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1967 Chevrolet Bel Air Wagon For $600!


From Eric D – It looks like it had a fire, but the seller doesn’t say that in their ad. The $600 or best offer asking price is not too bad if it really is only surface rust. The seller doesn’t provide much in the way of photos, but a 327 that is not locked up is a nice little engine. Never have been a fan of the indestructible Powerglide 2 speed tranny. I worked in a Chevy dealership during the summer between my sophomore and junior years in college (1967) and these were very nice station wagons back in the day. If this one is complete, as the seller says, it could be a nice project as a driver.


However, I can see that some of the chrome side trim is missing. The front and rear look intact and seller says s/he has the missing glass. I hope so because that windshield would not be a cheap part to replace. Not much value in the collector market. If any of the BF readers are interested, I’m about 10 miles away. It’s not for me, but someone else might want to take a flyer, and I could go look at it. WRT the title, I’m not sure about that note/letter from the NCDMV. From my understanding, the lack of a title in NC is a pretty hard bar to get over. Any thoughts?

Special thanks to Eric for this find! So would any of you want to take on this Bel Air or is it too far gone?


  1. DrinkinGasoline

    Wow….That’s about $599.00 too much…..sad. They were great family haulers in their day ! Maybe in ten years or so when future generations refer to this, as we refer to the Woody wagons and Suburbans, as collectible.
    Let the thumbs down pinata begin,swing at will ! Parts car !

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  2. DrinkinGasoline

    I would be looking towards the ’57 Wagon at the lower left of the photo. At least that would be more viable for whatever? than the ’67.

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  3. Jeffro

    I looked at car and then the price…did someone leave a decimal out? I’m thinking more like $6.00

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    • Rob

      oh, c’mon, it’s with $60. don’t be so hard :)

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      • DrinkinGasoline

        OK….60 Bucks….You broke Me ! Damn , You’re a hard negotiator ! But I want the floor mats ! Deal?!

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      • Jeffro

        I’d pay $60 for it because I didn’t realize it had that “caught on fire”option that was new in 67.

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  4. Chebby

    You would have to leave the exterior as is and get it running. It would be the patina queen for sure.

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      C’mon Chebby…even you must concede that this one deserves a proper,honorable burial. Honor the dead.

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      • Chebby

        Yeah it is pretty bad.

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  5. Chas

    Is it just me, or has everyone gone crazy?
    This is a neglected, rusted, worthless old wagon. It is missing front and rear glass amd even some of the side glass, and it is stored outdoors which means that the rain and snow have gotten inside for years, not to mention rodents, and racoons. The carpets and upholstery will be soaked and ruined, and the floors are probably rusted out as well. That’s not patina, that is extensive suface rust, and if the exterior has been left in the elements long enough to garner that much surface rust, then the water intrusion to the interior has likely rusted the floors as well. The engine is probably locked up, too.
    If this was a Ferrari or an early Corvette, it might be worth trying to save, but this is a Chevy wagon, which is not worth the effort to bring it back from the brink. These are really nice cars, but you could buy a very nice, presentable one for a lot less than it would cost to resurrect this one, and you wouldn’t have the three year delay of labor.
    You can’t save every car, and this one is just too far gone, but may be a good source for parts, although I don’t know how much is still usable on it.

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    • scooter8

      AC work?

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      • SamM

        Many of these had 4-60 A/C,, but THIS one has the rare 7-60 A/C. none came from the factory with that,,,You could only get that from a dealer in a bad neighborhood, or self install it in your own bad neighborhood.

        That said,, this doesn’t really work as you would have to get it up to 60 mph.

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    • Howard A Member

      29,000 original miles.

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  6. Derek

    Ooo… what’s the 5-window in the second photo?

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  7. boxdin

    Isn’t 3 taillights indicate a higher line wagon than Bel Air?

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  8. Vegaman Dan

    I actually prefer wagons to 2 door hardtops. It has that special styling and utility about it that makes it useful, but cool. Patina is a term overused these days. I’d see this done in charcoal grey, black stripes, black rims, smoked glass. It would be mean, yet useful. Make sure it’s still a good road cruiser as well with all the creature comforts.

    I’d love to do such a ride.

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  9. cyclemikey

    $600? I’m not hauling that outa there for $600.

    Make it a grand and we’ll talk.

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  10. Vintageracer

    It’s worth what it weigh’s!

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  11. Rick

    Nice! At least it has factory b/u lights (for $600 it dam well better)

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  12. Anthony

    Just crush it and put it out of its misery

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  13. Glen

    I guess the engine will have value if it can be made to run without much effort., other than that, it’s scrap metal.

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  14. Mike D

    I would love to say ” resurrect” it, but, I am afraid it is too far gone

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  15. Joe

    Parts car for an Impala needing a front clip.

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  16. 68 custom

    if there is 550 dollars in the glove box then it might be worth 600 dollars, for the 327 and the 12 bolt rear…

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  17. Clinton

    I don’t know why all the negative comments. I owned a 1967 Caprice Wagon (396 400 trans 12 bolt 4 link) mine was missing the hood trim on the front edge. That part is specific to this year only and goes for big money. I ended up finding a damaged one for $200. So between that and the roof rack/helicopter landing pad there’s your $600 bucks. Where is this wagon? I’d grab it if it was close. I sold mine and have been kicking myself since. It ended up going to Australia of all places.

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      The negative comments were due to it’s condition, not the vehicle itself, or it’s heritage. There is a huge difference !
      “A Bird and a Fish can fall in love….but where will they live?”.

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      • Clinton

        It would have to be for parts but like I said the value is there. I’m sure it would never end up like my white one I posted pictures of. Does anyone even know where the car is? I don’t see a link.

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    • Chas

      I agree completely and said so in my comment. It might be worth $600 for parts. But it is certainly not worth restoring

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  18. Clinton

    And one more just because people like photos..

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      That is one of how many thousands that didn’t make it…..

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  19. MH

    That’s a beautiful car! WOW! I’ve wanted one for a long time.

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  20. Bobsmyuncle

    Wow VERY progressive owner! Rooftop gardens are still mostly reserved for municipal buildings and haven’t made their way to private homes, let alone vehicles!

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  21. ccrvtt

    My parents had a ’67 Caprice with the 327 & Powerglide – What an awesome car! This one’s beyond help, but in the day they were fabulous. The 327 was rated at 275 hp and it was FAST! My ideal wagon would be a navy blue ’68 Caprice with the 396. Just lovely cars.

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  22. DrinkinGasoline

    Who would have thought that a rotted,rusted out, late 60’s Chevy Wagon would have provoked such verbiage ! God Bless America !

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  23. Red'sResto

    The station wagon is cool and all, but how come no one’s mentioned the sweet circa 2005 gold Dodge Caravan in front of it? Come on! At least it’s got paint!

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  24. kyle

    Would make a cool pro touring car!

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    Wagons are getting harder to find as the days pass. This one may not come back to life. Salvage it for parts. Owner has the glass,bumpers may be good,tailgate, some interior pieces, trim pieces, etc. Maybe a third seat frame or other seat pieces. Someone could use them. Ever try and find these? Either are ruined or very expensive or you have to hunt them in a stinky chicken coop!

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  26. Texas Tea

    I wouldn’t haul it off if they offered it for free………..

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      If something like this was close to me and the owner said I could have it if I hauled it away, I would be hauling it away. It would not matter to me what model or brand the vehicle is, free is free. If the vehicle was not usable as a complete vehicle at least the usable parts would be salvaged. Then I could join the secret society of flippers. I hear that they even have a song. I’m a flipper, he’s a flipper, you’re a flipper too. Sung to the Dr Pepper theme song.

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  27. whippeteer

    It looks like a 50s wagon behind it too.

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  28. Rolf Poncho

    Pay me $600 and i’l go fetch it

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  29. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    So is this the new thing now……

    A car in a junkyard is up for sale, what about the rest of those pictured.

    Can believe in most pictured here on the site, politely question one or two, but this one I reject.

    Still love the site.

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  30. Mike

    Mom & Dad had one of these when I was just a lad, if I remember correctly wasn’t this the year that GM had a issue with the motor mounts breaking real easy, because I had a 67 Impala, for a while and remember the cable, because I installed a set of aftermarket motor mounts on it, after overhauling the 327 that was in it.

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  31. Bruce Fischer

    Sorry just a parts car.Bruce.

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  32. Marty Member

    Let’s be open-minded and honest about what we’re looking at here. While it clearly has been moved since the first and second photos, and looks a heck of a lot better when it’s not sitting down on the ground on flat tires, if the seller wants anyone to take this car seriously as either a parts car or project, he ought to provide a great deal more information about it.

    The first photo shows us a car that has been sitting outside for many years, and apparently with windows missing out of it for at least some of that time. All of the soft parts of the interior will be toast of course, but what is the condition of the floorboards? Probably toast also, but if not, he needs to show us, and say something about it. The lower quarters, fender bottoms and rockers actually don’t look too bad. But in the first photo, it looks like there are large holes rusted through in the tops of the quarterpanels, around the lower edges of the glass. With the corresponding rust-through in the structural body parts beneath those holes, forget the project, this is just a parts car.

    There is no link to the original ad.

    If complete, the 327 drivetrain might be worth close to the $600. There are probably no usable interior parts here. But all that said, if I already had one of these, and needed the drivetrain, trim and some body parts, I would gladly pay $600 for it.

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  33. Eric Dashman

    I’m tickled that y’all ‘liked’ this one as much as I did. It’s in Durham, NC and here’s the ad


    It’s $600 OBO, so if you want to offer $6 or $60 you can give it a shot. I think that the trim, lights, top rack, and tailgate (with power window, I believe) are worth the asking price if you need the parts. Who knows how badly it’s rusted, but the seller says all of the glass is with the car.

    It doesn’t look like more than parts from the limited pix. The owner says that s/he is clearing out a potential project for others. Given what’s in the background of the pix, there’s plenty of good possibilities in the yard (private, I believe) and one might inquire as to any that might be of interest to you.

    I’d go look for any of you if you’d like me to do so. Just email me.

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