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1967 Ford Taunus: Baby Falcon

1967 Ford Taunus

A few days back we featured a Saab Sonett with some interesting cars parked in the background. Since I love odd and unusual cars, I was very curious to see what else the seller had in the background. Well PaulG pointed out to me that the seller has another one of their cars listed for sale here on eBay. Being a Ford it is a bit more conventional, but still is a rather unusual find here in the States. This German built Taunus 12M is reminiscent of the Falcon, just smaller. If you love Fords, but want something different this could be the one for you!

1967 Ford Taunus Engine

The Taunus might look like the Falcon, but it has absolutely no ties to the American Ford. Given its size and entry level price, the 12M was developed as a front wheel drive platform. If the engine looks familiar, that’s because it is the same V4 used in the Saab 96 and Sonett. The Cologne built V4 doesn’t have a ton of power, but Saab was able to squeeze more power out of it, so I’m sure it could be easily upgraded. The seller suggests installing a V8, but I’m not sure that would be an easy swap to perform.

1967 Ford Taunus 12M

These little cars are quite interesting. they have features we rarely see on American cars (such as the three lug wheels and MacPherson struts), but restoring one here could be difficult. This car was clearly imported from West Germany and I doubt there are many others brought to our shores. The seller seems optimistic about its potential, but the lack of a title and rough condition leaves this car’s future looking rather bleak. The $500 starting bid and lack of reserve help a bit, but unless someone sees it’s potential or has a connection to the Taunus I’m not sure it will ever be saved. Would you give this German Ford a new home and a second chance at life? Thanks to PaulG for the tip!


  1. roger pence

    Often when I see Barn Finds pix, I want the cars in the background more than the featured car. In this case I want the red Valiant or the 4-door (IH?) pick-up!


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    • Rick

      Roger, I agree with you. I am always looking at the background cars also. Looks like a IH to me too.

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    • Pete

      This is my back yard! I guess this is my 15 minutes of fame. I like the vintage gasser Valiant too, but its actually a Lancer.

      I have a back yard full of the weird and strange vehicles.

      Here is a brief list

      BMW Isetta
      Fiat Bianchina
      70 Super bee
      Goggomobil ts 450
      66 AMC Marlin
      66 Toyota Stout
      Anglia Gasser
      Goliath 21 Window Van
      57 VW Panel Van
      64 Chevy II SS
      55 Chevy 2 door wagon gasser
      56 Vespa car
      Sling shot dragster
      Kellison J5 panther
      59 Dodge step van
      59 Autounion DKW
      63 International Travelette
      59 Crosley Surrey Golf Cart
      Kellison Shark
      60 Dodge truck short bed
      63 land rover 109

      Lincoln flathead v12 engine

      Also, I have recently sold about 15 cars.


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      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

        Why don’t you send in more photos Pete so we can run a feature on your cars? mail@barnfinds.com

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  2. John

    Sadly, if you want one of these you could buy a really nice one in Europe and ship it for less than this will most likely cost to restore. The British built opposite number to this, The Ford Corsair used the same engine in 2.0 litre form, and looked like a scaled down early sixties Thunderbird, and was probably the nicer car of the two.

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  3. Mark E

    Normally I’m annoyed by people who do this but, YOOHOO! Cute four-door pickup? I see YOU hiding in the background…

    And now I’m off to Google Ford Corsair…

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    • RickyM

      Great comment Mark! Plus it is usually me doing a Google on the US cars that I have never seen before (being English). I fear that it will cost too much to restore this car to this standard:

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  4. Howard A Member

    This car looks about as exciting as laundry day. Unless you had some particular connection with a car like this, it’s not too interesting. Now, with a jet engine out the trunk, THAT could be interesting.

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  5. Sander v K

    I actualy own an 1970 ford 12m p6 sedan, the same model as in the picture.
    I don’t recommend putting a v8 into one of these because it would be to heavy and difficult to drive.
    There are v6 engine’s that would bolt in straight away.
    This car is pretty quick for it age, of only weighs 890kg.

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  6. Bob S

    Hi All,
    This platform and drivetrain was originally developed here in Dearborn (Cardinal program). It was going to be sold in the USA & Germany until Lee Iacocca killed the US version. This one is the second generation and most likely a 1.2 or 1.3 liter. The engine was available in 1.5 & 1.7L in the Taunus 15m. There was English Ford V4 that was available in 1.7 & 2.0L and had nothing in common with the German V4. The German V4 would later to come be called the Cologne V4. The Cologne V4 grew into the Cologne V6 that was used in Pintos, Mustangs, Bronco II, Capris Etc. The 1.5L & 1.7L Cologne V4 was used in Saabs from ~1967 to 74.

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  7. St.Ramone de V8

    What a weird little car. Never seen one here in Canada. Love this site! Get to see, and learn about things like this. Looks like the “Love Child” of a ’63 Falcon, and a ’68 Datsun 510.

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