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455/4-Speed: 1973 Pontiac Trans Am

The seller describes this car as kinda rough. It is a 1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am project car equipped with a 4-speed transmission. The car is located in Everest, Kansas. With all the snow on the ground, it looks like Mount Everest!  The Trans Am can be seen here on eBay with 2 days remaining and it is already bid to $10,098. The car is not running and will need a complete restoration. The body shows rust in several of the normal places. Unfortunately, that is about everywhere including the trunk, fenders, frame rails, and rear valance.

There were two engines available in 1973. The Y code 455 cubic inch V8 engine was the standard model and the X Code, also known as the Super Duty, was the optional engine. The Y code 455 is what is installed in this car and it developed 250 horsepower from the factory. There were 1,420 4 speed Trans Ams built in 1973 with the Y code engine which is pretty low until you realize that only 252 X Code (Super Duty) Trans Ams were built in 1973 and only 72 were 4 speed. You will notice that the engine needs to be rebuilt and is missing some parts. The fan shroud shows off a rare H-O Racing sticker, too. The seller’s pictures indicate that it is a numbers matching motor and he includes the PHS build sheet to show that this was a pretty stripped car that came with optional floor mats, roof moldings, a stereo radio and red carpet.

The data tag on the cowl shows the original color to be Code 75 which was Buccaneer Red. Trans Ams could be ordered in only three colors in 1973 – Buccaneer Red, Brewster Green and Cameo White.  Buccaneer Red was probably the most popular color followed by Cameo White.  Only about 150-250 Trans Ams were painted Brewster Green in 1973. The interior color on the data tag shows 232 which is white and the all important WS4 designation confirms that this car is a Trans Am.

So, this car is already bid higher than I thought it would sell for and there are still 2 days left in the auction. It would be great to see this iconic car back on the road. Please fill up the comments below if you have owned a 1973 Trans Am or have many great memories of them.


  1. Dave Suton

    Saw a Brewster Green one for sale a while back. Was very expensive. But worth it.

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  2. Arthell64 Member

    Another smart seller, get a decent price for a project and save the 30k or more it would take to restore.

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  3. Andy

    A guy up here in Ottawa, Ontario had a 73 Brewster green TA parked on his front lawn. I remember that it had an automatic transmission. The hood scoop said 455SD on it but I could never see the VIN to look for the “X” as there was a “Not for sale” sign on the dash. The car was not on the road the whole time it was there. Being the Firebird nut that I am I had to ring the door bell just in case. Gave him my name and number but never heard back. The car disappeared from the front lawn about 12 to 15 years ago, and I have never seen it around town since. I wonder what ever happened to it and if it was a real SD or not. I probably will never know.

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    • DR Member

      I can tell you Andy (as I have done the paid research through GM of Canada) that only one (1) Super Duty 455 Trans Am in Brewster Green was ever sold in the entire country of Canada, in Ontario. It was a white interior, automatic car that now resides in Michigan.

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      • Andy

        Thanks for the info DR. For what it is worth, the car I remember seeing had a white interior. Who knows though, it was pretty common for people to put the 455SD decals on the shaker. I never got to see under the hood to get a glance at the engine.

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    • DR Member

      And I think I have a picture of that car Andy, under a blue tarp.

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    • DR Member

      Andy are you on PY Pontiac Forum? I live in Ontario too. I am starlightblack on that forum, shoot me a pm over there if you hang out there. Otherwise e-mail me at

      Cheers, talk soon I hope.

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      • RD

        Had a 73 SD455 AT in Brewster Green that was left to me by my uncle. Sold it in 1991 for $13.5K to go to college and have never seen it again. Sold it to a collector in Columbus OH. Have tried many times to find, but have not had luck. 2V87X3N138636.

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  4. Vin_in_NJ

    1973 was a great year for the Trans Am. First year for the 455SD engine. First year for the “Radial Tuned Suspension.” First year for the hood decal. Last year for the chrome rear bumper. Last year for the endura front bumper.
    Lucerne Blue paint was gone, replaced by Brewster Green.

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  5. Brian

    It’s a great car it was my first car in high school 455 automatic it was an 8 year old car when I got it paid 800.00 for it if I only knew

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  6. Nick P

    My son bought a Brewster green/white interior 4 speed 73 TA late this past summer. It was restored about 25 years ago but painted red with black interior. It’s a fun ride, but we will be bringing back to factory built very soon. The green ones are sexy as hell.

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  7. JOHN Member

    I had a 73, Bucaneer red, 4 speed, Honeycombs, AC console and a heated back glass. Another one that got away… Would love another 70-73, before the bumpers got out of hand. Also love the smaller back glass of the 70-74.

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    • Andy

      I couldn’t agree more with you John. Love the front styling of the 70 to 73 cars and the small rear glass of the 70 to 74s.

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  8. JE

    6th photo one ebay. Look at the number nine. Makes me wonder about a re-stamp.

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  9. John Oliveri

    SD fantasy, but hey I’ll take the 455, John Wayne drove a green one in a 1974 Movie called Mc Q, Firebirds always had better style than the Camaro, was more money too, that’s why middle America drove Chevys, they were a lot cheaper, but they’re wasn’t any optional engines in the Camaro in the mid and late 70s, Pontiac had the 350, 400 and 455

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  10. Troy s

    Trans Am was one of the quickest rides one could buy in ’73-74…definitely ’74, the SD 455 was crazy rare yet it is a well known screamer from an odd time period in cars. Even this 455 here could get up…well, it used to be able.
    But the big sales didn’t come until after smog regulations really kicked in, here in California the 403 Olds was it, no 400 Poncho.

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  11. Barry L Klotz

    Love to have my 72 Bird back. She was red with black vinyl top. Sure do miss her.

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  12. TimM

    Pretty sad a 455 only had 250 horse power but it is a nice car!! In a class all by itself!!

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  13. John Oliveri

    I own a 73 Grand Prix w/a 455, and my car weighs a bit more than a T/A, torque monster but 250 hp, 4000 lb car, loves gas, loves gas

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  14. Paul

    Love the look of the 73 T/A as my younger brother had one of the 1973 SD455 – 4 speeds he bought used in 1974. It was white with a blue interior and the only car he ever had that could beat my 1967 Z28. I’m still upset that he sold his 69 T/A 4 spd before restoring it, what a mistake.

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  15. 1st Gear

    Cowl tag bolted on? It’s ok for me to wrong here, but didn’t GM rivet them on ?

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    • Scott

      In 74 the cowl tags had nuts like shown, but with Phillips heads too.

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    • v

      body tags were bolted on in 73 but the sheet metal screws were smaller …

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  16. George Mattar

    All cowl tags riveted at factory. However, these cars handle better than even Corvettes of the era. And they sound great with the correct transverse transverse muffler. Seller smart to not let go at $10,400. Did not make reserve. Very low production even if not an SD. My high school friend got a new Admiralty Blue 74 SD for graduation. What a car.

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  17. Johnny

    A rust bucket that needs everything except the dash . The bid went up to #=$10 ,400 and he never sold it? hahahah Well I guess I,ll hold out with my numbers matching 77 Trans Am. I thought my 77 Firebird that is in alot better shape—-with matching numbers—wouldn,t sale half that and my othe 78 Trans Am that needs alot of work wouldn,t be worth much. I guess I,ll watch them rust to the ground and sale the the soil for $50,000. If I can,nt get it it and drive away–no way would I put $10,400 in it.

  18. Cliffyc

    If I recall it correctly,did Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage fame,not have one of those Firebirds in High School?. I am sure he tracked one down on the show a few seasons in ??. Hi, from the UK, btw !.

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  19. Aron

    I have two of the remaining 1973 Trans Ams produced. One is a project pro touring car that is not original anyway. Currently building a 555 in.³ Pontiac based TwinTurbo engine for it. Pictures of it can be seen at and the other car is a documented buccaneer red 20,000 mile car that has been sitting outside since 1981 when the owner was racing it and it developed a bad rod knock. It needs a complete restoration. These cars are so much more interesting visually then the Corvette and Camaro at the same time. They handled better and usually performed better as well.

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    • John Oliveri

      You have good taste in cars, I never cared for the Camaro, always thought the Firebird was much more Luxurious, and Vettes were always over rated , rode harsh, and were no good in anything but perfect weather

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  20. v

    if your looking for 73 ta parts google on barn find ” many new parts”

    • v

      many new parts

  21. v

    if this 73 ta has oem 1973 front end / clip sheet metal that would be worth the price itself. but it looks like a repaint??? original american sheet metal is getting very pricey…

  22. v

    i acquired a 1973 orange carpet ta with bucaneer red body and white interior. i have been told by pontiac authors of pontiac history that they believe it to be a 1 of 1 73 TA produced out of the norwood ohio plant. i have also found a 1973 pontiac 1 of 1 NAVAHO orange formula with a 1 of 1 orange carpet optioned car ( a beautiful car ). i have been in contact with fisher body employees and also trans am manufacture employees and they seem to agree that the orange carpet 1973 cars are 1 of the rarest options that were produced back in 1973. with the 1973 pontiac blue carpet option the rarest of all carpet colors and red carpet being the 3rd rarest carpet color. these blue , orange , and red carpet optioned firebird cars were only available in 1973 and most were produced from april 1973 to august of 1973 according to fisher body employees. it is believed that there is a 1973 red bodied white interior blue carpet ta produced in that time frame and somehow has not been found . could you imagine having the only red , white , and blue 1973 trans am ever produced in the history of pontiac. could a price even be put on that car. the only way to track this blue carpet 73 ta is for PHS do a manufacturing audit to determine if and when exactly when these oddities were produced. to date as far as i know this has not been done for 1973 by PHS…what historical info is being missed by PHS . it is i assume a challenge to go through pontiacs micro fishe info and would require a number of man hours to determine any of these findings. what other pontiac oddities are we missing…to see a pic of the 1973 orange carpet formula google
    1973 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 for sale on BaT Auctions …

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    • Aron

      While an oddball carpet color may be rare it does not usually influence the price in a positive way. Similarly there are a few of these cars floating around where the console was deleted from the order form and they were produced with column shifters. While very rare it tends to detract from the value. I myself own one of the 205 1967 Grand Prix convertibles made with a manual transmission. Mine is the only one I know of with the base 3 speed manual. Which means very one else checked the option box for the 4 speed. But that doesn’t mean my car is more valuable because it’s less desirable.

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      • v

        if you check Mecum sales in the last 5 to 10 years you will find odd carpet colors for the 73 trans am have consistently sold for 8 to 12,000 dollars more because of the odd carpet color option. the numbers dont lie.
        somewhere someone values a 3 speed over a 4 speed because of rarity. for instance why did you buy the car. if im not mistaken the 3 speed has a cast iron case for added durability over the 4 speed aluminum case.

      • Aron

        I disagree. The carpet colors have had little to do with sale prices, and where the color combinations are odd I have seen the selling prices lower. Mecum and Barrett Jackson are very poor gauges of value. Sales prices there never have reflected true market price on these or any other cars. By the time you account for buyers AND sellers premiums plus the fact that people with often little knowledge about cars but deep pockets get caught up in the excitement of bidding and being on tv…..none of those prices mean much. Plus, only a few cars roll across the main stage. There are other lanes at the auctions where cars roll through and sell for prices way lower than the people have invested in them. As for my 67 Grand Prix convertible…I bought it for $500. lol People dont necessarily value rarity. As I said, I have seen 70-73 TA’s with the column shift sell for LESS…even though they are rare. But no…the 3 speed base transmission on large Pontiacs for the large heavy cars was a dearborn (Ford) unit. GM didnt have a 3 speed that could handle the weight of the cars with the torque of their engines, so they contracted with Ford to buy their 3 spd toploader transmissions with a pontiac bolt pattern etc. through most of the 60’s

  23. v

    there is also a white 1973 TRANS AM 455 SD prototype with leather interior and blue carpet
    google :: Perlie Article – Firebird Gallery … it was built by pontiac designers. A TRUE PIECE OF PONTIAC HISTORY

  24. v

    mecum only has selling history of red carpet 73 ta cars. as far as orange and blue there is no selling history since there are no production numbers and they are considered 1 only’s . i think the eye appeal of the orange or blue carpet colored cars will attract more favorable opinions for potential buyers. the eye candy of a bright color attracts more potential buyers. look at plum crazy cuda’s they are oddities but have fantastic eye apppeal. also the hugger orange camaro has atrocious houndstooth seats but still has a great buyer appeal. anything bright that you have to look at with sun glasses has a great buyer appeal. and buyer appeal means money in this world. the 1973 perlie ta with blue carpet has great eye appeal . how would the value come out with that one. as far as value goes for the red carpet ta’s if there was no value to these 73 ta’s why would sellers even say they have different color carpets . if they had no value then there would be no reason to mention the car has a diffferent color carpet as part of the would be considered a clean or dirty interior and that would be it. as far as column shift that i would say has little to do with value since automatics only had 3 gears any way. i would say the column shift has little to do with the value of a full size car. it would just be a matter of choice of either manual or automatic. also i think a no console car looks nicer than a console car. and to me i would value the no console car more to my liking. just my opinion…are you sure there not gmc tranny’s and not fords

    • Aron

      Difference of opinion. Color only matters when its visually appealing. Plum crazy was a nice though bright color. Blue in a red car is clashing, not appealing. The reason sellers mention these things is an attempt to single their car out as being unique in some way. Sellers can attempt whatever they want, it doesnt mean it will help the final value of a car. Doesnt matter that both console shifter and column shift both use an auto transmission. The reason console shift cars in a TA are more popular than column shift (even though column shift in a TA is more rare) is that these cars are considered muscle cars and a shifter in the console is considered sportier than one on the column. Like it or not thats what people think…and want. Same reason slapstick shifters, Hurst shifters, dual gate shifters are more popular. Console TAs bring more money than the very rare column shift TAs hands down, and it doesnt matter what you or I think…thats what more people like. As for my 67 GP convertible…yes…its a well documented and known fact amongst big car Pontiac owners that Pontiac contracted with Ford for those toploader 3 spd transmissions. The idea seemed odd to me 11 years ago when I picked up the car, but research turned up that info pretty quickly.

      • v

        i would want that red trans am with white interior and blue carpet because i love my country and nothing is better than red, white, and blue. those colors will always mean something in this country. theres a 1970 patriot edition red white and blue trans am that looks really nice. what about that one. and your saying picking orange carpet would be not for taste but to bring the value of the car down to a more managable value. what about the houndstooth hugger orange camaro. id buy 1 if given the opportunity.

  25. Aron

    I love my country, and I served an army special forces. But that doesn’t mean I’m in the market for a red white and blue house, clothing, or car. I have a burnt orange carpet in my 73 Trans Am with the turbo engine. It goes quite well with the black interior. But it also doesn’t clash with the exterior color. A blue carpet in a red car will clash.

  26. v

    found a red white and blue house if interested
    google Red, White and Blue House

    there are a lot of american buisnesses that furnish there wares to people that love red white and blue.

    then as far as orange carpet goes then there is hope…since you even used it.
    and a red white and blue 73 trans am i truly believe someone would love it…

    peace be with you, v

    • v

      oh i was watching a rerun of BARNABY JONES and 1 of the cars on the show was blue ford LTD with a white vinyl top and a red interior. so ford was in on the color action also…

  27. John Oliveri

    Loved Barnaby and Cannon, Barnaby w his snazzy LTD and Cannon with his MKIV, Cannon always had a Moonroof, later Barnaby gets one too, it was the 70s everyone had a Barry White tape on w their roofs open

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    • v

      dont forget JAKE AND THE FATMAN and also MANNIX.and Macloud with dennis weaver. boy they were great shows…also COLUMBO . need to dig these guys up and make more great shows.

  28. John Oliveri

    None of those shows would work today, common decency isn’t popular in today’s shows, the good guy is as troubled as the bad guy now, it’s a different world my friend, and if you like I value the old days, we are in the minority, same as people who love Whitewalls, we r a rare group

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  29. TimM

    I’m in my early fiftys still working every day and I loved those shows when they were on TV but I do hate whitewalls!!!

  30. John Oliveri

    Ahh, your killing me

  31. Troy s

    I’ll throw my two worthless cents in… the ultimate good cop/bad cop duo for me would be Columbo and his sly just one more thing antics partnered with Dirty Harry Callahan with his slightly more….agressive tactics! Hah, both characters are favorites of mine despite completely different approaches to law enforcement. Okay, I’ll stop now.

  32. John Oliveri

    Keep going, great combo, I think Columbo

    would lock himself in the trunk, when the shooting starts

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    • v

      no he would hold his cigar carrying hand out and say ( 1 more thing )

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