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Low Mileage 1979 Chevrolet Caprice

1979 Chevrolet Caprice

I have to admit, I’m quite surprised by how active the bidding is on this ’79 Caprice. Yes, it’s been parked in this heated garage most of its life and it does only have 33k miles on the clock, but is a 4 door Caprice. Can it really be worth $4,000 or more? Don’t get me wrong, I hope the owner’s widow is able to find a good home for it and possibly make a little money to help with bills, but I really am amazed by the bidding. For this kind of money, I would like to see better photos of the entire car and at least a few pictures with the all the covers taken off. If you would like to jump in on the bidding, you can find this Caprice here on eBay in Troy, New York.


1979 Caprice

I really wish the seller had posted a few more photos, especially of the underside, the passenger’s side, and the trunk. I doubt there is anything of major concern, but it would be good to know there isn’t any rust or dents that are currently out of sight. From what can be seen in the photos, the car looks to be in good shape. The paint is still nice and shiny and all the chrome is still here. I do see some rust down in the fenderwell that will need some more investigating.

1979 Chevrolet Caprice Interior

The interior is dirty, but complete. While I don’t see any extensive wear, I do see some spots in the carpet that are more indicative of 133k miles and 33k. I guess it’s possible that someone could wear these spots in just 33k miles. I’m not a huge fan of the velvet upholstery, but the seats looks to be in great condition. It appears this car was well optioned and really is what most of us would call a grandma car.

1979 Chevy Caprice

The seller doesn’t state the condition of the engine or whether any attempt was made to turn it over. It’s hard to say just how long it’s been in this garage or why it was parked and put up on blocks. For all we know, the car broke down and the owner planned on fixing it themselves. Or it could be that this was their warm weather Sunday driver and didn’t want to worry about the tires going flat over the winter. Without more information, all we can do is guess what the story really is. So do you think this Caprice is really worth $4k or possibly even more? I have my doubts, but I could be wrong and would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Avatar photo Nessy

    One of the nicer looking years for the Caprice/Impala models. That two tone shade of blue was very popular on these cars with the power blue interior. Is that is little mold inside the car? This garage may have been a little damp. For 4000+ whoever listed it for the old lady could have at least picked up a good battery, tried to start it and pulled it out of the garage for a good bath. Go figure….

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  2. Avatar photo fred

    If it’s a verifiable 33K miles and runs OK, it’s certainly worth $4000 to somebody. I remember these cars being extremely popular years after they were made- a local dealer had a sign “we buy Caprices” for years. My dad had a new ’78 and I thought it was a nicely downsized car from the previous GM full sizers, but still great riding and even handling well. I remember the Caprice Classics looking very similar to the non slantback version of the Cadillac Seville.

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  3. Avatar photo Gary I

    I bought a 1985 box style Chevy 2 door same color about ten years ago out of a garage in Nice condition for $500.00. Needed a tune up. I sold it to an excited kid for 1000,00 and he proceeded to destroy it one fender bender at a time for several years, but I am sure he is a better driver today. Good car for bouncing off of objects while you learn!!!

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  4. Avatar photo DENIS

    If the miles are true and it’s a running specimen, I think it’s a helluva driver if it can be road-worthy for $5000. They were a good old ride. A bit light on info however.

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  5. Avatar photo David

    I submitted a ’79 Bonneville Landau Brougham with 13k miles and in far better shape than this a year ago, and never got a response. Life-long SC car, never driven in snow or anywhere near the beach. Only items not original were the tires (original spare), fuel pump, and headliner. Same color as this one. We got $9k for it.

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  6. Avatar photo Car Guy

    My parents had one, a red one ( Firethorn red, GM colour) with red leather interior, 1977 model year 350 Cu in ,and that thing could haul ass. Very clean, when my mom passed in 2005 it was still in the garage. still looking good. When we divided the estate I was thinking it was only worth 500 tops so I passed.
    it’s a long story but knowing my sister as I do, it could still be in that garage gathering dust. LOL :(

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  7. Avatar photo joeinthousandoaks

    Same 2 low rated bidders. Probably friends of the owners pushing the car to reserve to tee it up for some unsuspecting bidder.

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  8. Avatar photo Rick

    I think its a lot of car for $4k if the odometer is showing the correct mileage

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  9. Avatar photo PaulG

    I’m usually a glass half full commenter, but this car interests me between 0 and -0.
    I get it, I would not want it…

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  10. Avatar photo redwagon

    windshield sticker shows april 1998. that would be 19 years of driving. 33k miles total would be an average of 1700 miles / year. it’s possible but in my estimation not likely. 133k / 19 years is a more likely 7k miles / year.

    it would pay to do a very close inspection.

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  11. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    S’funny innit? – if this was a classic year or supercar people would tripping over superlatives on the ultimate garage find. Someone’s just trying to help nana out with a bit of intreague – ” it’s an old car – must be worth money ” mentality. On the better photos / going and running proposition – anyone tried to convince someone that spending money on something they are trying to shift is a good idea? – “we’ll need some cash for a battery/fuel/ whatever to get ‘er going” – or pay someone to do it – no, I’d being doing the same if I wasn’t getter the car or the commission

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  12. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    It appears to be on jackstands, or were those placed just prior to the photo shoot? I only have questions, no answers.

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  13. Avatar photo David J Skulstad

    I tend to doubt the mileage. If you look at the drivers carpet, it looks very thread bare like there has been a lot of shoes moving around while the car was being driven. Hard to have that happen with the low miles claimed. The rest of the interior doesn’t look that great either; stained or mold or something going on. Not worth the money for me anyway. I would give about $1,000 for it.

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  14. Avatar photo John

    Hello everybody…wake up! I see these cars regularly with amateur hip-hop gangsters riding on 22 inch rims and insane colors too. A current favorite of urban customizers with no grounding in automotive engineering. Before long, this car could be pulling up next to you at a stoplight with “music” blaring out for all to enjoy!

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    • Avatar photo Flman

      @John is absolutely correct. These caprices are hugely popular amongst the urban community riders called “dubs”. I think the term dub came from early versions tricked out with 22″ wheels (hence double twos, in the same vane that old Buick Electrica 225 were called two-duce-five). Search for images on yahoo with the terms “caprice” and “dub” and you will see zillions of these. Some of these guys spend upwards of $40k on rims and custom paint. Will leave it for another discussion about where these youngsters are getting the money to afford this style.

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  15. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    Oh – and it has to be low mileage – if it was 133 the thing’d be at the tip – anything built post 72 is rubbish build – everyone deep down knows that and they don’t age well (ever)

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  16. Avatar photo charlie Member

    My uncle bought one new, blue, in ’76, said it was his “last car” drove it until he was 96, in 2005, it had been garaged and well cared for, paint on trunk had worn through from being polished and waxed for 30 years, had about 66,000 miles. The last spring he owned it, he asked me to guess what he had done that day, I had no idea, he had filled the gas tank, first time since October. I would have him pick me up when one of my cars was in the shop, really to keep an eye on his driving skills. Sold it for $300 in 2006 and it is still on the road In the 80’s a local dealer of Lebanese descent was buying them up, and the same bodied Pontiac, Olds and Buick and exporting them to the Middle East by the dozens. Like the 55-57 Chevys it was a solid, reliable, and comfortable car compared with the competiton.

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  17. Avatar photo Chebby

    Yes these are great cars, but this one has been for sale for a long time.

    I owned a ’77 in triple green, build date was 1976 so it was one of the first ones. It was an impressively well built and heavy car, and peppy even with the 305. Some grandma had driven it to 100K and then figured it was worn out, so gave it to her mechanic, who sold it to me for $500. I put another 50K hard miles on it, and it was going strong when I sold it.

    One of my favorite cars, I’d own another but I’d never pay 4-5k for one.

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  18. Avatar photo john

    I have always liked the shape of these. They get rarer every day and one day will be seen as adorable old classics of the seventies. This one? I share the sentiments of those that doubt the mileage, 133,000 is more likely. The dirty interior and what looks like wear on the steering wheel gives the game away to some extent.

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  19. Avatar photo piper62j

    Why bother to take pictures of a car you want to sell when it’s covered in rags? Sorry, I just don’t get it..

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  20. Avatar photo leiniedude Member

    The widow wants a good home for the car. Reminds me when Barney Fife bought that lemon from that sweet little old lady. I see two toggle switches under the dash but no fog or running lights. Maybe for the fan?

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  21. Avatar photo George

    Hoping it’s good for the eventual buyer. We had a 77 Impala that was not well built, squeaks galore, and the paint wore out just from being on the car.

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  22. Avatar photo Herb

    Don’t fall for the BS. This was on craigslist for a while for $7500 and I went and checked it out.
    The mileage is more like 133k. The interior is/was wet and it’s stinky. There’s mold growing in it that set off my allergies as soon as I opened the door. It doesn’t start and they wouldn’t let me put a battery in it…. what are they hiding? Only a fool believes everything a car seller says. How can a potential buyer know if any of the lights or options work if they can’t start it or even put a battery in it?
    Stay away from this one.

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  23. Avatar photo Slickimp

    Wow Herb I agree won’t even let you put a battery in what’s up with that. I have had a couple a dozen caprice over the years love these cars So do a lot of people for me they have been easy to flip and make money if you can buy them right and fix what they need .
    Hey CAR GUY ask your sister if she still has that red one sitting in the garage is it for sale

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  24. Avatar photo Jody

    Actually if you put 22s on it and a 1000 watt amp with subs that would be a $10k car here in Florida all day. If you look at break pedal wear you usually will be able to tell the difference between 33k and 133k miles.

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