1965 Corvair For $2,000!

1965 Corvair

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Finding a two door American classic for two grand or less has become a bit difficult these days, especially if you want a car from one of the major brands like Ford or Chevy. Now I know a Corvair definitely isn’t the most desirable Chevy out there, but these are actually fun little cars that relatively easy to work on and can look really great when done up! This ’65 Coupe isn’t in perfect shape, but it looks complete and includes some spare parts all for just $2,000 here on eBay. The auction has quite a few watchers, but I have a feeling that the rust issues have been what has kept the status as unsold. The seller does include the option to make an offer, which is where I think this one could turn out to be a good deal. If the seller would agree to take a $1k offer, you could walk away with a great little project without having to spend a whole lot of money!

1965 Chevrolet Corvair

Besides the rust issues, the seller notes that the fuel system was taken apart and never put back together. This could either be a problem or a good thing, just depending on how much time and effort you are willing to put out. They have a brand new fuel tank and all new fuel lines, which are included in the deal. If you don’t mind putting the tank and lines in, you could have it running with minimal investment. The rust will be a bigger issue to address, but if you could likely still drive and enjoy this Corvair until you have the time to properly fix it! So what do you think, would this be a good way to spend between $1k and $2k?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Bobsmyuncle

    I’m not saying that this is a BAD deal, especially if you DID grab it for a grand. But could you get from this to this;


    In $6000?

    or this;


    in roughly $3500?

    or perhaps for better comparison;


    I’ve been following the Corvair market for a couple years, pretty closely as a purchase is in my future. One thing I’ve learned is that the market while generally VERY affordable is also very erratic, and some REALLY good deals can be found.

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      Car #1…. No, that is a convertible! ;-)
      And regarding that car, it always slays me that people leave off the trunk and engine compartment weatherstripping. So easy to install…..

      Car # 2 … No. And although that car looks pretty good, calling it a “race car” is a stretch… a Big one. Slays me how a seller can go on and on about something (Yenko) that this car is definitely not. Even calling it a “clone” is stretching the concept to the end of elasticity.

      Car. #3… Nothing special, definitely a better comparison, and without the rot at the base of the windshield?

      Of the 4, I like the convertible the best, as a driver, it could be fun.

      Any Corvair I would be interested in would have as a basic feature: 4-speed manual transmission!

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      • Bobsmyuncle

        I actually contacted the guy with the ‘clone’. Asked if he could tell me something, anything about HIS car as I already knew the history of Yenko LOL.

        That car IS pretty clean though.

        While I’m pretty adamant about the four speed myself, the Powerglide is a great tranny for these cars. And the swap to manual is VERY simple, so if you find the right car minus the tranny, keep that in mind.

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  2. Another Bob

    I was wondering what my 1966 500 with Corsa 140 HP and 4 speed was worth? It is in better condition than this but missing the original seats. I thought to myself about $1500 as she sits. $2000 for a 110 with power glide is a maybe, but with Corvairs it is ALWAYS cheaper to buy one that a Corvair freak has restored for basically free. A beautiful 110 auto can be had for probably 5-6K. Great cars, currently reading up on how to carry out a windshield rust repair, hopefully before Spring. SInce these cars are worth so little, it makes no sense to pay anyone to work on it. If I do a lousy job, what difference does it make?

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  3. C brand

    The ones on here the other day were in lots better shape for about the same money

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  4. Keith

    It didn’t sell. It’s re-listed with at $1,700 or offer price.

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