Big Block Drop Top: 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS

1967 Chevrolet Impala SS Convertible

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The photos aren’t anything to get excited about, but this Chevy Impala SS Convertible might be! While SS convertibles are relatively rare, the fact that it’s packing a 325 horsepower 396 V8 is something you don’t see often! The only way it could get any better was if it had the 427. The seller of this garage find claims it is only on it’s second owner and is original. The paint is looking a bit tired, but it’s completely original and might polish up with some work. Sadly, there are rust issues, but it originally sold in New Jersey and is now in Massachusetts, so it doesn’t come as a surprise. If you can look past the rust issues, you can find this big block convertible here on eBay in Hudson, Massachusetts with bidding at $4k.

1967 Chevrolet Impala SS Engine

While it is going to need work, this could be a really amazing car once it’s back on the road! The seller claims the body is solid overall, but there is rust in the passenger’s side floor, the bottoms of the front fenders need work and the hood has issues along the front lip. The brakes have already been reworked, so that will save some time and money. The engine is said to run well, but is missing it’s original SS air filter.

1967 Chevrolet Impala SS Interior

The rest of this Impala’s problems are either electrical or cosmetic. While I’m not too concerned about the cosmetic problems, since you can still drive and enjoy the car with a ratty paint job or mismatching hub caps, the electrical issues are of concern. This was a fairly well optioned car, with power windows, a tach, power steering and the power convertible top. The problem is, the power windows and top currently aren’t working. The top can be raised and lowered manually, but it would be great to have it working. Any number of things could be keeping the windows from not working, ranging from a blown fuse to faulty motors to chewed on wiring. You won’t know which until you get in there and work on it.

1967 Chevrolet Impala SS

While I would prefer to have a manual gearbox in my SS, I would be just fine with the automatic. It would get the job done and make this an enjoyable car to just cruise in or hit the dragstrip with on the weekend! Impala SS Convertibles are in relatively high demand, so it will be interesting to see what this one goes for. If the rust isn’t as bad as it looks in the photos, this could turn out to be a great winter project to make safe and enjoyable to drive in time for the summer! So who here has ever owned a big block SS Convertible?

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  1. randy

    This is an honest old classic muscle car. We’ve had these in the family before, just not a ragtop. Curious as well as how high it will go.

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  2. Rick

    When I was a junior in high school I had a ’67 Caprice 2 dr, factory 4 speed w/ 325 hp 396 and posi, red w/ beautiful black interior and US aluminum mags, very pretty car and fast. Always liked the non-fastback style of the 2 dr Caprice roofline. IMHO ’67 was the high water mark for styling at GM, That car hauled ass, and did impressive smoky burnouts, yet the front disc brakes stopped it pretty well. In fact the guy I bought it from had outrun the local police in what can only be described as a famous legendary high speed chase (he did finally get caught) Neat thing was, insurance was cheap because my agent thought it was some old man’s car, he never knew it was a big block/4 speed (he never asked) so the insurance was way cheaper than a similarly equipped ’67 SS Impala. Anyhow partied hard in that car, drank heavily with my friends, and ended up getting failing grades in most of my classes, and the classes I did pass was only because the teacher knew me and gave me a sympathy “D”. But I digress. So that was a big heavy car and really hard on clutches, plus I ran into and/or sideswiped a couple of things along the way so the body got trashed, and ultimately blew up the motor, so ended up parting it out and having what was left hauled away to the local junkyard. In fact somewhere I have a photo of it sitting in the yard at the old A-1 Auto Wrecking in Woodinville.

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    • grant

      A-1 in Woodinville , Washington? Great yard for old American iron. Found a taillight to a 78 Plymouth Fury there.

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      • MountainMan

        That’s rightbdown the road from me, I will have to check it out

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  3. 64 bonneville

    uniqueness of power train and options make the car worth restoring, preferably frame off. the fact that it is matching numbers is a bonus. New reproduction wiring harnesses in the vehicle and under the hood should preclude any electrical gremlins. The current bidding is about $4000, which including the transportation cost from Ma. to Ok would be around 1K to about $1500 would put me at an all in price. However with 3 days left on the auction, would not be surprised to see it go much higher. would be great to see the finished product.

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  4. Luke Fitzgerald

    love that drivers door card – cool car – too valuble to hack – too dear to restore – get it legal

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  5. Vince Habel

    Always wanted a big block Chevy

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  6. MountainMan

    As randy said I am also interested to see how high bidding goes on this. Its well optioned and very desirable so I’m sure somebody out there will have more money than me to sink into it but I would like to have this one in the garage for sure.

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  7. Pookie Jamie P

    Because I was a fan of supernatural, I found a running 67 Impala 4 door with a 327. Because it needed paint the old timer seller sold it to me for $500. Got it home and was cleaning it out, some guy pulled up and offered me 5k. I said take it now before I change my mind. I’m not going to hold it….. All this happened on the same day of purchase. Just goes to show how sought after these cars are…..

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  8. Mark S

    I agree with the high water mark comment, these seem to be fairly rare and I think that the reason is that it they were bad for rusting out especially in the quarts and trunk. My dad had one a 2 door hard top gold on gold car with a 327 4bbl very nice body style and very reliable. He pulled a holiday trailer every summer with two dirt bikes on the trailer, one on the back one on the tongue of the trailer which was stretched to make room and a third bike on a bumper rack on the front of the car. And away we’d go out to the mountains. That car was loaded to the max and it never let us down. These are one of my favourite cars and I have found memories of those camping trips. In the end the tin worm one out and ate up the back pretty bad. As for this car my vote is restore it.

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  9. Mark E

    Learned to drive & took the road test in my grandfather’s ’67 Impala fastback. Got zero on parallel parking ’cause you could not tell where the back end was when backing up the car!

    The featured car has a rare option that my grandpa’s car had too…the optional parking lights outboard of the headlights. Amazing also what an array of instrument options there were. The car I drove had the basic panel which, if I remember correctly, had the gas gauge where the clock is on this one. I had a friend who owned one that had a manifold pressure gauge in the same position.

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  10. Peter R

    Around 1970 I bought a ’67 Caprice 4 door in blue with this engine, tranny and rear end. What a sleeper! It looked like my grandfather’s car but would it haul – won many a drag from the lights against what appeared to be much faster cars. Wish I still had it now.

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  11. Charles H.

    I really like the ’67, but I like the ’68’s just a little better, but it would have been awesome if the 68’s would have had the full instrument dash of the 67’s, always loved the 67 dash and never understood why GM didn’t carry it over to ’68. Just liked the cleaner look of the 68’s hidden windshield wipers and I liked the look of the taillights a little better also….but I love both models and would love to have a Big Block like this one if I could afford it .

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  12. piper62j

    I lived in Mass most of my life and my brother in-law worked at the GM plant in Framingham after we came home. There was a period of time where the plant would take in these cars and send them through a refurbishing process so that they would come off the line as new.. The program only lasted a short time and he bought a two door Impala.. It smelled like brand new and rode like it too.. Memories…

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  13. al armstrong

    I went on a field trip to the Framingham plant in jr. High. One of the line workers told me I could have a windshield well me and my buddy carried said windshield throughout the entire tour.when we went to leave the plant the security gaurd yells what the hell do you two think you’re doing. So much for the free windshield lol. I have no idea what kind of car it was for but it was 1970. At least the line workers had a good laugh

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  14. Tundra/BMW Guy

    My older brother had a late 60’s Impala 2dr fastback (?). He was visiting me in DC and I lived on a steep hill. He parked the car, came in, and we settled in watching a movie. Christine, by Stephen Spielberg, the one about the car that was “alive”? Well, next morning we get up and head out, no car! Did all the usual when you think your old, not exactly a collectors item in the 80’s, Impala is “stolen”. Long story way shortened, while we were watching the movie, the car decided to take a ride down the steep hill into a huge old Oak tree. Police ended up towing and impounding it. Anybody ever dealt with anything to do with DC public services can tell you that that is a massively trying experience. Yes, they had the car. No they didn’t know which of their 20+ impound lots it was in. No they didn’t know what the charges were going to be, just bring a lot of cash because they don’t take checks, and on on on on. So long story still long, found it, fixed it ourselves, put it back on the road! Could NEVER do that with any of today’s cars!!!!!

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  15. Utes

    My summer ride is a ’67 Impala SS, same L35, but w/the M20 wide ratio 4-speed, 3.36 open rear end & a .270° Comp Cam. The only other mods are 2 1/2″ exhaust & a Crane ignition module. Take my word… needs no more than that to pin you in the seat! Also had a black-on-black Caprice Custom Sedan (4dr. hdtp.) of the same vintage & motor, w/the M40 T400 behind it. These 2-bolt main motors are plenty strong & there’s no argument that that ’67-only gauge cluster is iconicly similar to the ’67 Stingray.

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  16. Slickimp

    Nice 67 Utes I had a red one with 396 At motor was getting tired but it still really moved at hwy speeds it was a rust free car from Montana I think I paid 1700 for it back in about 1986 had it about a year sold it for 2500

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  17. Utes

    @ Slickimp…..
    I know it’s only 2/6 but my right leg is unconsciously seeking a 3rd pedal on the floor @ every stoplight in anticipation of all this white stuff to start meltin’ away!

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