45 Years In The Barn: 1968 Pontiac GTO

'68 GTO

We have one last find up in Alaska for you guys! No, we are not in the Bat-Cave but in a barn. Here you have a barn find said to have been stored for 45 years. Listed here on craigslist in Anchorage, Alaska is this 1968 Pontiac GTO. The seller says there is a 400 big block tied to a Muncie 4 speed. This GTO is currently sitting in a barn in Willow, Alaska and priced at $18K. If you want more information concerning this car please contact Conrad the seller. If you are interested in one or both of the cars we thought you could just pick-up one or both of the small “bonus” items while you were in that neck-of-the-woods!


  1. JW454

    For 18K it better be much better than this picture would lead you to believe.

  2. John P

    So he put 70,000 miles on it in 3 years or less? That’s probably less than 15 drivable months in Anchorage.

  3. joeinthousandoaks

    For that money it should a Judge

  4. ydnar

    No kidding. I predict someone in the “neighborhood” with shipping connections will buy it though. Nothing like a runaway bubble to bring out the hoards of neglected and forgotten jewels.

  5. Donnie

    Pontiac engines are not big block our small block they used the same size block for al of there v8 engines /

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    • Jim

      Donnie, That is not correct. The 326 through 400 were considered Small Block engines and the 421, 428 and 455 were Big Blocks. The difference is in the crankshaft main journal diameter.

      • Donnie

        you are not right there is no big our small block Pontiac a 326 looks just like a 455. same block deferent bore size / do some research

      • J.J.Jingleheimer-Schmitt

        I think there is some confusion between large journal blocks and big blocks. There are no “big block” or “small block” Pontiac engines no matter how many times you see a “big block” on eBay or Craigslist. All production Pontiac blocks are visually identical with the exception of the 301.

      • Jim

        Considering my uncle is (was) Malcolm McKellar, Chief Motor Engineer for Pontiac Division from 1960 until 1982 and was the designer of the Pontiac V8, I think I can speak with a little more authority than you can. According to HIM there were two different Pontiac Engines a Small Block and a Big Block. Many of the parts were interchangeable but in Pontiac’s eyes they were two different engines.

      • Jim

        Considering my uncle is (was) Malcolm McKellar, Chief Motor Engineer for Pontiac Division from 1960 until 1982 and was the designer of the Pontiac V8, I think I can speak with a little more authority than you can. According to HIM there were two different Pontiac Engines a Small Block and a Big Block. Many of the parts were interchangeable but in Pontiac’s eyes they were two different engines.

        Instead of “doing some research” I learned from the source.

        Do some research.

      • Donnie

        Hi Jim what a cool uncle to have had . Have a nice day.

      • Steve hagebusch

        Also not true about the big block small block contriverce on a pontiac engine……all true pontiac engines with the exeption of the 301 used the same head and block cast from 55 to 77 when they discontinued the 400 and left only the 301 except for the fb/ta whuch u could still get a 400 in saved from the 77 cast run normally follewed by a xx in the cast num…..any way ….side tracked….the crank jornal size does NOT determine big or small block…..when pontiac i creased the bore size from the 389 to the 421 they had crank journal issues….so to fix they increased the main journal size to fix weakness in the crank……so yes a 326 350 389 and 400 all use a 3″ main and true the 421 428 and 455 used a 3.25″ main the block and heads are the SAME period….only change was the bore and main of the crank…crank stroke ect but the block and heads are the same darn casting…..pontiacs aint chevys fords or mopars there is NO big block small block….if so then the 301 would b a mall block everything would be a bigblock due to a 301 being about the size of a chevy 350 and everything else about the size of a 396/454…..and owning 12 pontiacs im sure im pretty knowledgeable considering i have 2 50 silver streaks a 49 willies wagon gasser wit a 63 389 a 62 4 spd dual quad 389 cat a 64 bonnie with a 389 66 389 tripower 8 lug prix and many more…..so the misconstrued believe of a pontiac big block small block is absurd…..almost as classifing them by crank journal sizes……so if thats how we rate a pontiac engine size then what was the 55 287 or the 370 in 58…….news flash…..same block and heads……so lets talk about forda Y block or chevys 348/409s……more cubes from a 350 which is a sb but all the chevy guys still call a 348 a bb……

  6. piper62j

    Great find and if it’s not in too rough shaped, worth the investment.. Friend of mine bought a rotted out 69 GTO, 400, 4speed for 5k.. Fixed it up over a 3 year period and was offered 21k for it at a car show.. He didn’t sell..But, between us, it was a bondo queen,, I welded in some patch panels here and there, but he didn’t replace any..

    Go figure.. :)

  7. redwagon

    1 picture thats it? doesnt really want to sell this do they.

  8. piper62j

    $18k alone tells me he doesn’t want to sell it.. Probably the “better half” getting on his case to get rid of it.. you know how that goes…

    “Yes dear, I put it up for sale, just like you told me to.” Sweetheart…. !

  9. Frankie Paige

    Do I get a happy ending for my 18k?

    • Jason Houston


  10. St. Ramone de V8

    70k in three years of use? Then left to sit for 45? Maybe the seller’s math is weak. Looks to be sitting high up front. Engine out of car?

  11. Gary I

    Without it being a Judge or a stage IV car the price for this project is way off base. I see maybe a twenty five thousand dollar car when finished. Unless you are skilled in total frame off restorations and can do all work in your garage this would be upside down financially by the time you had paint on it. Seller needs to be reasonable and let it go for $8,000 to $10,000 depending on the condition. At that price someone would be okay to bring it back and enjoy it. At $18,000 he might sell it, just not anytime soon.

  12. Chebby Staff

    “Stored in garbage for 45 years”

    Fixed it for ya.

  13. Jason Houston

    If I lived anywhere near Alaska, I’d be checking out all those older cars, as many must come from Canada.

  14. Ronniecarlo

    I recently spotted a ’69 Z-11 Camaro in Belton, Tx.It hadn’t been registered since 1972 and it had 83k.Non- numbers matching car. It had $9750.00 written on the glass.I wondered how could it have so many miles in such a short time?.But as I walked down the passenger side around to the back It became crystal clear. It had been in a horrible crash that started from the left rear corner all the way halfway into the roof. Someone had “slathered” bondo over half of the car.Like sandwich spread. Some youngsters parents shelled out coin,said child drove the crap out of it for about 3years.And when the car obviously slid backward into whatever it sat until someone layered bondo to turn a buck. Not the seller as he is a friend but a butcher indeed. (and I hate ’67-’69 Camaro) I rambled on to say that car brought ever single penny written on the glass. Just a bad memory of a once decent car with so many miles in such a short time…

  15. Jason Houston

    I’m comforted to know someone else isn’t crazy about 67-69 Camaros. When the ’67 came out, I was stupefied: here was Chevrolet’s answer to the Mustang, and it was nothing but a cheap, once-over clone of every other Chev in their line. I really fell in love with the1970 and almost bought one, but was turned off by the horribly cheesy interiors.

  16. Brian

    Ironic since the new Camaros(based cosmetically at least off of the original cars) still has a cheap interior

  17. shawn

    you can buy a turn key car today for 30 to 40,000 that car is 18 plus the restoration, unless its a rare car or you do the work your self its not worth it. but a nice find

  18. piper62j

    The seller still believes it’s the “gold rush” days up there in AK.. All that’s left now is the COLD…

  19. Nessy

    Ah, we just got spoiled on that orange Judge convertible find last month so now, any other GTO finds just don’t seem to cut it next to that car.

  20. piper62j

    Steve H.. Your knowledge of the GM engines is commendable.. thanks for all the info..
    The Chevy 348 was considered a BB due to the re-designing of the heads. They do not have the same configuration as a 283, 302, 350 or 400.. The 348s’ more resemble the BB 396 & 427..

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