1971 Ford Bronco: 4×4 Fixer Upper

1971 Ford Bronco

Growing up in Wyoming, Ford Broncos were dime a dozen. Over the years I’ve watched their numbers dwindle. Many were wrecked, crushed, or shipped out of state. It’s now getting difficult to find clean examples, even in my home State. This 1971 Bronco is currently in Milton, Florida and incredibly it looks to be solid. The seller claims it is a two owner truck that has seen one respray, but has never been modified. It cleaned up nicely, but currently isn’t running. The original inline 6 is still in place and its condition is unknown. The seller believes the starter is faulty, but given how easy the Ford 170 inline 6 is to work on, I’m rather confused why they haven’t replaced the starter already. You can take a closer look at this Bronco here on eBay where bidding is just over $4,500. Even if there are serious engine issues, this truck could be worth buying! Would you take a risk on this Bronco? Special thanks to Jim S for this tip!


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  1. Karl

    Take a chance? Absolutely. Milton is north of Pensacola and far enough away from the coast that salt air shouldn’t be an issue. I live in southeast Louisiana, which is the same climate as that area. Cars from the 1950’s and 1960’s that were not renowned for their rust resistance survive surprisingly well if they’re kept indoors, or even outside on a concrete pad or someplace where the sun can bake off the moisture consistently. What kills a car here is to park it in the grass under trees where it never dries out. As far as the mechanicals go, Sixties Fords are the epitome of simplicity, and parts are readily available. Given the high interest in modifiying these Broncos, I’ll bet this one goes for high $$$$.

  2. Rick

    LOOKS like a lot of new metal on the underside on the next to last photo. There’s a long strip of it.

  3. geomechs geomechs Member

    My brother had one with a 302. He still regrets selling it and is looking for another one. I think I’ll send him here.

    This one is showing a little rust in the floors so there might be more to getting it fixed up than originally meets the eye. Still a nice project.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi geomechs, I had a buddy just out of high school that had one of these. This was before the off-road craze. He asked me if I wanted to go “4 wheelin’ “. Sure, I said. We went to the dirt access road by the high lines, and I found out right away why they call it a Bronco. He said, “you might want to buckle you seat belt.” ( this was before seat belt use). I said, “Nah, I’m good”. In the 1st 100 ft. I flew out of the seat and hit my head on the roof twice, then I buckled my seat belt.

      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Hi Howard. Yeah, they can sure be rough. My brother’s rode like a pogo stick which may be better than an old Diamond T or a Dodge Power Wagon (or your old Mack). There was an old rancher out here had a ’67 pickup version. It was a 6cyl./3spd. which became somewhat of an icon. You see a blue Bronco pickup with a white roof and you would see old Jack. I remember him and Dad talking about trucks. It seemed that Dad always drove a Chev. either an El Camino or a pickup while Jack insisted on that Bronco, cramped quarters, rough ride and all. Two old ranchers, each trying to convince each other that his personal ride was the best. At least they weren’t comparing Marlboros and Winstons.

  4. JW

    I been thinking of picking another one up but the prices have went through the roof for these since I sold mine in 1995. Mine came from Florida and I knew the guy who built it, it had a 351W / Auto and that thing screamed. I sold it in 1995 for $5500 and was in excellent condition to build a pickup for the farm I had just bought. Pic included, I hope.

    • Linda

      Still looking for a 1971 Bronco? I have one and purchased it in 71, been the only driver but now living in Seattle and haven’t driven it in two years. 302 engine..very strong climber..hard to stay buckled in. Original seats, back seat original..all glass original with ford stamp except front just replaced. Heater radio wipers all work well. Carburorr rebuilt ,165 original miles, some rust mostly floor in the front….Never offered it for sale before. Linda

  5. Rancho Bella

    I like stock Broncos. I’m no expert but have owned three. Not safe to drive over 60, terrible gas mileage and the ride is a little on the rough side.

    I’m on the prowl for another one.

    Although a V8 automatic is my preference a 1966 U13 would fit the bill

  6. chad

    gedem now !
    price goin up !

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