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Rare 1970 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ 455 4-Speed

Kenai, Alaska is known for its salmon runs but sitting on the edge of a driveway in this Alaskan paradise is this super rare 1970 Pontiac Grand Prix. This car is one of only 199 Grand Prix’s built with the 455 cubic inch V8 engine and 4-speed transmission! Listed here on eBay, the car is in poor condition and has only been bid to $2,445 with 4 days remaining in the auction. It will probably cost $2,500 just to ship that car back to the 48 states.

The Pontiac Grand Prix was built from 1962 through 2008. John DeLorean’s input on the 1969 Grand Prix redesign stunned the automotive world and sales went through the roof. The Grand Prix was built on a stretched A body frame and designated as a G Body. Sales almost quadrupled from 1968 to 1969 and enthusiasts flocked to showrooms in 1969. In 1970, Pontiac replaced the 428 cubic inch V8 engine with the new 455 cubic inch V8 engine that was rated at 370 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque.

Due to competition from other GM brands, sales of the Grand Prix declined from 112,000 cars in 1968 to 65,750 Grand Prix in 1970. The interior of this black on black Grand Prix is worn out but still includes the unique 4-speed console. The black bucket seats are torn, faded, and ripped. Just about every panel on the car is damaged by dents or rust. It appears that the passenger rear corner was involved in a fender bender that has never been repaired.

The car is not highly optioned and has manual windows and no air conditioning. There were two models of the Grand Prix – the J and SJ. This is the upscale SJ and the car is reported to start and run. The odometer reads 77,451. Among other repairs, the seller states that the car needs a new clutch, brake work, and a new headliner. The auction states that the car has not met the reserve.


  1. Avatar photo Mitchell Gildea Member

    Shame the back end’s toasted. This does have potential tho

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  2. Avatar photo JW454

    The way I read it, it has a new clutch. However, the linkage for the transmission backdrive rod isn’t installed correctly and the bell housing is broken so the transmission has to come out to replace it anyway. You’ll be able to check the condition of the clutch then.
    This car needs everything and I think it will prove to very expensive to restore. Very rare car though.

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    • Avatar photo John Kobell

      I bought this car because of it rarity. I had to re-body it because it was just to far gone. The power train is completely original. The chassis is completely rebuilt and is beautiful. I plan on having this car at the Pontiac Nationals in Oklahoma in July 2022.

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  3. Avatar photo Steve R

    Rough, shipping will be expensive, but rare enough, if real, to be worth the effort for some Pontiac enthusiast to take a shot at.

    Steve R

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  4. Avatar photo local_sheriff

    I examined these pics when I found this Poncho on my regular route browsing for finds yesterday simply because I remembered the rarity of the stick GP from the last BF write-up – and what a mess this GP is…

    OK,OK – I know worse cars have been brought back but IMO its best use would simply be as a donor to transplant all the stick goodies to a better auto GP. Then, of course, I understand its rarity is in its docs as a stick GP, the one I suggest will always only be a converted GP.

    As always I hope someone will save it and should some enthusiast buy it with the intention of a resto I wish him/her the very best of luck

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    • Avatar photo Gerry perkins

      Hope the car is brought back to life the 69 and 70 year Grand Prix’s were the best years for grand prix I believe.

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  5. Avatar photo Grorge Mattar

    Awesome car but way too much work and the aftermarket has ignored these beautiful cars and always will.

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    • Avatar photo John Oliveri

      Try getting a mounding or an emblem for my 73 Grand Prix

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    • Avatar photo Tom

      You hit the nail squarely on the head with that comment. Kudos.

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  6. Avatar photo Bultaco

    If the frame is good and if it’s numbers matching, a resto might be worth it if the owner can DIY most of it. The leather seats are very rare, in addition to the drivetrain. Used body part are not impossible to find, as GM made zillions of these GPs. Hope someone saves it.

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  7. Avatar photo Jangus

    Judging by the bottom of the oil pan and broken bellhousing, this thing was not treated too kindly at some point in its past. Would not be surprised to find out its had all four wheels off the ground while in motion. More than once.

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  8. Avatar photo Troy s

    These must’ve been big cars or something, that 455 looks puny in the engine bay. Too bad it’s as rough as it is but maybe some poncho enthusiast from Alaska will be interested.
    What would be quicker in a car like this, a 428 H/O or the 455 torque arm?

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    • Avatar photo Steve

      Longest production car hood if I recall.

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    • Avatar photo Marty Parker

      On paper probably the 428HO. It was rated at 390HP which was the highest rated Pontiac V8 ever as compared to 370 for this 455.With a few mods the 455 could be made much quicker.

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      • Avatar photo John L Wilson

        Sounds like the 1970 Olds W30 rated at only 370 HP for insurance purposes ?

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  9. Avatar photo JagManBill

    looks just like mine did 35 years ago. Manual window no ac in Texas during the summer. I kept it if I remember about 6 weeks. Thought I was gonna die from the heat. Fun car tho

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  10. Avatar photo morrisangelo

    Tried to save a silver 71 4-speed GP (1 of 52) years ago out of Michigan that was far worse than this one. Gave up on it once a Hurst SSJ I was chasing became available.

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  11. Avatar photo John Oliveri

    In my opinion, and everyone has one,I’d prefer the 69 w the 428 a real rarity, and power windows and air please

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  12. Avatar photo John Polacek

    Looked at a 69 428 4 spd for 800 in 1992, it wasn’t rusty but had a carb fire which ruined the hood. It allegedly ran, but I didn’t get back to the guy fast enough and it was gone. That’s one of 3 4 spd GPs I have seen in person.

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  13. Avatar photo John Oliveri

    There’s one that comes to a cruise in Hawthorn NY, I’m in awe of it, since I have a 73 455 SJ, but mines a cruiser with sunroof and all the amenities, that 69 428 4 speed is a bruiser, 2 completely different cars, only 4 yrs apart,

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  14. Avatar photo JagManBill

    Of crazy thoughts and ideas….

    that engine bay is long enough, I wonder how a nice Jag, Ferrari, BMW or other V12 would do in there…? Obviously return on investment be dang, but wouldn’t THAT blow some minds at your local cars and coffee!

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  15. Avatar photo David kirschnick Member

    Buy it for 3,000 maybe, seller splits shipping. 428 best of bunch . That car would sit down and make the hood look longer than plane

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  16. Avatar photo Todd Priest

    My father had one with the 455 four speed(the 428 was factory but replaced), factory hood tach. It was very nice!

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    • Avatar photo John Oliveri

      You were a lucky kid, hope you got to drive Italian

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  17. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    SOLD for $8,100.

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  18. Avatar photo paul noyes

    even more rare, I have a 1969 grand prix, 428, 3 speed manual. only 21 built.

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    • Avatar photo Todd Priest

      My father had a ’69 with factory 4 speed manual, 455(it came with 428 but engine was grenaded so they replaced it with a 455, and factory hood tach. It was featured in Hemmings Muscle Machine magazine years ago.

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