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1967 Chevy Camaro: Inline Classic

1967 Camaro

For a long time, I was in the mindset that the only pony cars worth owning had V8s. A base inline 6 powered car just wasn’t an option, but then we discovered how great an American inline 6 can be with our Mustang. They tend to offer loads of torque, decent fuel mileage, and are incredibly durable. While I haven’t ever experienced an inline powered Camaro, I have a feeling it would be quite similar to the experience we had with our Ford. This base ’67 Camaro has been stored in a barn since 1983, so it will likely require lots of work to be made road worthy. Like the Mustang, finding parts shouldn’t be an issue and I’m sure there are even a few companies building performance parts for the 230 cui straight six. With a new interior, some slight upgrades, and a good cleaning, this could be one fun machine for not a lot of money. You can find this project here on eBay in Selden, New York with a BIN of $5,900 and the option to make an offer. So would you give an inline powered pony a chance?


  1. Dolphin Member

    My mother drove a 6-cylinder Camaro coupe for a couple of years, a ’68 or ’69 I believe. It had enough power to easily keep up with traffic despite an auto transmission. I drove it a few times and the thing I remember was getting in and out. The doors were long and heavy and weighed a proverbial ton. They were hard enough for me to shut because the hinges were worn and they drooped, so I don’t know how she coped with them. The car was tough as nails and a really good looking coupe, but you couldn’t say it was very refined.

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  2. roger

    Man I wish I could buy that car.
    I would fix rust and media blast it.
    Buy 572 big block for it.
    Paint it back blue with white stripes.
    Get hideaway headlight grill and SS572 badges or SS396
    It is a fantastic car that needs some power to go with camaro name.
    I had a 1967 427 4 speed Camaro in high school.
    Was a 283 car,but we installed the 427.

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    • Dan

      283’s were never installed in any Camaro…..

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  3. The Walrus

    I grew up Mopar, so I’ve never really had ‘it’ for Camaro’s and Mustangs. However, a neighbor (who had a yard full of late 50’s Cadillacs) had a ’71 6 cyl Camaro about the color of this one. I always liked it. Today, since I have interest in neither the big power Camaro’s nor their big ticket price, I would definitely consider a 6. If it’s a good looking car, why rocket away from everyone (dear god I’ve gotten old).

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  4. RayT Member

    If you’re going to go for a “six,” why not pick p one of those early Firebirds with the sweet little OHC six? I drove one once and thought it had nice balance and was certainly peppy enough for everyday use. I really like horsepower, but have to admit most of us never get to use it as often as we’d like.

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    • Karl

      If I remember right, the reason that you don’t see the OHC 6-cylinder Firebirds at all is that the overhead cam was really sensitive to late oil changes and would tear up pretty quick. This is really a long time ago, but when I was selling auto parts in the ’80s I had a customer who had one with a ruined head. He knew he had a pretty interesting item, but he could never find a replacement head. I think a lot of people that had them burned them up and replaced them with V8s.
      Does anybody else remember this?

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  5. WendyS

    My first car was a 1969 Camaro with a 6 cylinder. My dad bought it from the second owner who had bought it for his sixteen year old daughter. He restored it and I drove it until I went to college. It was automatic on the column. We sold it so my parents could by me a 1989 RS Camaro. It was a great car. My dad still thinks that Chevrolet 6 cylinder was one of the best engines they ever built for durability. He had it in Chevelles and trucks.

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    • GreaserMatt

      Cool! I had a ’68 chevelle w/ the 250 in it; great little car… hunter green with the mint green interior; all original, no holes cut for speakers, etc etc… wish I still had it…

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  6. Tom Member

    I have owned quite a few 67-70 Camaros and Firebirds. I think the BIN price on this has one too many zeros in it. If you are going to spend 6K on a first gen camaro, spend a little more money and start with a better car, you WILL spend the same money in the long run, maybe more if you start with this. I love Camaros, especially first gen and I bought one like this once,…..once. Let’s just say I like cheese, prefer American or cheddar, not swiss…… way to many holes in it for the money.

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  7. Barzini

    I owned a similar red 1968 Camaro with a six cylinder during the early 1980s. It was reliable, fun and surprising quick of the line. Dollar for dollar it may have been the best value of any car I’ve ever owned. When I sold for $600 in 1986, it was in better condition than this car. I am a fan but surprised they command this much money today.

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  8. Terri

    I had a ’67 Camaro when I was in my late teens & early twenties. It had the straight six and every guy I met wanted to rip it out and put a 350 in it. Never did that, kept that six, and let me tell you, I beat on that car. I was really dumb and would run it totally out of oil, you could hear it tapping. Didn’t have $$ for oil, so I used the oil my dad had drained (into a milk jug) in the garage from when he did oil changes on their cars. Can’t tell you how many times I did that, and it kept on going like the Energizer Bunny! I sold it when I was 22 and last I heard it was still goin’ strong!

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  9. Tom Member

    Sorry, just have to speak my mind. They don’t command this money if you know what you are looking at. It only takes one idiot to buy it though. I am ashamed of how the car was “listed”. I don’t believe for a second the bones of this car are solid. I am shaking my head and am blown away someone paid 6K for this mess. “and a good cleaning” ….said the original listing…..a good cleaning of what the quarters that are rotted and missing!? There is not one part of this car that is not a piece of ____. Its not even a RS or SS or Convertible that could deem restoration worth while. I know what it will take and to say “a new interior, some upgrades and a good cleaning”……are you kidding me? I am a professional detailer and have been restoring cars for more than 30 years. I guess I just have to find some total pieces of you know what, forget what I know and care about, and list them on ebay for some unknowing idiot to hand me piles of cash. I guess I am the idiot. wow. Sorry but I am just blown away.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      Care to tell us how you REALLY feel? ;)

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    • WendyS

      I agree with you. I just told my dad we should pull crap out of junk yards and put it on eBay

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  10. JW

    Well this just disgusts me when I see rusty pieces of crap go for thousands and when we tried to sell my wife’s beautiful 70 Mach1 on ebay we couldn’t meet our reserve of 40K, it hit 36,500 and stopped when we had 53K in it. Well these people will pay the price when they start restoring these piles of rust. We decided we will use it until the wife doesn’t want it then our boys can fight over it rather than give it away.

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  11. jim s

    sold. did anyone on the site buy this?

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  12. Doug Towsley

    Might be worth watching to see if it pops up again, Its REALLY hard right now to be a seller on FeeBay, Lots of idiots, and LOTS of jerks who know they can do whatever they want and ebay only punishes sellers. I once sold the same car 5 times, could have kept doing so,
    NON REFUNDABLE deposit of $250 required in 24 hrs. Only way to do it. I have had other cases where people back out lots of times. On that particular car, it was actually just nice guys who didnt do their research, and bid before getting a shipping quote. Each backed out and lost their deposits. It COSTS me money to list. I am not listing cars to have people change their minds. I wanted that car gone. I dropped the price #6 and bent over backwards on shipping to make it go away.
    Perhaps there will be buyers remorse on this one. Or a nigerian Oil minister who wants to send a cashiers check. But once again. regardless of the naysayers,. the market has spoken again.

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  13. George Bauer

    Everybody knocks the 6 but every time I show up at a car show guess who gets the most attention.

    Mine is built up a little. She’ll keep up with the small power 327.

    This one is under priced.

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  14. GreaserMatt

    Please someone buy this before they put a V-8 in it…

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  15. dj

    I can’t believe that somebody left this car alone. Most folks take out the engine, install another one, stripe it up and try to pass it off as a Z28.

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  16. Chris A.

    George, that is a great looking engine bay. What did you do to the engine and can you show us the rest of your Camaro? I like big 6 cyinder engines with a soft spot for that Pontiac Sprint OHC 6. If I remember right, the Pontiac Sprint 6 came in two versions with the hot one about 225 hp with a four barrel and 4 spd. As for my 6s, I had two Volvo 164s, carbed and FI. Wonderful cars, even with the auto trans.

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