Drive or Improve? 1969 Pontiac GTO

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Who doesn’t like a Pontiac GTO? Doesn’t matter what year—they’re all beautiful. But there’s a generational shift afoot. The long-body Coke bottle cars have stalled in value, and collectors are looking at the second-gen cars, the one “The Judge” was built on, with renewed interest. Hence the likely appeal of the 1969 GTO, such as this one available on ebay for a current bid over $20K but the reserve not met. Good thing you have until Thursday late in the day to make your play for this one. It’s resting in Bentonville, Arkansas, in case you need to calculate shipping to wherever you are.

This car is described by the seller saying, “Very original; runs and drives good; original interior.” Those are all huge plus signs, but the very honest seller also says that there are many bubbles underneath the vinyl roof near the rear window. This is a common enough occurrence with any GM car of the era of this body type. He also says that the car has been repainted in the original color, and that the paint job is of average quality at best. What’s average in his world? And when did this occur? Finally, there is the claim that there are no obvious rust issues or unrepaired areas on the car. Now you’re talking my language. But show us! There are no images of the underneath, and surely that fancy shop in the pictures has a lift available somewhere? I can’t be the only one who wouldn’t bid $30 grand on a car without at least some photographic evidence that it is what it appears on the top side to be, right?

“Drive as is or restore new” is the advice given. You’ll have to get up close to this one to decide if you could do the latter. Doing the former, given that the images presented show a decent-condition car, would be my preference. Why waste a summer hanging around the body shop when you could be driving? This one has an engine with 97,000 miles on the clock. Recent 120-mile trip completed. Manual tranny rowing the gears. But there’s no indication that service records are available, and no set of claims as to what’s been done. Did the car sit and thus need work on various rubber bits? Was the fuel tank dropped?

The Protect-O-Plate is there. Where is Mr. or Ms. J Palmer of Euless, Texas right now? It would be so great if they turned up with pictures of that late-1960s day when their new-car dreams came true. For us, fifty-plus years later, the same dreamscape can occur—but only for someone willing to dive into the deep end on this one with kind of scanty information.

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  1. Big_FunMember

    What a strange mix of options! I appreciate that color combo, the A/C and hidden headlamps. Tach, but no gauges, 8-track, but no FM. 3 speed manual, too. Believe that is the HD ‘Dearborn’. A very tough unit!
    I like it!

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    • CCFisher

      Power steering and power brakes also appear to be missing from the window sticker. I do believe I see a bit of a power brake booster in one of the pics, so someone apparently performed an upgrade.

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  2. BA

    Look at those spark plug wires what a strange way to route them on a classic such is this! Did a junior mechanic have his way with this car?

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    • 19sixty5Member

      “Universal fit” plug wires! Fits all V8’s!

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  3. Stan

    427 cobra replica behind it ?
    Uniquely outfitted Poncho indeed. 😎

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  4. Dave

    What a nice garage!

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    • Connecticut mark

      Forget the car, that is nicest shop plus toolboxes around!.

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  5. Jack Gross

    You started with “Who doesn’t like a Pontiac GTO?”

    That would be me. The frontend of all those cars with the elongated “nose” are ugly and the body lines don’t do it for me as well. The cars have the profile of a hippo.

    Give me a 70-74 Cuda any day of the week

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    • John Wayne

      GTO’S were around longer than Cuda’s

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    • Donnie L Sears

      Those hippo’s must be good looking if that GTO looks like a hippo. And a 73 Cuda is nothing to brag about with an underpowered motor. There are only a few Cuda’s I would take over this car. And they would have 340’s.

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  6. Maggy

    Nice car .I’d remove the vinyl and have the rust repaired and get a new one. Double check everthing and cruise it as is.I’d put a radio in it too one where you don’t have to cut the dash up.Must be a dealer with the 69 on the windshield.I’m guessing 35-40 k car?

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    • Donnie Lee Sears

      The damage under that vinyl top is probably worse then you think it is. I bought a Cutlas S with a new vinyl top. I ended up removing it again to repair the damage. I had to replace the filler plate between the trunk and the back glass. The vinyl top won’t be going back on.

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  7. Tim

    I certainly hope they leave the car as it is. I hope they don’t bag it, slam it, put giant chandeliers on it with rubber bands on it for wheels and tires. And Gooberall it all up.
    I’m tired of disgustomods.

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  8. PRA4SNW

    Bidding seems low – I wonder how much the price would be affected if the original paint was something with a little more Pontiac Excitement.

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  9. 19sixty5Member

    “Universal fit” plug wires! Fits all V8’s!

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  10. Dale

    Why is the front end sitting so high? It looks like someone stomped on the accelerator, and it stayed that way.

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    • Bruce

      Also the clutch and brake peddles don’t

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