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1971 Pontiac GTO: A Little Rough

1971 Pontiac GTO

To say this GTO is a bit rough would probably be an understatement. The seller claims it has minimal rust, but I’ll believe in when I see it! Typically I would pass on something in this condition that lacks a title, but given that the seller is asking just $3,800 it could be worth a closer look! It is a 400 V8 car with factory A/C and an automatic gearbox. If it really is solid, I would be tempted to leave it looking rough on the outside, there is nothing more intimidating at a stop light than a rusty Goat with nothing to lose! If you are interested in giving this GTO another chance at life, you can find it here on craigslist in Lebanon, Missouri! Thanks to Robert R for another great tip!


  1. Don Barzini

    The recent string of GTO finds is making a great site even better.

    By the way, I love those slotted wheels.

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  2. Rocco

    It seems a lot of these “Barn Finds” cars don’t have titles. I get it, but then the seller tells you he can give you enough paper work so YOU can get one. If he has enough paper work to get a title, then GET A TITLE before you try to sell it. These guys find a car for peanuts, then want to flip it for BIG BUCKS. They all want the gravy, without any effort. If it’s a PARTS car, that’s different. But one that’s advertised as a GOOD driver, needs a TITLE.

    My $.02

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    • D

      agree, these people find these cars and get them dirt cheap from someone who did’nt know what they had, and resell for big bucks

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  3. gunningbar

    It sure looks as tho someone was working on rust on those wheelwells…just sayin….cd be a good find.

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  4. pontiactivist

    I would love to have it. I would show it some love.

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  5. Justin

    Finding a true, (#42 in the VIN),1971 GTO is rare. Finding one in this condition without being restored is even rarer!
    The front nose of the hood does not look to have any rust through, very rare!
    1971 was the last year for the HiPo GTOs with 10,532 GTOs and 357 GTO Judges sold.
    In 1972, the base Le Mans line, the GTO package could be had. You not find the #42 in the VIN to distinguish a true GTO.
    Like all cars, the options changes price of the car. 400 automatics were the base model. Add A/C, the price goes up.

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