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1985 Bitter SC: Needs To Go Quick

1985 Bitter SC

Update 4/13/15 – It looks like Charles found a new home for this Bitter! I hope the next owner will keep us updated!

I know this is a bit newer than we typically feature but this German built Bitter SC is quite rare. The owner needs to find a new home for it quick, but doesn’t want to deal with eBay or listing it for sale. Reader Charles G knows the car well, as he use to own it. It needs to go soon or it’s going to be scrapped. We would hate to see it destroyed and thankfully Charles has convinced the owner to let him help find a buyer. The owner wants a low hassle sale and are only asking $1,000! Keep reading to learn more and if you are interested in saving it, you can contact Charles here via email.

Bitter SC

From Charles – 1985 Bitter SC #491 of about 530 cars built. Owner HAS to have it out of his driveway by May 15th and says it will be crushed if it doesn’t move. He wants $1000. Catch is he doesnt want to “advertise” or deal with eBay. Car is in Baton Rouge, owner bought it from me in 2004, I believe. Has let it go the last few years. I want it back but can’t meet the time or the deadline.

1985 Bitter SC Interior
It doesn’t run and the 3.9L was replaced with a 3.0L as the 3.9L self destructed. Wont start, cable to open hood is broken, rust rough at rear windows but no body damage, rust at the floorboard near the foot pedal, overall the Interior isn’t that bad, passenger door is there. Windshield is still good, etc. 

1985 Bitter SC Rear

That said, about 8 years ago it had its suspension rebuilt, the new rims, and the fuel injection rebuilt, so chances are it will run with some attention and a new battery. For $1000 its a deal. I have reached out to my Opel buddies and the Bitter owners I know. Hoping maybe someone here can give it a home before anything more happens to it. 

I want to thank Charles for sharing this with us and hopefully we can help find it a new home! Are there any takers?


  1. Randy

    I bet someone jumps on that quick! I know that if I wanted it, 1K would not be a problem.

  2. Charles Goin

    To answer a few quick questions I am getting a lot of..

    It is in Louisana, near New Orleans. It HAS to leave by May 15th, but the sooner the better.

    If the owner doesnt have ti gone by the 15th it will be crushed.

    So feel free to contact me if you can both get to Louisiana in the next two weeks with cash in hand. Not maybe, not sort of, no I think I can. It has to be a definite thing.

    • Cooper Schmidt

      Hi Charles, I was wondering how I can get ahold of you? The email provided isn’t working!

      • Charles Goin

        email.. seems to be working ez2wire @ yahoo

  3. Leon

    How many years were these made? Wow BR is 130 miles from me. Nice to see a ‘barn find ‘ not far from home

    • Charles Goin

      1981-1986 mainly although a few were made as prototypes before and a few were made after on old chassis. Search Google.. Bitter SC

  4. Mark E

    Argh, maybe I’m lucky it’s located 1200 miles away…I’ve always wanted one of these and at $1000 it would be too easy to go around the ‘spousal approval’ part of acquisition protocol and just buy it!

    …but honey it followed me home! (on a trailer) ^_^

  5. Charles Goin

    Looks as if it has a new home.. Thanks everyone. So for now consider it SOLD !

    • Tim Moore

      Charles, if the sale falls through, I am a very interested party!
      Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re still looking for a buyer.


  6. Mark E

    So glad to hear it found a new home, Charles! Hope the new owner can find the support and parts they need to restore this beauty so it can be driven to car shows, maybe later this year??

  7. Tim Moore

    Wow. Someone got a hell of a deal. I would have bought that on the spot, 2 minutes ago if it hadn’t already sold. I have an original owners manual for an 84 bitter sc. These cars are super rare and were similar to a Maserati. I hope it found a good home, and I’m glad it escaped the crusher. It’s too rare to scrap!

  8. Scot Carr

    ~1985 Bitter SC: Needs To Go Quick? LSx!

  9. John Becker

    Bugger…. April 15th and I just saw this post, I own a 1984 Bitter SC and if the deal falls through, please let me know.

  10. Charles Goin

    Thanks for all the interest.. But the car found a new owner and was on its way to its new home the next day. Thanks a ton Barn Find.. not only did it get a new owner, I wouldn’t have been able to find one so fast and so qualified without your help.

  11. Monza28s

    Hi Charles,

    It sure doesn’t look like Summer 2004 anymore when you had it back in shape.

    Did you find a buyer? If not, I’ll take it.


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