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1969 Dodge W100: Ready For Work

1969 Dodge W100

As we were running around getting parts for the Singer yesterday it hit us that with the Volvo 145 going to a new home in a few short days, we will be losing our parts hauler. The MGB GT might have a hatch, but it isn’t large enough to haul all our tools or any larger items. This could be a serious issue given our love for dragging home none running projects. Jesse purposed we get a truck, specifically a modern truck, but I think this vintage PowerWagon would be the perfect parts hauler! It needs exhaust and brake work, but runs and drives as is. It also has 4 wheel drive, so it could be used in the winter and we could even tow some of our finds home with it. Check it out here on eBay in Ashton, Illinois with bidding at $1,275! So do you think this would make the perfect BF parts hauler or would you rather see it parked in your own drive?


  1. J.W.

    Familiar territory for me, my sister just moved from outside that small farm community on Rte #38. She used to manage the Casey’s General Store a few years ago. Since the link isn’t highlighted and won’t send me to the auction, I can only say if the rest of the truck looks that good and it runs well as well as stops, 4 wheel drive works then that truck is amazing for that area of the Midwest. The northern Illinois area salts the heck out of their roads so I definitely would check this truck out. I had a 79 Dodge Snow Commader my father-inlaw gave me to plow my 1/2 mile driveway, the body was rusting of the frame but that thing would plow snow and the heater worked.

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  2. JW454

    “I’ve been workin’ on the rail road,
    All the live long day”.

    Sorry that’s the first thing that popped in my head when I saw this picture. I like it. It would make a great parts hauler.

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  3. Rich

    Yeah, you need another yellow vehicle, lol.

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  4. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    It’s YELLOW, it’s relatively close, and it will haul anything you ever need to. Slowly. It’s right up your alley!!!!

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  5. Charles

    We owned a few Power Wagon’s back in the day as farm trucks. They always seem like a mix of bullet proof mechanics and a cheap body all rolled up in the same vehicle. As a beater or a parts hauler, it might be a good choice.

    One of our trucks had a three on a tree stick shift, and was forever getting stuck between gears. Several trips to the dealer, and they still could not fix it. I finally cut a hole in the floor and installed a Hurst floor shifter which worked like a champ.

    Another truck had dealer installed rust proofing. The problem is that they plugged up the drains in the doors, and they filled up with rain water. A couple of holes drilled in the bottoms of each door and they drained just fine.

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  6. John M

    I don’t see a link, NIce shorty Sweptline

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  7. jim s

    if you need a parts hauler the ford lightning, in white, that is posted on the credit card classic site would be my choice if you could live with the automatic. it is not 4WD but sure would be a fun driver.

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  8. Mark E

    Style-wise I love this truck. I like the monochrome yellow utility truck look and the curve on the back of the windows is the same as was on the 4-door truck featured earlier this week. Plus, unless you have to do heavy hauling, the 318 should get better mileage than the big block on this lighter pickup..

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  9. Howard A Member

    Trucks like this were just the best vintage, from any manufacturer. Not the most efficient vehicles, but they didn’t have to be. Trucks like this were often unloved and driven hard and still gave the owners years of service. Can’t go wrong here.

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  10. Rev. Glenn Niemann

    Isn’t it being a short-bed a rather rare thing – esp. for a Power Wagon?

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  11. Andy

    Great find, love the 4WD. Did these come in a crew cab at this time?

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  12. Chebby

    Painting the grill, bumper, and the wheels white would help mitigate all that yellow. But then it might look like a deviled egg.

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    • Chebby

      On second thought, The Deviled Egg would be great name to airbrush in tiny letters on the doors……

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  13. Rancho Bella

    this thing would beat you to death……………I really like it.

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  14. geomechs geomechs Member

    While I’ve never been as much of a Dodge fan as I’ve been Ford or Chevy, I wouldn’t turn this one down if I had room for another project. Unfortunately I’ve got enough projects and enough haulers to keep me happy for a long time. Sure hope this one goes to someone who really appreciates it. Dodge built some tough trucks back then. I might add that considering that Dodge used basically the same body from ’61 to ’71 it should have had lots of time to get all the bugs out.

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  15. jimmy

    i know a guy who bought one for $600 spent $200 on getting it running has an inline 6 it has good paint but it pretty rusty but doesn’t look bad

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  16. Don Barzini

    Power Wagon is the greatest name for a pick-up truck. I’ve always wanted one but very few remain here in the east coast.

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