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1966 Pontiac GTO Texas Survivor

Patrick S. was kind enough to send us this 1966 Pontiac GTO which is located in Southlake, Texas in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. The car is an amazing survivor in beautiful condition. Over its 54 year life, the car has accumulated 91,250 miles. With 6 days remaining in the auction, the car is listed for sale here on eBay. As you would expect, the car has garnered some strong interest and the current bid is up to $34,000. The seller has included a Buy It Now Price of $42,500, if you want to go ahead and end the auction to take the car home.

This GTO is equipped with its original numbers matching V8 engine. The 389 cubic inch motor is fed through a 4 barrel carburetor and backed by an automatic transmission. The seller is believed to be the third owner and has rebuilt the carburetor and steering box while replacing the necessary parts on the brake system. The ad notes that the everything works mechanically and the car drives great.

The blue interior looks very nice and the car is said to still have its original paint, dash, headliner and carpet. The air conditioning system has been upgraded to Vintage Air which is a very nice feature. I have this system on my car and it blows harder and colder than most current day factory AC systems. The owner’s manual, Protect-O-Plate and PHS documentation go with the sale of the car.

As far as rust goes, the seller states that there is no rust and the undercarriage is clean. The car spent its first 38 years in the dry climate of Amarillo, Texas which is in west Texas in the panhandle. The original spare tire and jack equipment remains in the car since it was sold new at Brown-Russell Pontiac in 1966. This car appears to be all that is promised as a clean, original survivor with the only modification being the upgrade to the air conditioning.


  1. Avatar photo Fahrvergnugen Member

    What a beautiful looking cruiser at a realistic price for its condition! GLWTA!

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  2. Avatar photo Ray

    What a beautiful gto always love looks of these cars in love 1964 ones to

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  3. Avatar photo S

    Our neighbors when I was a kid had a 67 LeMans 2 door hardtop that was white with a blue bucket seat interior with console/floor shift. It was a step down from this – but I aways thought, what a beautiful body style! It made an impression on me as a kid. A lot of other people thought so also because look at the prices they go for!

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  4. Avatar photo Stan Marks

    Back in the day, I wouldn’t touch this car. Today, at my age(76), I wouldn’t hesitate to take this home.
    Reason…. automatic.

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    • Avatar photo Brian K

      I had a his/hers shifter in my ’67 back in 1988. Shifting a 4 speed is unforgiving without a hydro clutch.

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  5. Avatar photo John Underwood

    Beautiful! I owned a 67. Wish I still had it!

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  6. Avatar photo wifewontlikeit

    GET IN MY GARAGE! This is a unicorn of a car…agree with Stan Marks, an automatic makes sense in the future! Also probably means this “goat” was pampered, not beaten! GLWA, I would love to own this one, but…My wife Won’t Like It…

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    • Avatar photo Stan Marks

      So your wife won’t like it. So what….What’s the worst that could happen, bud?
      AHhhhhh…. The single life. LOL!!!

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  7. Avatar photo RoughDiamond

    This ’66 GTO is a beauty. One exterior styling treatment I loved on these were the taillights. There was no mistaking those taillights at night. I miss my ’66 Candlelite Cream GTO with 389, three deuces, wide ratio four-speed and 3:55 Safe-T-Track rear axle.

    Great link on some interesting information regarding the first GTO and how it came to be.

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  8. Avatar photo Johnmloghry

    Stan, here’s your chance to get your classic car. You’ll enjoy it immensely. There’s nothing like actually owning a classic car, driving and showing it with great pride.
    God bless America

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    • Avatar photo Stan Marks

      John, I totally agree, my friend. Only one problem……
      As a retiree, on a fixed income, I would have to hit the lotto, before I purchased that classic car of my dreams.

      Back in Sept.’64, I purchased my Montero red ’65 GTO, tri power.
      I’m still kicking myself, for letting it go. If only I had a crystal ball, back then.

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      • Avatar photo Johnmloghry

        Stan, how true it is. Hind sight is 20/20. I fully understand about being retired on fixed income. I’m only 73 and retired for 9 years, but I was able to make some good investments while still working allowing me to buy my 64 Buick Riviera and start a trucking business which I sold at at a nice profit. I still must watch my money very closely. My dear wife suffered the amputation of her left leg two years ago and spent 45 days in ICU. That took at big chunk out of our retirement account. But God is good, and we live on prospering in knowledge and love.
        Best wishes to you my friend. Thank you for your input on this B.F forum.
        God bless America

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    • Avatar photo Stan Marks

      I’ve got my social security & retirement portfolio. I could always dig into my portfolio & splurge. NOT!!!!!!!!!

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  9. Avatar photo Brian K

    Amazing car. ’66-’67 were the sweet spot for the GTO run. It looks pretty correct from the pics other than the block off plate due to the aftermarket air. I’d add a power booster right away though. Manual brakes would be scary on a car this big.

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  10. Avatar photo Carnutjoe

    I had 66 back in 1985 I bought from a college kid . Needed paint & interior. Took it a bodyshop for repaint and to my surprise after stripping they called me to come look at car . Absolutely no corrosion only real damage was a small picture in quarter. They applied a very very nice original gold base coat clear coat that looked show worthy for a very reasonable price . I sold a year later at very reasonable price. Wish I had it back! My favorite second to 64 model which have also once owned.

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  11. Avatar photo Steve

    Rare to find such a GTO. Worth every cent of his “buy it now” price!

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  12. Avatar photo A.J.

    Ad ended as sold for $39,000. I, for one, say well bought!

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    • Avatar photo Richard

      Oh good. I was just seeing this for the first time and wondering if this would make sense as daily for me (I don’t drive more than ~5k per year and have been debating something classic but reliable).

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      • Avatar photo Rich

        Great point, and question Richard…been considering the same thing for a couple years. At my age driving a nice classic, (with the difference in safety features) beats out my desire for our two SUVs boring and numb driving experience. Also easier to wrench on with cheap parts cost, and simplicity, no need to pay shop labor rates for a diagnosis. Think I have talked myself into it…

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  13. Avatar photo Jon

    In high school, my buddy had a ’67 4-speed … my dad had a ’64 Galaxy XL 390 Auto … outside of town there were two bridges, a quarter mile apart where HS boys would often meet with after school their/their dad’s cars … I always “took” him, with the XL, chirping the tires in the 1st-2nd shift … like this site – recalls many memories of cars and times we had “way back then” …

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