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23k Miles and Original Paint! 1977 Chevrolet c10 Pickup Truck

Wow. Here’s a solid-looking, low-mileage survivor from the Golden State that is in remarkable condition for a 47-year-old pickup truck. The seller is the second owner of this handsome square body Chevy and is, as he says, “sad to see her go, but just doesn’t have the time to drive it and enjoy it anymore.” It appears to have been a California truck all of its life and has a clean California title and current registration. Located in Santa Barbara, CA, this very impressive 1977 Chevrolet C10 Custom Deluxe is listed for sale here on craigslist with an asking price of $32,400. Another thanks to super-spotter Tony Primo for letting us know about this sensational survivor.

Chevy offered four trim levels on their ’77 truck line: Custom Deluxe, Scottsdale, Cheyenne, and the top-of-the-line Silverado. This one is the entry level Custom Deluxe, but that’s fine with me as it was plenty nice and I prefer pickups that are less flashy and have that good old workhorse look and vibe to them. Most ’77 c10’s you see have a two-toned paint scheme, but this one came from the factory in solid paint code 68, which is Russet Metallic. The seller says it’s original, has never been in an accident, and it looks great overall for its age. I’m not seeing any bumps, bruises, scratches, dents or rust on it from stem to stern and the bed is in great shape, too. I like the body side upper molding with the tan color middle that really compliments the Russet paint and the original owner upgraded the white-painted front bumper and hubcaps to shiny ones. The seller also shares that the truck used to have a camper and was parked for most of its life (and registered non operational for many years), which explains the 23,763 shown on the odometer. I also think it’s safe to say that this c10 has spent the majority of its life here on earth in a garage

The seller describes the interior as “impeccable,” and indeed it looks like it from the photos. What a great looking, well-preserved cabin. Based on a photo of the build sheet, this is the Buckskin vinyl interior choice. I’m not spotting any major flaws with the bench seat, instrument panel, door panels or carpet. Quite a time capsule. It came from the factory with power steering and brakes, factory air conditioning and a pushbutton AM radio.

Curiously, there are no photos of the truck’s 23,763-mile 350ci V8 engine in the ad. For 1977, Chevy offered two six-cylinder engines and three V8’s, but according to the sales brochure, the only V8 available in California was the 350ci. The 350 is equipped with a 4-barrel carb with a net horsepower of 165 at 3800 rpm and is paired with a Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmission. The seller claims the truck starts right up and runs beautifully. I’m not sure how much wiggle room the seller has in the truck’s listed price and $32k ain’t cheap, but how many low-mileage time capsule 1977 c10’s are out there in this kind of condition?


  1. Avatar photo Steve R

    A short bed in this condition might be able to pull that kind of money, it’s hard to see with with a long bed especially lacking now common features such as AC.

    Steve R

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    • Avatar photo ZAHN

      It has factory AC

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    • Avatar photo Harry 1

      And no pics of the engine or underside.
      Agree a long bed has a hard time demanding that kind of money. Looks great but at 32g. A bit rich offering for

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  2. Avatar photo Al camino

    32k for this is rediculous!

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  3. Avatar photo Boatman Member

    250 CID V-8? Never heard of it. 6, yes.

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    • Avatar photo Ron Denny Staff

      Thanks, Boatman, my error. The 250 was a six cylinder engine. It has been corrected…

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  4. Avatar photo Al camino

    Where is bottom molding on the sides,if there’s a top molding there is a bottom molding.I drove quite a few of these trucks and owned four of them and always had two moldings

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    • Avatar photo Oldmechanic

      The equipment tag shows that the truck is equipped with upper molding. First option- Body Side Upper Molding.

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  5. Avatar photo Driveinstile Member

    To add to the moulding comment by Al Camino. Besides missing mouldings. This is a Custom Deluxe. These are all my father ever bought from the time I was a kid. They were all work trucks. None of them had that moulding or two tone paint. I honestly dont remember Custom Deluxe Chevys woth that moulding. Scottsdales and Silverados yes, but not the base model. I could be wrong, but from when I was a kid I dont remember any of them having that moulding or two tone paint for that matter.
    I always liked that look too and was sad to see it go with the more aerodynamic nose on the 81s.

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    • Avatar photo Al camino

      Yes they ether had no molding or one black molding on the sides because they were the cheaper trucks but somebody put this molding on from another truck but only half of it but why?

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  6. Avatar photo Zen

    Did this model come with carpeting, or a rubber mat? That carpet looks too new to be true, although it could be that I’m too skeptical. They should’ve posted some engine pictures, as well as undercarriage pictures.

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    • Avatar photo Steve Member

      Most of the custom deluxe like this I have had were rubber mat.

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      • Avatar photo Mike F.

        Bought this equipped truck new in 1973. Had rubber mats.
        This particular truck is really just a nice low mileage work truck. Not an investor or collector vehicle at that price, because there’d be little chance of appreciation in value. If someone wanted a pretty much new no frills work truck which would run well for ten years and wouldn’t need a lot of work or maintenance this could be it instead of paying 50-60k for a new one….maybe 20k tops in my book. This is a nice truck but as is said so often just ’cause it’s old doesn’t mean it’s particularly special.

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  7. Avatar photo HoA Member

    Eeeeep, wow, a new record outlandish price. Oh, things are not well in the “land of fruits and nuts”, my friends. I have inside sources that say a whopping SEVENTY (70)% of Hollywood is unemployed, still reeling from the strike foolishness, people selling homes, and in a general panic. With that, people seem to be attaching unrealistic prices to mere simple objects, like this truck, in a frantic attempt to stay above water. Where did they come up with that number, I wonder? “No low balls”, another knee slapper,,,,don’t worry pal, until they join the rest of the world, nobody going to offer squat.
    Nice truck, while I’ve moved on, to be honest, I never really liked mine anyway, aside from what it was, a cheap beater pickup for $1400 bucks. Thinking they will make up for all their losses by selling an old truck, they sure missed the boat in how to live.

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  8. Avatar photo Bill

    I had a 77 C10 silverado, same orange but 2 tone with white in the middle. 350 with a 3 on the tree. Brings back a lot of memories!

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  9. Avatar photo RalphP

    Should have never traded in my ’93 S-10 with the smaller V-6. There’s no f*****g way I can afford even a decent used truck these days.

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  10. Avatar photo Troy

    Nice truck, over priced all that interior detail is stuff you can get at LMC truck so definitely inspect in person, I don’t really get why people are down on a long bed truck you can just do so much more with it, this one definitely has a smack on the right front and from my tablet I can’t tell if that is rust starting in the left rear or a reflection of the pavement.

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  11. Avatar photo Matthew Dyer

    It looks like it has been gussied up but it is still just an old truck.
    My 77 GMC 1/2 ton long bed is straight and in good “working” order. I paid $2,500 for it just before the COVID.

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  12. Avatar photo Dennis Stoeser

    Trivia fact.The trim on the sides was used from the beginning of this series in 73 to the end in 1980. But only 1977 was yellow paint used on the trim. All other years it was black.

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    • Avatar photo stillrunners Member

      yep…I have a 1977…..my buddies point that out all the time….along with how dented up they are….

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  13. Avatar photo Timothy Hanson

    I have a 67 Chevy C10 short box with a 383 small block. I would sell it for $20k. This truck is way over priced.

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  14. Avatar photo Carbob Member

    I’ll refrain from piling on with “are you serious you want what for this truck???” Oops,I guess I did didn’t I. What’s up with some Craigslist advertisers? Seems like a lot of them can’t take pictures of the engine. Can’t figure out how to open the hood? And while I’m being an old grouch today; I’ve never understood why short beds command more money than long beds. If you want a truck for doing truck things why wouldn’t you want a long bed? If you want a certain look and a short bed look appeals to you then I get it. But why do you have to pay more for less? I guess that to “each their own” philosophy applies here as it so often does in life.

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    • Avatar photo Jerry Burr

      I agree with you with regard to the long bed/short bed issue! I have a 78 C10 Custom Deluxe with the long bed. They ride better, obviously can carry more cargo and, at the rate that long beds are being cut down to shorties, long beds could be a plus as far as originality.

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    • Avatar photo Timothy Hanson

      Does anyone buy a truck these days to do things. It’s kinda crazy. I use my truck to haul and pull things.

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      • Avatar photo Haze

        Yes, we do for our businesses. Bought a 2024 Chevy HD2500 and put our Pest Control sprayer and 250 gallon tank on it the 1st day .
        Put on almost 30,000 in 10 months.
        Also use it to tow a Pressure Washing rig on a 16 foot trailer. Has a 450 gallon water tank.
        Have two other trucks too. A 4×4 ,Ford Dump, 1990, 5 speed, 460 motor and a 2016 Ram Crew Cab. Haul everything from Scrap Metal, to Firewood,to gravel, etc. . You get the picture. I have bought many new and used trucks over the years. All sizes,shapes and many dump trucks. Everyone of them have earned their keep. Lol.
        But I know what you mean. I have hauled many things for people that have trucks but hire me to haul because they won’t with theirs. Lol

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      • Avatar photo Steve R

        People do, just not these. Far better, newer trucks can be found for significantly less than your average square body. Where I live rust is not an issue, late-80’s through early-2000’s truck can be found for significantly less than a decent 1970’s or earlier truck, as a side benefit you get fuel injection, overdrive and usually AC, PW, PDL and more comfortable seats. Those are what pack the parking lots of the local home improvement center.

        Steve R

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  15. Avatar photo Dakota Always

    I tend to agree side moulding is missing from bottom
    Never seen it without
    Someone added this to dress it up a little. Same goes for carpet. Looks brand new. Is it just me or does it seem impossible to have kept that bed that nice if a camper was slid in there?
    Where are the engine compartment and underside photos? That would clear up my doubts about this being an original survivor.

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  16. Avatar photo Matthew Dyer

    Let me try this again. Gussied up old trucks are still old trucks.
    I live in the desert and my ’77 GMC 1/2 ton long bed still has to work on occasion. I enjoy driving it remembering simpler times.

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  17. Avatar photo Davey Boy

    Absolutely beautiful truck with an absolutely ridiculous asking price. Low miles or not. My brothers landlord just got rid of a very nice 67 Chevy shortbed 4X4 completely restored for $30,000. Can’t believe what people think just a truck is worth. This one isn’t going up in price. Not a true collectible. Shame because it is a very nice truck.

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  18. Avatar photo stillrunners Member

    The white dash….weren’t they all black – the gauge part ?

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  19. Avatar photo ken

    i have had a few square body chevies over the years and have never saw this color interior or a white dash in one even when they were new at the dealer. sun glare must be a killer looking out that shield.32k, boy that’s a stiff number for this truck. maybe at an auction but craigslist. good luck with that!

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  20. Avatar photo Skystone Jim

    They must be joking about the price. 32 Grand?! Maybe if it were 4 x 4 and Silverado. Besides which, Santa Barbara is a seaside town. No rust? Vehicles rust up there even when stored in a closed up garage. Salt Air creeps in. That’s why there’s no engine compartment pictures.

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  21. Avatar photo David G

    Beautiful truck, but a lot of non-original interior items. Carpet is brand new. Seat has been re-upholstered to non-stock appearance. Instrument panel trim has been painted from it’s original black color. Dash appears to have a hard plastic cover installed. Buckskin is too light for a dash pad, so the factory equips these trucks with a darker pad (saddle color) to reduce sun glare. Dash seen here will blind the driver when the sun is shining directly on it. Door panels are likely replacements from a restoration company. Upper side trim is indeed a thing and listed on the SPID label. Not often seen with just the upper trim, but original nonetheless. As someone previously mentioned, 1977 is the only year for mustard color inset paint on the side moldings.

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