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1979 Pontiac Trans Am For $600!!

As you’ve probably figured out, this car isn’t pretty. Some might say it’s even a bit ugly. With a Buy it Now price of $600 though, this 1979 Flaming Chicken might not be a bad price for someone in need of a parts car or dragster shell. Find it here on eBay in Defiance, Pennsylvania.

I think this might be a correct V8 for the car – I spot a power steering pump as well as a power brake booster. No mention is made of the condition of the engine, but it may make a useable core.

The interior is what you’d expect for a $600 car. Its pretty ratty and everything of value has been stripped off. The one remaining seat is pretty wasted too.

I’m curious who Ethan is/was and how they relate to the car. It’s really a shame that this car was abused – factory power steering, power brakes, T-tops, and a shaker hood. Would you try and save it or use it for the remaining parts?


  1. Ken Niedo

    This really makes me sick to my stomach , why , why ,why

  2. RoughDiamond Member

    Sad story to what I would imagine was once a stunning T/A. I’ve often wondered when a name has been spray painted on a car, is that usually the “name” of the car’s owner or the perpetrator’s making a statement and not caring who knows?

    • Johnny

      No need to imagine it was brand new once.

    • Squanto

      It’s still “stunning”

  3. Glen


  4. MH

    Some good parts but you would loose your ass after shipping the car to you.

  5. JW

    I’ve seen worse but that doesn’t make this one look any better.

  6. TA

    You can be sure it was all down hill by the time they put the gaudy door lock trim stickers on it.

  7. Allan

    From the above description; “No mention is made of the condition of the engine, but it may make a useable core”.

    From the eBay ad “there is a motor in it I think is a 455 but is locked up “

  8. jwinters

    Off to the crusher!

    • Squanto

      It appears as it has already been there and back.

  9. Rex Kahrs Member

    I’m with Glen; even at 600 bucks, where’s the upside? I always thought these cars seemed cheaply-made, ugly, and just disco smarmy if you catch my drift.

  10. Joe Defelice

    I’ve parted out better looking TA’s. And paid less. And they ran and drove. And had a dashboard….seats… etc. That’s toasted…

  11. Robbie

    Man, that thing is tired.

  12. Larry K

    In picture #7 it magically turns into an an 1988-89 ???

    • Mark-A

      And there was me thinking it was maybe a Body kit! 😉

  13. T/AMan

    The Pepsi can could be worth $0.10, where’s the other $599.90?

  14. Drew V

    Paid $400 for the last down on its luck T/A I bought. After flushing the tank and a lil work it ran well… To someone who lives with in a reasonable distance from this car,it is a hellova a buy… The front cap will bring a$1,000 and the T-top Roof section can go for as much as another $1,000 to someone wanting to convert a non-T top car… Doors with good glass bring $100-$150 each. And then there’s the core motor and tranny, all the incidental brackets, wheels and the 4,56 posi rear end…$600.00 is a steal for this excellent parts car….

    • glen

      Well, maybe I’m wrong, then. If those prices are obtainable, it might not be a bad price, but I’d be inclined to offer less. As you said, you’d want to live nearby to make this work.

  15. DG

    The sad thing is this looks to be a 4 speed/W72 car. But yeah, they made a ton of T/As in ’79. Over 100k, I believe.

  16. Rob

    If it was a horse we would give it a decent parting and put a bullet in it.

  17. tim

    Something about this doesn’t sit right. The car was originally painted blue (you can see it in the door jambs and where the wing used to be. Also the title was lost with no vin proving it was an actual Trans Am. Could this just have been a Firebird that was made into a TA Clone?

    I know its only $600… so maybe I’m reading into it too much

  18. B

    Looks like it’s gonna need tires…

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  19. Howard A Member

    Hmm, looks like a nice part of town, with dilapidated classics and old refrigerators lining the road. Nice to know, some cars still are for “parts only”.

  20. Dave

    If I was still in PA I’d own it!

  21. 8banger Dave Member

    From the other Dave,
    I love the cans of ‘Natty Light in the pass footwell. Priceless.

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  22. Mark S

    The owner has stripped it bare, and he wants to be payed by someone to take it away, $600.00 I wouldn’t give him $60.00 the seller is just fishing for a sucker. JMHO.

  23. Don

    I had a 79 that I wrecked needed a nose a left fender a hood and a windshield I spent way over 600 for the parts to fix it 🤒 so this car is worth the 600 for someone that needs the body parts .

  24. gregwnc

    Another white Trans Am that’s a far cry from the one just sold at the Mecum auction. This one truly makes me sad.

  25. KevinR

    I see the 5 spoke wheels made their way from the Firebird back home to the Camaro. I’m sure there’s a very interesting story to go along with this car.

  26. Brian

    I had a 1979 Trans Am with a non turbo 301. It was a slug (previous owner ordered it that way). It was a beautiful dark blue and tan combo though. Rally 5 spoke wheels with trim rings. I have not seen another in that color scheme yet. It does not look that bad on the outside but everywhere else it does. I don’t know, it would be a perfect donor for the sub frame and rear axle for my ’59 Chevy Apache project.

    • Tim

      Looks like this was blue, no idea on the interior. Any chance you’re near PA?

  27. Squanto

    How much are the tops worth?

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