior was replaced with a sort of diamond tufting. I think it should all be vinyl but I could be wrong. Show us the engine, the trunk interior and back seat and floors….hell make a video of the thing running……and sell it.

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  8. scottm

    This is 6 miles from me. I’m going to check it out tomorrow.

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    • Matt

      You ever check out that dart?

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  9. Alan (Michigan)

    Someone spent some money on this car, and in terms of it’s age, not that long ago. Of course the interior fabric is all custom/redone, and the paint is a faded to chalk respray. Still, it is a classic style (I like the Sputnik reference…tail-lights and fins for sure) and attractive in its’ own right.

    Maybe a buff, or a wet sand and clear-coat could make it shine. The bumpers appear to be OK, (push the dent out of the rear one) and that is good, because I have first-hand knowledge regarding the expense to rechrome big ones like those! $$!

    Would certainly make a fun cruiser, and you are really unlikely to see another one sharing the road., even at an old cars gathering. The price seems reasonable, and after brake work, the buyer has the choice to drive it, or invest a bit more.

    Like this one. Good find, Robert, and thanks for posting it Josh.

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  10. Paul B

    Most ’60 Darts I recall had sixes; this was after all a Dodge economy model. They were never fast nor should they be. Buy it for the Jetsons look and motor around at a leisurely six-banger pace so people can enjoy seeing it.

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  11. Arthur Brown

    NO! Don’t mess this up with a V8! Darts didn’t have V8s until the 1964 ” turban car” Dart. That year they were offered with the 273 V8 and the “typewriter” auto transmission. It was the Dodge 50th anniversary special. There were only two of them shipped to St.Louis to Ray Rixman Dodge. My Dad got the white one with the blue interior. With standard 4″ wheel rims my Mom complain about how readily it would switch ends if she gave it too much gas. As the 7 year olds in the back seat my brother and I can assure you it was exciting! But nothing beat the scout trip where Dad, with six kids in the interior and all our stuff in the trunk, smoked Dr. Stikle’s 390 Thunderbird on the highway! BTW. Bill France had a special class for six cylinder sedans and the slant six was designed for that class! Slant sixes rule!

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    • Ed P

      Arthur, you are confusing the compact Dart of 1963 with the standard size Dart of 1960. The standard size Dart Seneca was indeed available with a 318 as an option in 1960.

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  12. jlschmidt

    I learned how to drive in a green one. Same year, same model as this one. For a kid of 16, that slant six and three on the tree was just fine for “dragging Main Street” in my home town. I drove it one time while wearing my Beetle wig. My bald-headed father, who owned the car, took quite a bit of ribbing from folks who thought it was him.
    Wish I had this one and the money to do something to it.
    Great find.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  13. Thomas Goenner

    I had one in 1969 during my senior high yr of school till 1972 when parked with engine problems at my parents country place in MN. Moved to Mississippi in 2000 and couldn’t bring it with. Dad came down with Alzheimer’s in 2014, & I had bad heart problems so couldn’t get it. It got sold at auction, by my family that had NO Clue of old car values, for $50.00. (along with a rust free 1954 Ford Delivery Van, a 1964 rust free Ford Galaxy XL, a school rebuilt 63 Olds 394 Super 88 engine WITH rebuilt 4spd. automatic transmission, (all stored inside)& 5 Ford V8 engines…. $500.00 for ALL! ) Was stored inside & outside for 42 years. Glass & body complete except chrome around headlights. Paint had the typical fading out & interior needed a lot of reconditioning. (Put No rust throughs).
    This was my Baby, school buddy cruiser, 1st marriage honeymoon car, and in Great shape for it’s years. I Still nearly cry when I think of what I Lost for $50.00 (or All I lost for only $275.00. Mom threw in $225 because she felt sorry that I got so little.)
    Wish ‘I’ could find an auction like that one! :-(
    Luckily my younger brother bought dad’s 32 model A Ford!

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