Rare Horse Collar! 1959 Edsel Corsair

Ford estimated there was a consumer need for a line of automobiles positioned between the Mercury and Lincoln brands and brought the ill-fated Edsel to market in 1958. Their projections were wrong, and they launched the Edsel Division at… more»

In the Barn for 48 Years! 1958 Edsel

Almost everyone is familiar with the Edsel story. The late 1950s product ended up being the wrong car at the wrong time, though it was not a bad automobile. But sales numbers were a huge disappointment and Ford Motor… more»

1 of 1,876: 1958 Edsel Pacer Convertible

The Edsel was a dark period for Ford in the late 1950s. Research told company executives there was a market for a product between the Ford and Lincoln/Mercury lines. Named after Henry Ford’s son, the Edsel was introduced in… more»

Rolling Rarity: 1958 Edsel Citation

  The failure of the Edsel division of the Ford Motor Co. is an unfortunate legend. They were cars that nobody wanted, introduced at a time when no one was buying anything (1958: it was a recession year). Little… more»

Plastic-Wrapped Seats: 1958 Edsel Pacer Convertible

It is possible that I’m the odd man out because I think that 1958 Edsels are the best looking of the doomed brand’s offerings. The company tried to tone down the unique and divisive horse-collar grille the following year,… more»

Trendy or Tacky? 1959 Edsel Ranger Hardtop Project

In 1946, Henry Ford II welcomed a cadre of outsiders to Ford’s executive ranks. Known as the Whiz Kids, these ten were veterans of WWII and had very particular ideas about Ford’s direction, including the pursuit of a new… more»

Last Plated In 1982! 1959 Ford Edsel Villager

The Edsel debuted with a lot of fanfare and hoopla in 1958 as Ford executives were convinced there was a need for a fourth brand in the company’s stable. But it turned out to be the wrong car at… more»

No Reserve: 1958 Edsel Citation

Ah, Edsel. A brand that became synonymous with failure. Ford proved that the right car in the right place at the right time could succeed, with the Mustang a shining example. Edsel was the polar opposite, and the shocking… more»

1 or 12 Left? 1958 Edsel Bermuda Station Wagon

Ford had high hopes for its new division of cars in 1958. The Edsel debuted with no fewer than 18 models to join Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln. The problem was the brand was introduced at a time when the… more»

Former Movie Prop: 1958 Edsel Pacer

The Edsel was Ford Motor Company’s biggest product miscue of the 1950s, perhaps of all-time. It was launched during a period of economic uncertainty and the buying public didn’t respond positively. Sales were far below expectations and Ford pulled… more»

Yard Art Find! 1959 Edsel Villager Wagon

From whence it came, it shall return, or something like that. This 1959 Edsel Villager station wagon is returning to its elemental form in the great outdoors of Morley, Michigan. It appears to have been sitting neglected since 1973,… more»

60K Miles? Rare 1958 Edsel Pacer Convertible

The wrong car at the wrong time? That’s one of the more famous post-mortem assessments of the ill-fated Edsel. Since the dawn of the horseless carriage, automotive missteps have come and gone over the years, but Ford Motor Company’s… more»

Beautiful Survivor! 1959 Edsel Villager Wagon

What is widely considered the biggest sales flop in automotive history, the Ford Edsel is now an iconic collector car and they are becoming highly collectible. This version is a Villager Wagon from 1959 and can be found here on… more»

Patina Project: 1959 Edsel Ranger

In the mid-1950s, Ford’s research told them there was room in the medium-priced market for another car to compete with Dodge, DeSoto, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and Buick. Yet, they already had the Mercury. Practically every Baby Boomer who’s into cars… more»

Dusty Barn Find Project: 1958 Edsel Pacer

Ford Motor Co. had high hopes for the Edsel. Innovative for the times, market research told them there was a niche for a new car sandwiched between Ford and Mercury and yet another between Mercury and Lincoln. So, the… more»

No Reserve: 58k Mile 1959 Edsel Ranger

The Edsel cost Ford hundreds of millions of dollars and is perhaps the automobile industry’s biggest failure. Not because it was a bad car, it was just the wrong car introduced at the wrong time. Famous for its horse… more»