1969 Jaguar E-Type Barn Find Uncovered In NY

Reader Victor L recently sent us the story of his barn find and it’s a cool one. While it’s not Shelby GT350H, it is a beautiful Jaguar E-Type Roadster! He found this car in a barn in Upstate New York with cardboard covering it back in 2004. The owner was interested in selling it then, but Victor passed as he already had a Jaguar E-Type. Well, over 10 years later and the car was still on his mind. He randomly stopped by to see the car again and ended up buying it!

Here’s Victor’s story in his own words:

I first saw the car in 2004 when I was looking at barns upstate. The car had been in the barn for at least 5 years by then. The owner bought it in 1971 and had driven it until around the mid 90’s when he moved upstate to retire. He was an ex-aircraft carrier engineer and had done some “tinkering” with it and then stopped driving it because of various mechanical problems. I already had a 1969 S2, but the thought of restoring this one was always at the back of my mind.

On a whim, I stopped at the barn last year and it was still there under the cardboard! I decided to buy it, and have been working on it since. Here’s the work that’s been done so far.
Replaced: Points, plugs, condenser, master brake cylinder, front brakes, headers, and complete exhaust system, light switches, tires, fuel pump, fuel filter, radiator (not yet installed), thermostat, hoses, wipers. Fixed the cylinder head compression, moved the mice out of the air filter and rebuilt the triple SU carbs as well as the original steering wheel. It did finally run, but overheated, hence the new radiator.

Hopefully, that should be all for now and it goes to the body shop for a respray later this month. The body is solid with only surface rust, and I have been able to resurrect the chrome. The plan is to get it back by January and spend the rest of the winter detailing and fixing any other problems.

I for one can’t wait to see this car once the restoration is completed! You don’t see too many in this color combo, so hopefully, Victor is going to be repainting it in its original color. I look forward to seeing photos of it come spring!

Do you have a cool barn find sitting in your garage? How about a sighting along the side of the road? Where ever you found it, we would love to share its story with the world! You can send your photos and the story to mail@barnfinds.com and we will post it for all your fellow Barn Finders to enjoy, or be jealous of!

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  1. Capt. Doug

    That is a stunning find – and if he has had one before will know the way to resurrecting this one. Please keep the original color.
    Entering info off his data plate onto:


    will be a good source of info too.
    What a dream car!

  2. Dave Mika

    Back-to-back vintage E-Types? Let’s try for three!

  3. Ike Onick

    “Upstate” New York means different things depending on your vantage point. To a Manhattanite it probably means anything north of Central Park. I’m guessing Hudson Valley location. Great place for some nice drives in the fall. Unless the rain is coming in sideways at about 50mph as it was a few weekends ago. We stepped out of our car and two out of three umbrellas exploded. This post has absolutely nothing to do with this car, but I like to share from time to time. My doctor tells me it’s good for me.

    • Rustowner

      Your words are quite true. I’m 2+ hours north of the “City” and we generally consider and hour and a half north of Manhattan the start of “upstate”……give or take. It’s lovely up here (but relatively expensive for living in the country) and has very variable weather, as you found out. While lots of the cool old field finds have been scrapped, there are still plenty of cool vehicles and equipment hiding in barns up here. My father in law in western CT has a Series 3 coupe and Delorean hiding in his enclosed barn/garage for the past 25 years.

      • Ike Onick

        I would say “Crazy” expensive. We were scouting some possible retirement locations up near Albany this summer and New Paltz a few weeks ago. We will be retiring in Rochester.

  4. Capriest Member

    I find these things hideous for some strange reason. Nose is just too damn long. I know v-12, but still. I do love the color combo though I hope you stick with it.

    • Don H


    • ken TILLY

      This is a straight 6, not a V 12

      • Jeepster

        And that Jag 6 block is as heavy cast as a Perkins diesel 6 !

        we are working on one in the shop now.

    • Frank Sumatra

      I would have to say you are in the minority of commentors on the E-type design. It would be tough to count the number of art and design museums that have displayed E-types as exemplars of great design, But I get it. I love the C3 Corvette shape that many folks believe is both hideous and vulgar.I can’t understand why.

      • ccrvtt

        Frank – It’s a Corvette so of course you’re right and anyone who doesn’t like it is wrong.

        It’s so simple when you think about it.

    • Stephen

      Capriest – a 1969 is a 4.2 litre straight 6 cylinder engine.

  5. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    The tail lights say the car is a Series 2.

    I was under the impression that S2 cars had Zenith Strombergs by now, though I understand why people changed them out.

    The only drawback………..those tail lights and signal lights seemed an afterthought done at the last minute to meet Federal Regs.

  6. Ralph

    If that last picture is how the car looks right now, why paint it? It looks great just like that.

  7. Tom Fitch

    Man, I love that color combo!

  8. Nevis Beeman

    Dear Victor L,

    I wouldn’t mind the double Q historic licence plate if you do not want/need it …How much?
    My Christian name starts with the letter Q…..

  9. mainlymuscle

    Can a front end really EVER be too long ????
    Says the owner of E’s ,Corvettes,and a 66 Toronado !


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