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1977 Trans Am Sport Wagon

1977 Pontiac Trans Am Sport Wagon

We’ve featured a number of Corvette wagons and while I can appreciate the idea of giving an American performance car more functionality by making it a wagon, I’m not sure what someone was thinking when they built this Trans Am wagon. The wagon conversion by itself isn’t all that bad, but the custom nose, hood and side scoops, and rear spoiler that make this car look silly. Put the front end back to original, cut off the spoiler, and paint over the blue graphics and you would have a respectable shooting brake! The seller claims it grabs lots of attention and I have no doubt about that, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s all good attention. If you’ve been looking for something unusual and functional, this car might just be worth taking a closer look at. You can find it here on eBay in Mokena, Illinois with bidding at $3,950 and no reserve. It already has 42 bids, so apparently there are a few bidders that want this psychedelic trip of a sport wagon. So would you leave it as is or would you tone down the looks a bit?


  1. kenzo

    Ah different….. count’em, that’s right not 2, not 4 but 8 headlights WOW… Nothing says custom like a piece of oak screwed to the transmission tunnel to make a console. And no pictures of the inside behind the back seats. does the back end even open?

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  2. RayT Member

    At some point in the late 1980s — I don’t remember the exact year — Pontiac had plans to introduce something not unlike this (a bit more restrained, with a stock nose and the “Kammback” grafted on) and trotted out a prototype for the press to see.

    I drove it, and found that it was, in all respects except the rear lid, a normal Firebird. The added pieces were a bit cheesy, but it was a prototype, after all….

    I would argue with Josh about its “functionality.” Storage space was never a Camaro/Firebird strong point.

    Not sure how much the division spent on the project, but they dropped it very shortly after showing us the prototype. It was not greeted with enthusiam, I must say.

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  3. OhU8one2

    Oh my stars…….I told you kids,Do Not Touch Mr. Presley’s pill’s! What kind of Billy Bob sled is that. Hope the new buyer likes attention,and a few laugh’s.

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  4. Mark E

    I think everything goes together very well as a period custom. If you started removing the nosepiece, flares, scoops & spoiler, you may as well take off the kammback too and just make a stock firebird out of it!

    This is someone’s personal interpretation of one of Pontiac’s Trans Sport concept cars, essentially Firebird shooting brakes…

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  5. Dolphin Member

    I’ve made my share of jokes about cars like these. Who wouldn’t, what with all those square headlights lined up like photon overkill on that way-overhung front end?

    But I still give the builder credit for doing a decent job, with decent gaps and finish (I’m assuming that the hood will close with OK gaps). Agree with Mark that this was inspired by the Brit shooting brakes.

    This kind of creation always reminds me how hard it is to come up with a simple but beautiful body design that has staying power over the decades, something like the Ferrari 250GT short wheelbase, for example. The designers at GM must have agreed since they borrowed heavily from it for their original Camaro/Firebird designs.

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  6. krash

    hey, somebody stepped on my Superbird…

    …nothing screams futuristic like manual roll up windows….

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  7. That Guy

    I’m kind of digging this, actually. Even the nose job. Sure it’s cheesy as hell, but it’s pretty well-done and the add-ons integrate with the base car surprisingly well, to my eye.

    I think I’m too old to rock this thing with the kind of irony it requires, though. One of my rules for life is, if you’re old enough to have worn the currently-hip retro clothes/hairstyles/sunglasses when they were new the first time, you shouldn’t. Same goes for ironically-hip cars.

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  8. D. King

    Why on earth would a seller take front-end photos with the hood popped open? Or is the build quality really that bad? SMH

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  9. JW

    Excuse my language but it’s the first thing that came to mind.

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  10. justin

    The builder seemed to really not know where he was going with this build. The front end looks as though he liked Kit in Night Rider and the rear quarters look as though they were from a Dodge Charger.

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  11. Clay Bryant

    With the magnetic door openers,if he gets locked out he can call me and I’ll open his doors with my Magnaquench super magnets.Hold em’ a few inches apart and keep your fingers out of the way…………..

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  12. Charles

    What a waste of a 77 TA. There is not much useable space in a second gen F body trunk to be useful as a wagon. At least with the Cadillac wagon conversions that have been profiled on BF, the cars are useful as a wagon. The front of this car is just plain weird looking. At first glance it looks like one of those cheap 1960’s kit bodies to go on a VW chassis.

    I have seen a couple of the 82-92 versions were the rear hatch glass and trunk lid are replaced a custom hatch that makes the car look wagon like. It’s a bolt on piece, so the car is not molested. The whole idea seems silly since the fuel tank is mounted above the rear axle raising the floor high, and having a deep floor well behind the axle. There is not much useable space back there on a thirdgen either, but at least the car is a hatchback design, so it is not all chopped up like this 77 must be.

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    • George

      Not much space at all! There is no access to the rear except the back seat.

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  13. Barry T

    My neighbors would all laugh themselves silly if they saw this thing in my driveway.

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  14. Steve

    Kill it! Kill it with Fire!

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  15. mike

    Oh My Goodness, “WHY” is all I can say!!!!!
    Looks like it could have been made for a Bond, James Bond film. They always had strange cars on there!!!!

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  16. jd

    Wow~ take a look at the that awesome wiring job~ I would afraid to close to hood~ just in-case I need to put out a fire~ Interest car tho~

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  17. JC

    Looks like something Steve McQueen would be driving in a 70’s movie that was supposed to be in the future like the year 2000 or something.

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  18. dustin

    I am the owner of the car and let me tell you’ll the body lines are way color in person it doesn’t even look like a Wagon more of a fast back cause the spoiler only goes to my chest and the headlights go back and forth like the kit car and do all sorts of cool stuff though good point I will keep a fire extinguisher just in case also if anyone knows any info on this car like who made it what kit it is please respond

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  19. Hugh

    Here is a review and history of the Kammback – and their potential fate is also given at the end:

    Vintage Review: Pontiac T/A Type K Sport Wagon – http://www.curbsideclassic.com/blog/vintage-reviews/vintage-review-pontiac-ta-type-k-sport-wagon/

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