1960 Edsel Ranger Hardtop: Sports Coupe?

1960 Edsel Ranger Hardtop

I’ve never really understood why Edsels never really took off. They built some very interesting cars, especially towards the end of the brands life. I especially like the 1960 Ranger, but finding them is rather difficult. They only built about 2,500 Rangers in ’60, with the majority being the Sedan body. The one you see here isn’t the ultra rare convertible, but it is the 2 door hardtop, of which they built just 295! Finding parts to restore it will surely be difficult, but it looks complete. Trim pieces will be the hardest bits to find, although I’m worried about some of the interior pieces and the rust. I doubt there is much of a market for replacement body panels, so you will have to fabricate most of the sheet metal panels from scratch. While it will be a lot of work, I think it would be well worth it in the end! If you agree with me, you can find this rare Edsel here on eBay in a barn in Oakland, California


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  1. MikeW

    This a rare and desirable Edsel.It’s a takeoff of the Ford Starliner, very graceful. But he wants a lot for a car that needs restoring and to make it worse, he’s starting the biding out so high nobody will even get in on it. Talk more about it in my Edsel group https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/edselmail/info

  2. Cassidy

    Seller’s verbage makes it sound like they are selling off their collection, but if you look at their auctions, its obvious their “collection” is only minutes old as they are flipping their cars faster than a short order cook flipping pancakes. I don’t dislike flippers, but I do dislike this one’s dishonesty. They don’t know much about the 3 cars they’re flipping at all! That said, I do love the Kaiser Manhattan they’re selling! What a nice piece of rolling art!

    • Texas Tea

      I think Cassidy is spot on.

      I too love the looks of that Kaiser. That’s the prize in my eyes. What a cool looking car.

    • Horse Radish

      Ditto, hate flippers, especially dishonest ones.

      Discount the price by $10 for every capitol letter, $100 for every missing punctuation mark and $5000 for generally being obnoxious and we’re getting close to what it should sell for.

      A little kids calculation on how to be a “high roller car dealer” ?
      Sure looks like that to me.
      He starts at $12k so if he get’s a $5k offer he’ll run with it…
      too bad it’s not even worth that.
      Also : Feedback (4) and he’s got 5 cars listed..

  3. David G

    Wow, if this was equipped with the 352 Cruise-o-matic drivetrain option i’d be going to check it out as my potentially very first 60 Edsel (have only had 58s for the last 35 years). Edsel’s version of the Starliner body, this one’s also a rare color that would be truly stunning if unweathered (or correctly repainted). But this example’s far from rating the value he (she) seeks unfortunately, regardless how obscure and desirable this model might be. Hope he (she) ends up flexing a bit on the ask, lest the poor thing continue to languish in what i believe we’ll all agree is a miserable storage situation…
    Never say never though in this silly-money market, someone may just snap it up yet…

    If anyone’s truly interested in this car (and can prove such interest to my satisfaction!), i’d be happy to go for a personal inspection of it for you since am only 30 minutes away from Oakland.

  4. Doug H

    As the owner of a ’60 Edsel, I agree that this is a rare and desirable model in a rare and desirable color. Well worth restoring. About 90 percent of the parts interchange with a ’60 Ford and with the proper connections, you can find the unique Edsel parts. It’s priced way too high, considering the condition. I’d consider $6000 to be a fair selling price.

    • Rick

      OOo…didn’t see the two Nashes he has..dang.

  5. RoughDiamond

    Never seen a “barn” like that. Seller is dreaming.

  6. Brian

    Even if you paid $5,000 for this you would still have more invested than it will ever be worth. Unfortunately Edsels, post War Packards and many independents just don’t bring big money. It would be a very cool car to own and you would be the only person at any show with a 60 Edsel hardtop but you’ll never make a dime and you would be lucky to break even.

  7. jim s

    seller has 6 cars listed, all are interesting, but none have bids. i hope seller is taking offers. i do hope this car gets saved.

    • Horse Radish

      Who worries about the car being saved ?.
      At the rates the seller is asking it’s not going anywhere fast.
      And if somebody will pay near the asking price, that alone will assure survival………

      I am afraid the additional ‘barn find traffic’ may have done more harm than good,….

      ….unless he comes by and sees the comments….

  8. don

    seller is asking way to much for his cars, the only that is in with in reason the Edsel sedan, 12k for the ranger is way to much!

  9. MikeW

    It’s over and he didn’t get any bids on it at that price. Needing all that work and only having the 292 engine, it’s no wonder. If he’d used a reserve and started it low, at least he would have seen what would be offered. This way he didn’t learn much, although He may still my sell it with a after auction offer.

    The Kaiser would be much more interesting if it was the rare Dragon model and the ’58 Citation is like the one I used to have.

  10. Edselboy

    Another naïve seller with fat ideas and few brains – like calling it a “sports coupe”. I was able to get the VIN info from him, and it is a genny Lilac car. It looks clean, but coming to Cali from Michigan, it could hold anything that’s dangerous. In my professional 1960 opinion, it’s a $3,000 car on face, but that could work upwards if it’s found to be as clean underneath as it looks on the outside. But this seller isn’t saying.

  11. MikeW

    He’ll probably relist it or you can contact him through ebay for a time. If you need someone to check it out from the Edsel club, you can make a request at my group. There are several Edsel owners in that area. to see if he still has it, here is his contact info CAR IS LOCATED IN HAYWARD, CA 94541 https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/edselmail/info

  12. MikeW

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