1969 Porsche 911: Once Great


I can already imagine the uproar this car is going to cause with our readers. Yet another rusty Porsche 911, and yet another car that will sell for far more than it ought to. Cue the hand wringing! But for a moment, I’d like to think about what this car used to be – before it became a soggy noodle of rust particles here on eBay with bidding already over $5K and the reserve unmet. That faded paint looks like it was once an excellent shade of yellow called Hellgelb, a lighter shade than the more commonly-seen Bahama Yellow. What a combination with those original Fuchs alloy wheels and a black interior. I can’t help but empathize with the passionate bidder who sees what this car once was, even at the risk of clouding their judgement. That aside, I’d hate to think of spending more than the value of those wheels in an auction like this.


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  1. Mark E

    Are you sure the color doesn’t look pale because of the dirt/algae/lichen on it? Also, in the photo the wheels and tires sure look way cleaner than the rest of the car. Maybe they replaced the tires so they could roll the car onto the trailer and in doing so had to clean the wheels?

    Anyway, I’m with you on your opinion of value. This poor car almost looks as if it was pulled up from the bottom of a lake or something. Very sad…both for the car and for the crazy Porschephiles who are willing to pay crazy money for such a pile of mildewing, decaying rust.

    EDIT: I pulled up the ad and as of 6am central time the bidding is up to $11,950 with the reserve met. Phew. Makes me question the intelligence of humanity. Also, please notice in the photos that the car has been on two trailers and in the photo of the wheels, the wheel and tire are way more decrepit than in the photo above.

    • jim s

      good catch on the two trailers and the wheels/tires.

  2. Mark E

    OH NO! My brother-in-law says to check and if any VW or Porsche product has floor pan rust to walk away. Or in this case RUN AWAY!

    • D. King

      I wouldn’t say that, Mark. If the price is right, floor pan replacement is a routine part of the restoration, especially on older Porsches like the 356. Parts are readily available. Obviously better not to need it, but it all depends on if you’re able to do more extensive repairs (or pay someone to do it), and if the numbers work. And on a 356 or early 911, you’ll probably come out all right.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      That’s terrible advice. Its very easy to replace pans on older VWs and Porsches.

  3. Luke Fitzgerald

    12 large – f?!$ off! – for landfill!

  4. Dave P.

    Is it just me, am I the only one that is gobsmacked at the price people are willing to pay for absolute rusted (in my eyes) junk? I’m just a working stiff, I enjoy rebuilding old motorbikes, but I have a budget, 12K for this??and the bidding isn’t done!! then the endless costs to rebuild it ?? If I had that kind of cash I’d just go buy a nice Porsche to put in my garage !! some one help me understand !!!!! lol !!!

  5. kenzo

    It still has what appears to be the factory radio. That has to be worth something.

  6. Brian

    Looks like it was a dark green underneath the yellowish color that was sprayed on at a later date. I like the goofy colors, not a fan of the dark green.

  7. The Chucker

    My wife would leave me if I brought that home.

    • Horse Radish

      Would she give you a choice or just walk out ?

      Then I guess you would have to choose, “that wife or a long nose, swb P car”…..hmmm.

  8. Steve

    Maybe the previous owner is trying to buy it back to get the drug money he stashed in it before he went to jail.

  9. Ian

    The stupidity of the last bout of hysteria just prior to the crash,appears to be happening again and,not just with Porches,,I see a lot of US cars going for silly money.

  10. Ian

    just paying for a vin number, cant really see anything salvagable. up to $12,000 now, crazy!

  11. Jim

    I’ve never seen the value or attraction to these cars at all, even when they are fully restored. They always smell like burnt oil, sound like a sewing machine and handle like crap. I guess as they say, “…there’s an ass for every seat…”, literally.

    • D. King

      Gee, Jim, mine don’t “smell like burnt oil, sound like a sewing machine and handle like crap.” What have you been driving?

  12. David Frank David Member

    Remember the words to the song?

    “Oh lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz
    My friends all drive Porsches I must make amends”

    Thank you lord for my Mercedes and thank you for Janis!

    • jim s

      yes, great song which i will now go play on youtube!

  13. MikeG

    “Previous owner states the engine was overhauled right before it was pushed into the sea 15 years ago”

  14. NickF

    Cars like this are not deals . They’re opportunities! You either have the cash or you don’t. I’m one of those guys who says (using Jay Leno’s line) “If you could … would you?” This is not about getting a good used car deal … it’s about saving a generation which has passed.

  15. don

    florida car should be enough to just say NO! it is probably rusted to the hilt! 12k, reeally people? a fool and his money will be soon parted!

  16. blackcloud

    What pound rating was the fishing line that pulled this tetanus shot out of the swamp?

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