1969 Mercury Cougar Sports Special


In the late 1960’s, the Lincoln-Mercury Group was trying to create an image separate from its parent company, Ford Motors. One of their more unusual marketing ploys was to create the Sports Special option group. Instead of being a single option package, it was a group of options, that when combined created the Sports Special. The Cougar registry contains less than 30 cars that fall under this designation. This 1969 Mercury Cougar is one of them and it has been listed for sale here on eBay.


This one looks to be solid, but the interior is in need of some serious attention. The seats are torn and the dash pad is cracked, but everything is there. The Sports Special came with unique bullet rocker moldings, turbine style wheel covers, and racing mirrors. The seller doesn’t state whether the original wheel covers are still with the car, but they don’t appear in any of the photos.


The seller claims the 351 V8 was rebuilt in 2002 and was last run at the beginning of 2012, but doesn’t state whether it currently runs. It needs some work, but hopefully could be enjoyed without a major restoration. Valuing this one could be a challenge, as it is doubtful that the Sports Special package really adds extra value. However, it is rare and with bidding starting at $3,500, it could be a good buy if you’re in the market for a Cougar.


  1. Steve

    I love it ,ill throw it out there I have a 1969 Buick skylark convertable and she is sweet. All power and everything works,if your into a trade give me a holler is enjoy having the cougar,just aquird the Buick and its not my style of car,but the cougar is right up my alley

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Steve, you will have to contact the seller on eBay. The link is in the article above. Good luck!

    • allen

      show me your skylark. i may have a trade for you.

      • Steve

        Allen,give me an e mail address and ill send u pics of the skylark

      • allen

        send me pics and info re. skylark

      • Steve

        My email is steve@eastcoastvending,I’ve put the pic on the barn find website if you give me an e mail address ill send you more if not ill be seeing u around

    • Dave

      I might be interested in the Skylark. Let me know if you still want to sell it.

  2. Webby

    Steve, keep the Skylark! I’ve got a ’69 Skylark too. Looks like frod (mercury) stole the
    sweepspear line from Buick here.

    That dash pad is a worry- some big @rse cracks there. Is the dash pad unique to the cougar, or is it shared with other frods?

    So much of the interior is familar to Aussie frod appologists- the console, armrests, steering wheel, & shifter.

    • Cathouse

      The dash pad is 1969-`1970 Cougar only. They are not that hard to come by.

  3. Chebby

    Neat car, but nothin ‘special’ about it.


    We had one similar to this however it was 351 Cleveland powered. I think we got $1500 for it when we finally sold it. Kind of depressing as I thought it should have got a lot more for the rarer engine :(


      Come to think of it I think our Cougar was a Boss 302 not a 351 and we still didn’t get squat for it?


        OK just came from the dealership that we sold our Cougar from but it was a “Dan Gurney Special” and it only pulled $1500 in!

      • Cathouse

        You apparently are not a Ford guy or you would know what you are posting makes no sense. The Dan Gurney Special option was only on the 1967-1968 Cougars, the Boss 302 engine option was only available in 1969-1970, and the 351 Cleveland engine was not available until 1970. There is nothing rare about the 351C engine. The majority of Cougars built from 1970-1973 left the factory with that engine.


        Cathouse is correct as I am not a big fan of these cars. That and the sale of this was mid 2004 or 5 possibly? Could even have been farther back. When it comes to Fomoco stuff I build MOD engines as I have had old FE engines and have seen Side Oilers blow up and shatter multiple times running mid 12’s.

  5. paul

    Starting bid 3500? Funny that’s higher then the ending bid should be.

  6. Anthony

    These are great looking cars,much better than a Mustang, Put some Cragars or Magnum 500’s on it and it’ll look great,looks nice and solid too.

  7. Larry

    I don’t get it, This car is rare because it’s a “Sports Special”??????? What the heck is that?? Sounds like like some kind of sales gimmick. Good luck !!!!

  8. Jeff
    • Richard V.

      That was a very interesting read, Jeff – thanks for the link.

      • Jeff

        I’m surprised that in 67′ even with the 427 SOHC the 0-60 was 7.1sec and the 1/4 was a lil over 15sec, thought they would of been a lot faster with that monster engine and its not like it was powering a full-size Lincoln/Cadillac. Cougar was mid-size I believe.

    • Cathouse

      The 427 SOHC was not avaiable in any year Cougar, In 1968 you could order a W code 427 side oiler engine though. Something that you could not do in any other Ford-Lincoln-Mercury product that year.

      • Anatol Denysenko

        Not true. W code 427 WAS available as an option in a Mustang. My understanding is there were only 2 that were built. Wether or not this is true, I cant say as there is nothing pointing to the Mustang EVER being built.

      • Cathouse

        Feel free to contact Kevin Marti or see his book Mustangs By The Numbers. There were zero W code Mustangs built.

  9. Shuperman

    Sorry. I just dozed off there for a minute. What now?

  10. Steve

    It is actually a mercury,and I have a 1967 Dan Gurney special which is a 390 4speed car so do a little more research

  11. Steve

    To Allen where do u want me to send pics to? Iam Steve@eastcoastvending.com

  12. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    Sold for $3,701.

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