1970 Dodge Superbee Project

The spiced up Dodge Coronet, the Superbee, was a rather interesting and unique muscle car especially with its Bumblebee graphics on the rear quarters. This particular ‘Bee is unrestored, and appears relatively complete but with some rust concerns, and a factory 383. You can feel the sting of this muscle car for $10,900. Take a look here on ebay out of Hollywood, Florida.

Factory equipped with a 383 cubic inch V8 and an automatic transmission, this Mopar hasn’t been driven in many years. The seller is unsure if this is a numbers matching drive-train, but is willing to check for a serious buyer. Little information is offered about the condition of this car, but photos are worth a thousand words in this situation. Appearing stock, the engine looks fairly clean, as does the engine bay. Surface rust can be seen on the inner fenders, and on the radiator support, but otherwise the engine bay looks solid. There is a missing radiator, so we know the cooling system has been drained during its time in storage.

The burnt orange interior appears quite burnt from age and sun exposure in the sunshine state. The seats are rough, and the rear seat is the frame only. The dash and door panels are the correct color, but only in the fact that they once were the color correct. These items are discolored, and are in rough condition.  Removed a while ago the missing carpet reveals the floors and some rust issues. There are a couple of holes the size of a golf ball in the passenger front foot well. The passenger rear floor also has a couple of holes with a crack in the thin sheet metal. There are a few small holes in the driver foot well area, but the driver side rear floor appears solid.

Although there is a fair amount of original paint on this Superbee, someone has been a busy bee performing some rust repair on this old ‘Bee. The rear window frame has been completely rebuilt with cut out and welded in sections of metal. Which the work looks to have been a well-executed effort, but the welds look as if they need further smoothing, and perhaps a bit of body work for it to be finished. This rust repair was not mentioned in the sale ad, but someone did this old Mopar a favor as a rusted out rear window frame can cause many issues and be a deal breaker for sure. The photos do not reveal all that much about the exteriors condition. The driver door has a fair dent in it from a pole like object, and the driver rear quarter has some denting as well. Overall the exterior appears fair with no major rust to be seen. Superbees are rare, and this 383 car seems like a good basis for a project. Would you delve into the hive for this rare Bee?


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WANTED 1970 Dodge Super Bee 4 speed, coupe preferred but nego., 383 or 440. Willing to pick up in lower 48. Contact

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  1. Elwood

    My dad went out one day to buy a new car, came home with a white plain Jane 1970 Coronet with green interior, 318 motor. So ugly and a dog to drive, wish he had brought one of these home.

  2. JW

    If the drivetrain is numbers matching this Bee could be worth some serious money when restored so if you have the welding skills and a fat wallet go for it, Mopars are the hot musclecars to have and sell or drive.

    Like 2
  3. Mike

    People are such liars…it takes 5 minutes to check the numbers on a Mopar’s engine and transmission. You know darned well that this guy checked them the second he bought it and, hopefully, before he bought it. It’s such a b.s. excuse. If they go to the trouble of saying “I haven’t checked the numbers”, it just means that they know already that it’s not numbers-matching and that they’re just hoping the prospective buyer is dumb enough to pay numbers-matching prices for a non-numbers car.

    Think about it…a numbers-matching car is worth tons more. Why would you NOT take five minutes to check it??? Especially when it means you’ll get LOTS more for the car if it is!

    • Steven

      This Superbee isn’t worth no $10.900 , more like $1000 but no more than 2k for the reasons its gotta be a frame off total restoration.. Put on a turnwheel so you can do that bottom side up looking on it.

  4. Steve R

    It only takes a few minutes to check if the engine is original. If the seller thought it was why didn’t he confirm that before posting this ad.

    Steve R

  5. Brian Miller

    More partial to the ’68’s and ’69’s because dad had a few of those over the years- I used to think the ’70’s were just plain ugly, but they have really grown on me- now they just strike me as mean and aggressive. Seeing one behind you in the rear-view mirror would definitely say “Get out of my way!”. Tons of expensive work needed on this one for sure, but it has great potential. I’d actually rather it wasn’t a number’s matching motor so I wouldn’t feel bad converting it to a 440 six pack, bucket seats, 4 on the floor car- but If the numbers match you’d pretty much be compelled to restore it back to how it came off the line, nothing wrong with a 383. I hope someone who loves these cars and has a fat enough wallet saves this one!

    • Chris

      Totally agree on the 69/69 vs 70. You gotta admit the hood scoops are pretty cool.

    • Charlie V

      I grew up Mopar. So while I was in the service, during off duty hours, I would work at the off base dealers for a few extra dollars and parts. Months after I purchased my 69 Road Runner, I found a just traded-in 70 Bee at another dealership. I always thought it had the more aggressive look than the 68’s and 69’s. I just loved that grille design. Besides, it had the same set up as my Road Runner (383 / 4spd / 3.55 rear) , same body and interior color of Oak Leaf Green Metallic with black vinyl roof. Everytime I opened that door at the storage building, to see those two, one behind the other just made my day. Trailered them both home before I went PCS. Wound up selling them to satisfy an ex and her lawyer. Miss them to this very day.

      • GP Member

        Talking about missing the cars right?

      • Old Car Guy

        Word to the wise, don’t get married until you are in your mid to late 30’s. Always seems to work out for the better in most cases..

      • packrat

        As old car guy says, wait late to marry. Saw too many of my high school classmates marry right out of the gate and founder 3-7 years later. It would be easier, quicker and cheaper, as one of the comedians said, to just find a woman you don’t like and give her a house.

      • Charlie V

        Had both cars for almost 20 years, and her for just eight of those 20 before she decided to say ADIOS. But her demands were so high, it was either I commit suicide or give up the cars. And I do miss the cars. Everyday since 1993.

    • mike d

      even if not numbers matching, and if the engine is running/ useable would keep the setup as is I like the idea of a bench seat auto on the column .. might keep the paint as is for now . would also agree that being not a numbers matching, one could potentially do what they wanted wish I had the $$$, I did play tonites Lotto earlier in the wk… who knows??

  6. Tony S

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! My favorite Mopar – ’70 Bee. Saw one in a salvage yard with the N96(?) “Ramcharger” scoops with little 440 emblems and a pistol grip shifter. And those badass little Bee emblems like little sculptures. 1980. Fox Salvage, Harrison, MI. Might still be there…

    • Tony S


    • Don

      I spent summers and weekends at our cabin in Harrison and went to Fox’s many times. Great yard, but almost everything there was rusting into the ground. I would have been there in the late 70’s into the late 80’s, but don’t remember the Bee. I was looking for much older parts then. There were a lot of cars there that would bring big money today.

  7. Moparman Member

    LOVE IT! but would love it even more with buckets and console….BUT it has the ‘C’ stripe, and the power bulge hood!!!!! YES!! :-)

  8. Tom

    In 1974-76, I had a ’70 Bee, Plum Purple, 383 Magnum, Auto, Bucket seats. In college, and no $ for gas, I traded it for a 1972 Kawasaki H2 750 triple! Still have the bike…should’ve kept the Bee!

    • Chebby

      Tom, isn’t that bike called the Widowmaker? Pretty impressive you’ve both survived!

      • Tom

        I did have one incident…was doing a wheelie and went over backwards. Broke a couple of bones and scraped my elbows pretty good while I was sliding down the road. I pretty much stopped driving it like an idiot after that. Then parked it around 1980 and there it sits, in my garage.

    • Sean

      I loved those bikes, and wish I had one now. Like you, I had a widow-maker 2 stroke and a Mopar muscle car -69 Roadrunner. Beat the crap out of both of them. The bike was cheaper to operate and to repair, so I gravitated in that direction. But, the Roadrunner was a sweet ride.

  9. dr fine

    Engine code for the vehicle number shown:
    N – 383 1-4BBL 8 Cylinder “B” engine (High Performance)

  10. Steven

    Lol it looks just like the one I saw in a barn in Florida some 4 , 5 years ago and I recall that the person told me it wasn’t a numbers matching Superbee. Cause there was other old classic cars in this barn too some convertibles one a friend bought a 71 Cuda as he has near completion of the restoration..

  11. Rolf Poncho 455

    Tom do u want to sell the Kawasaki ?

    • Tom


  12. Fiete T.

    Cool car. Numbers matching or not…if the shell isn’t rotten or twisted, the seller will get good money. I prefer not matching myself. More fun that way because the Corvette/Mopar “Lifestyle” d-bags can’t legitimately say anything about improving the car

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