1968 Camaro: Period Mods And Rust

1968 Camaro

I grew up in the Fast and the Furious era, when it was cool to modify your hand-me-down Honda. I was never much for the tuner scene, but I’ve always found it interesting that so many of my peers at the time thought they were doing something new and unique. Oh sure computers changed the ways you could modify a car, but the basic idea of installing upgrades to increase performance wasn’t as new as they seemed to think it was. This ’68 Camaro is the perfect example of how long tuning has been around. Someone took a basic six cylinder Camaro and installed both performance and visual modifications to make it their own. After years of years of being exposed to the elements it now is seriously rusty, but with bidding currently at just $1,500 it might be worth picking up, even if it’s just for parts. It has some very interesting period upgrades that could be worth saving. Find it here on eBay in Maple Shade, New Jersey with no reserve.


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  1. Mark E

    Wasn’t it just a few days ago that somebody wanted to know if they made a mistake in taking a vehicle that was given to them? If it was this vehicle, I’d say YES. The pictures strongly remind me of a Camaro the police recovered that had been stolen when it was 9 months old and then found 40 years later at the bottom of a lake.

    On the other hand I can look at all these mods and smile. Yep, I lived through that time and remember it fondly…

  2. moosie craig

    this car is rusty,,,,,,,,,,thats an understatement, even the rust has rust. But there are 15 brave souls that have bid so far,,,,,,betcha they just want it for the title.

    • Josh Staff

      Based on the questions, I think a couple of the bidders want the side pipes and the wheels. But seeing as you can now buy completely new bodies I could see someone buying it for the VIN. I would think they would want a higher spec model though if they are just buying it for a title. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

  3. rich

    What exactly is holding that rear window in place? There is literally no roof left back there. Probably the most rust I have ever seen on BF and you guys post a lot of Italians here:-)

  4. MH

    Title is all its worth. Sent it to the crusher! Not worth the tow bill to get it home.

  5. Vince Habel

    It looks like it would fall into pieces if you move it.

  6. sir mike

    ”doors stuck shut”?? that’s the only reason the car hasn’t bent in the middle..”sat outside”??where?? in a lake?? i have never seen sail panels rust like that..

  7. MH

    Just sold for $1525

  8. MH

    Yeah take your money and run!!!

  9. herb

    it would make a great rat rod, shove a huge engine in it, and drive it until the frame fell apart, or whatever else broke. Wouldn’t do squat to the rest of it, patch the holes with old license plates maybe.

  10. Alan (Michigan)

    I hope the buyer’s tetanus inoculation is up to date….

    What a fright. Almost as much is gone as remains. And what is left is not exactly solid… “Rolling Dioly” is an apt analogy.

  11. JohnH

    I can’t remember seeing another Camaro rusted anywhere nearly as bad as this one! I can’t remember seeing too many other cars rusted this badly, either. Well, maybe a Porsche or two!

    I grew up in the era of the Pony Car and remember all the mods well. I was never one of the cool kids with a Camaro or Mustang, but I did have a ’66 Dodge Charger.

  12. djbartu

    I would buy it just for yard art.

  13. Bobsmyuncle

    “Car is being sold for parts or rebuilding”

    MAYBE for parts.

    Is there really $1525 worth of parts here? VIN, wheels, rusty pipes and bumpers, scoop?, seat frames, maybe the deck lid. Seems a stretch especially if you’ve paid to move it.

  14. JW454

    A couple of years ago I bought a 1972 Monte Carlo that was a little worse looking than this one for $1500.00. I sold over $3500.00 worth of parts off of it. This one still has value.

  15. Tomd

    This 68 Camaro paint scheme reminds me of how Baldwin Motion painted their cars when they got done with them. If this Camaro is a true Baldwin Motion car then it is worth the $1525, rust and all.

    Like 1
    • Alan (Michigan)

      Oh… Nah, nothing “Baldwin” about this car…. Appears to have been a base model, 6 cylinder. Ya gotta laugh at the hood bulge, and the side pipes. All “stance” and no go. I went back and looked again at the photos. Amazing just how bad a car can get and still be in relatively one piece. Ugh.

  16. the gezzer

    I would like to set it on fire and watch it burn baby!!

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