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1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator

1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator

Mach 1 Mustangs are great, but if you want to be a little different, may I suggest a Mercury Cougar Eliminator? The same engine options were available, but fewer were sold so you are less likely to pass one while out cruising. This particular car has been parked since 1980, but a previous owner started a backyard restoration. They didn’t get very far though so it is still going to need some body work and paint. The 351 V8 is claimed to run, but the car cannot be driven until the brakes have been sorted. The Competition Gold color provides a nice contrast with the black stripes and hood scoop. It’s too bad the seller didn’t include more photos and details in their eBay listing found here. Well, that and the fact that they typed everything in CAPS. These were impressive cars when new and hopefully someone will be able to return it to its former glory!


  1. Robert R. Member

    Jesse I did send this one to you on: Thursday, May 28, 2015 at 5:26 PM maybe you didn’t see it…?

    • Jason

      Robert, Do you get paid per submission? Just askin’

      • Robert R. Member

        No, it would be nice if it were the case…

  2. Mike D

    Jesse, if you look closely at the build sheet, it plainly states PINK, and lo and behold, there is a pink drivers seat , some of the build sheets are in code, but when I noted the pink drivers seat, it adds up . the owner states there is 130K mi on it, so that means a total rebuild, or replace , I also am leery of the bondo on the doors , I would sooner replace them Somebody with more knowledge than I would be able to tell me if the dash layout for the Cougar and Mustang are the same, or similar , if not, would the Stang dash fit in the Cougar? a Cougar would be a nice alternative to the ‘Stang

    • JW

      The interior is black including seats, what you are seeing in the build sheet is I think the color daps for the rear shocks PINK while the front shocks where WHITE.

      Now I have a 70 Mach1 and yes I myself would rather have a Cougar Eliminator because they were a little more luxurious than a Mustang BUT the wife is a Mustang nut so I must please her. I don’t think the Cougar and Mustang Dashes are compatible.


      The lower metal section of the dash is the same for a Cougar and Mustang. The upper dash pad and instrument cluster are different. If you do a Cougar to Mustang or Mustang to Cougar dash swap you must use the complete upper assembly. There are also differences in the wiring and the instruments. Some models had an indash tach, some did not. The XR-7 and Eliminator models had some warning lights that may have been an option for Mustangs, I am not sure if they were ever placed in a Mustang. Those warning lights require special sensors. Ford did build one 69 or 70 Mustang fastback that had a Cougar XR-7 dash in it. It also had some Shelby parts on it. As I recall they called it the Quarter Horse and it was basically a race car.

  3. Michael

    Where did the pink idea come from? It’s Gold w black interior. Reserve not met at $7900.00. While this Cat is interesting I’d rather have a plain Jane fastback (prefer 69 over 70) which could be obtained at what this seller appears to want.

    • Michael

      By the way, I think a pink over pink cat would be very cool. Doubt one exists from the factory.

    • Mike D

      if you go to the ebay site and look at the interior, there is a pink drivers seat, and if you enlarge the pic of the marti report/ build sheet, it states pink , unless these old eyes are becoming color blind ( smile) JW, I recall a Motor Trend Road test on the 70 Stangs , I believe they were the Boss 302, and 429.. and possibly the Mach I w/ the 351 in the article they stated the dash was especially pleasing to look at , at night, with the dash lights on that always stuck in my head… my bad, I think that is a towel LOL ‘

      • Michael

        Yes I saw it. It’s a seat cover or just something that was used as a seat cover.

      • Michael

        As previous poster stated, build sheet has colors for paint daubs meaning certain things. Marti clearly states Gold with Black. Pink would be special order color and not notated on Marti.

  4. roger

    Wish I had it.
    Always liked cougars.

  5. Grr

    @roger – I like cougars, too. So much so, in fact, that I married one.

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  6. Mike_B_SVT

    Hey Fellahs,

    This one is also listed on CraigsList by the current owner:

    I has also been listed a few times on CL over the last few years by the previous owner (poor pics and details were holding it back), and noted on the Cougar Forums, here:

    As for the dash, I recall reading on one of the Mustang forums that they can be modified to work in the mustangs, or vice-versa.

  7. Woodie Man

    Mighty crusty. Must have been marinating somewhere.

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  8. Rocco Member

    I knew the base eng. in the Eliminator was 351C , but I didn’t realize the base tranny was a 3-speed. We’re just so used to seeing 4-speeds(BOSS 302), 4-speeds&Auto(428CJ). I’ve seen 351C Eliminator’s usually with Auto’s. I just assumed a stick shift would come with a 4-speed. But it makes since this is a base model Eliminator, 351C 3-speed.
    Now this is rare.

    • Mike_B_SVT

      The info that I have gathered from various Elite Marti Reports shows 110 Eliminators built in 1970 with 351C / 3-speed. In 1969 they built 194 Eliminators with 351W / 3-speed, and an estimated 20 with 390 / 3-speed.

  9. mike

    A friend of mine his father has a 68 or69 with a 427 side oiler and 4 speed , black on black. It was ordered by some guy in our town that never picked it up.

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    • Mike_B_SVT

      Very cool! Not a lot of cars like that around. I gather Cougar data for the Cougar Club of America. If you get a chance, send me some more information about the car, or contact info for the owner please.

      I can be reached at


      Mike B.

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