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1967 Pontiac LeMans Barn Find


This one owner 1967 Pontiac LeMans was discovered hiding in a barn in Tennessee. The seller has listed it as a GTO, but in reality it is a well optioned LeMans. While it isn’t a Goat, it still could make for a great project. Take a look at it here on eBay, with a starting bid of $1k.


The first give away that this isn’t a GTO is the engine, which is a 326 cui V8. The GTO performance package came with a 400 cui V8. This 326 might not have the get up and go of the 400, but it still served up decent performance. It came in two power levels, the base 250 hp unit or a high output 285 hp unit. It’s difficult to tell whether this is a base motor or not, but I would assume it is. It currently isn’t running, but the seller claims it turns freely.


The interior is showing its age, but it was optioned with bucket seats and a center console. It could almost pass as a GTO from the inside, but the lack of GTO branding is another dead giveaway. After a good cleaning, this interior could be used as is.


It might not be a GTO, but this LeMans could be almost as much fun at a fraction of the cost. Given how many of these have been turned into GTO clones, it would actually be refreshing to see this one kept stock. Getting it running again is going to take some work, but it looks like it would be a good starting point.


  1. J. Pickett

    Nice car if it doesn’t go too high, remember for performance virtually all Pontiac V8’s up to 455 are interchangeable and even painted the same color.

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    • Dj

      I’m glad someone else knows that. I can’t stand people who put big block 400 or 455. They’re all the same.

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  2. jim

    and it lhas A/C which is a big plus if you want to make it an everyday driver. nice find

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  3. geomechs geomechs Member

    That’s about the best driver collector car one could hope to find get. It’s got some style and it’s got some reasonable get up and go. I have no doubt that someone’s going to enjoy that one.

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  4. Barzini

    A nice car (and my favorite color) but why put GTO in the eBay ad headline when it’s not one?

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    • Webby

      For the same reason that too many ebayers list every Skylark part as as GS part
      eg “glovebox door for 1968 GS”. It’s the same door as a poverty pack Special Deluxe!

      But that doesn’t grap the eye like the magic letters “GS” ( or SS/442/GTO,etc)
      Back on topic, I like this one. I’d keep it original- it’s a fine project as is.
      No need to make it into something it’s not.

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  5. Bernie H.

    Too bad there arent some pix of underneath. I suspect the typical scale/rust issues, but is probably worth the effort to fix. Hey Barzini, you’re right, a LeMans is a LeMans, the trim says LeMans, so why not advertise as a LeMans??? My wife would like to drive this if I cleaned it up and maybe added decent pipes. It will be interesting to watch the bidding.

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  6. Brian LINY

    Unless bought right you’ll be upside down in no time.

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  7. braktrcr

    I always liked the LeMans.(My favorite is the 63, except for the transaxle) As said above plenty of power, and this car has AC and power steering. Likely has drum brakes which should be upgraded, but what a nice driver it will be with not a gazillion dollars invested.

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  8. Matt

    just checked completed listings on eBay… gee, a nice maroon 67 LeMans convertible just sold for $14,000 (item 221228661773). Another 8 grand won’t ever make this one into something like that… LOL

    amazing what some people think barn dirt, pigeon crap and rust are worth :-)

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  9. Mike G.

    Looking at the registration in the last Ebay picture, this appears to be owned or was owned by Rep John V Deffenbaugh.

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  10. Anthony J

    The 326 Pontiac motor is nothing to blow off. They were a very dependable motor, and held 7 quarts of motor oil with the filter. I changed many Pontiac 326 motor oil when I worked in a gas station in The Bronx, NY back in 1969. The Pontiac Le Mans we’re a very popular automobile in its day.

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    • Anthony Caiati

      The LeMans came from the Tempest as well. I had a 64 Tempest back in 73. What a great car it was. It had the 230 6 and a 2 Spd Power Glide. Great car. I paid $75 for it.

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  11. Don Collins

    The only thing is that the GTO was not built from the lemans ,it was built off of the tempest platform! Everyone out there has it in their head that you can turn a lemans into a GTO ,but to be a true clone it has to be built from a tempest.

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