1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 4-Speed Project!

This is a vehicle that it seems the price matches what it was, and could be, not what it is. Currently, this 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 is sitting at a bid price of $6,300 with a clear title and a VIN listed. It is located in Farmington, Missouri. You can view more information on the listing here on eBay.

The car is not able to drive because of the original 4-speed manual transmission in the trunk. There was an automatic transmission in the car when it was raced during the 1970s. According to the listing, there is no engine in the car either. It left after being blown up. So, you aren’t going to be paying for the mechanicals, exactly, except the transmission in the trunk. Make sure the price reflects that.

The listing states that there is an original rear seat, but that is not shown in any photo. Something the listing does state is that all the glass is in the car. They also say that the pedals are in the car for the manual transmission along with the center console shifter. But, because of the automatic transmission that was put in, the tunnel has been widened a bit.

That leads to the floorboards where the listing does say there is some rust on the driver floor, along with the lower rear quarter panels and the fender bottoms, and a hole in the trunk. The listing also states Also, the hood is not original and they aren’t quite sure what the deal is with the hood that is currently on it. So, it seems like the price you pay is for a VIN and body, oh, and a transmission.

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  1. Clark griswold

    Run Forest, RUN !!!!

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  2. 71FXSuperGlide

    Wow, $6300?

    Car was obviously a drag vehicle at some point, wonder how far back?

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  3. jw454

    At $6300.00 I think it’s a bit beyond a reasonable value for what’s here. Of course you can get most anything that needs to be replaced thanks to strong aftermarket support but, it’s going to be pricey. Then, it still won’t be a matching numbers car which, is very important to some folks.
    Forty years ago I had a ’66 Malibu 2 door hard top with a 283 and Powerglide. It was nice but, I would have loved to have had a monster big block and a four speed.

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  4. finn dog

    $6300. That good price for a scrap car. Maybe $300 be more like it if it was complete and blown motor.$100. Top price.

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    Hmmm love a 66 Chevelle, think this one is worth the coin>> 6300 reserve not met??? Good luck to the new owner,


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  6. Dave

    It’s like anything else, if you want to put in time, work, and money you can make it work. Between Year One and Summit Racing your UPS driver is going to get a hernia!

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  7. Maverick

    Hard.life then parked.left to rot .a owner never was.nice to it .sad overpriced parts car and not much at that.

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  8. Wrong Way

    This era was the best body style ever! It’s up to 77 k. Too rich for my blood!

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  9. Wrong Way

    Meant to say 7,700 not 77k

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    • Dickie F

      Yes, you went the wrong way …

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  10. mikestuff

    That year Chevy was one of my favorites in my younger years. To see one in that condition just makes my eyes (and heart) hurt, regardless of it’s history.

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  11. Michael Ponsano

    OH COME ON!!
    Fly to San Francisco and for $17,500. Get one that is beautiful!

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  12. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    This mess sold for $9500.

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  13. 433jeff

    Im with Dave , you can make it work. It is a SS 396 and thats something, although for 9500 you have a lot of options!

  14. Michael Dwyer

    it is gone… most likely the time , energy and $$ that would have to be put in it, you could go out and buy one that has already done the work and fewer headaches too bad, was a nice car when newer

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  15. Roy L

    Now if that was a tree and not a drive shaft in the trunk, I’d be all in.

  16. JEFF S.

    $9500 – CRAZY, but it would make sense if you had your own repair shop and plenty of weekends that you were not working on customer’s cars. Otherwise it is a money pit, plain and simple.

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  17. James Martin

    Wow just wow. Are they so hard to find that they payed that kind of money? I would have to check myself

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  18. plwindish

    IMHO, way too much money for the car. I had a 67 SS 396 325 HP 49 years ago. I think it was the best looking Chevelle of the entire run.

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  19. Troy s

    Probably a fair runner back many years ago, right up until the little 396 gave up. A 427 would have been a decent replacement had the owner wished to continue flogging it. Shucks.

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  20. Bodyman68

    Way too much for so little, hope they have a shop to work in that has no overhead and the skills to do it up !
    Who knows they might have a matching numbers ss set up from a 66 waiting to go with tags . Good luck to them !

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