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1973 Camaro LT: Split Bumper Survivor

1973 Camaro LT

This 1973 Camaro LT has quite the story behind it. The seller claims it was, like many survivors, used primarily as a Sunday driver by a little old lady. If it were a Z28 I might not believe the story, but being an LT I could see this being the perfect Sunday driver! 1973 was a rough year for American muscle cars. Emission and crash regulations had stripped many cars of their power and masculine looks in trade for cleaner exhaust and better crash ratings. However, Chevrolet was somehow able to slip the previous year Camaro through with split front bumpers and minimal structural changes. Take a closer look at this LT here on eBay in Nebraska. So do you believe this really is an untouched survivor?


  1. Grr

    Not sure about the color or the story, but these were named one of the 10 best by R&T in 1971. Good looking design. End of an era for sure.

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  2. RayT Member

    This one looks like it might be the Real Deal. Panel fits are not what you’d expect from professional (restoration-grade) body shops, and it looks uniformly nice, as in no odd spots of wear visible. If it all checks out, it’d be a great “find” for a collector.

    That said, with a vinyl top, auto. trans and the most basic of basic V8 engines, it lacks what I’d want, and is in no way a car where one could slip in a four-speed and tweak the small-block with no guilt feelings. So, not for me, but I sort of envy whoever ends up with it.

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  3. Vince Habel

    I don’t like the the color. It probably the real deal. I don’t think anyone would repaint it this color.

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  4. the chucker

    This looks like a solid, well kept example. Unfortunate color scheme though…50 shades of beige. :-)

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  5. Mark in Medford

    I test drove a twin to this car in 1979 and was very disapointed at the lack of power and I passed on a clean one owner just like this one, right down to the color and vinyl top. This one even has the OEM stock headlights still in place. I do think spending the money on repop bias ply tires was a big waste, radials were available by 73 and these cars handle so much better with radials.

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  6. Tom S.

    This is a far better style than the big-back-window cars that came after. Enjoy it as-is and make no apologies or have any regrets. If I never hear the words “clone” or “resto-mod” (along with a few others of the same ilk) again, it won’t be soon enough.

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  7. Don Barzini

    I like the car but the font used in the eBay ad is nearly unreadable.

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    • Stynger

      I didn’t bother reading the ebay ad. It hurt my eyes..who thought that font was a good idea?

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  8. MM

    Is it bad that I’d want to use this as a solid basis for a resto-mod?

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    • Dave at OldSchool

      @MM … it’s not that it’s bad……..just expensive way to do that.

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  9. Andrew Minney

    Hey isn’t that Jim Rockford’s car? He drove one that colour!!

    Andrew (showing his age)

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    • Larry

      The Rockford Files used a series of gold Firebird Esprits, but it’s the same generation GM F-body platform used on this Camaro.

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  10. Moparman Moparmann Member

    “Memories, like the corners of my mind, misty water colored memories, of the way we were!” Beautiful car, (not fond of the color) but I had a friend who had one almost an identical twin…Ah! the memories!! I would UNAPOLOGETICALLY drive this one as is!! :-)

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  11. Larry

    The base V8/auto drivetrain, LT trim package and beige-on-beige color combo, all seem to support the “Sunday driver by a little old lady” claim. He’s only had it a couple of months – maybe it’s even too bland for him?

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  12. bradshaw from primer

    Did the 73 have the small rear window…I thought by that time they had gone to an extended for visibility rear window. I remember production stopped in 71 or 72 because of an extended strike.

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  13. Mark in Medford

    The small back window went though the 74 model year, the 75 was almost identical except for the back glass. 74 was the last year for the Z28 until 77 mid year.

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  14. Ric

    looks like nice clean example,nice original wheels love the colour to a nice sleeper buy it enjoy it keep it original.

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  15. pontiactivist

    Had two 71’s. RS/SS and an RS Z/28. Loved everything about them. Wish I had them now. This one is cool but not something I would own. Wrong color motor trans and way too nice and original to make more to my likeness.

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  16. Mike W.

    My Dad had a ’73 Lt – cannery yellow with black vinyl top.- he bought it brand new in 73 – man I miss that car.

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