28k Original Miles: 1973 De Tomaso Pantera

The De Tomaso Pantera was an interesting mash-up of Italian and American know-how, pulling its design cues from Ghia (and their American born designer) and the V8 powerplant and US distribution from Ford. Thanks to reader Rocco B. for the tip on this 28,000-mile example of a 1973 Pantera, which is located in Snohomish, Washington. You can find it for sale here on craigslist for the asking price of $95,000.

The body shows well cosmetically but the photos do leave a lot to be desired – if you’re selling a $100k automobile, maybe spring for a professional photographer? Especially for a car as photogenic as the Pantera! That aside, the seller describes paint and exterior to be in perfect condition, and I can’t see anything offhand to contradict that. It wears Campagnolo magnesium wheels (10″ in the back, 8″ in the front) which the seller states were a rare factory option. Tires also appear to have good tread and are all matching.

The Pantera features a Ford-built 351 cu/in Cleveland V8 engine which is capable of making 310 hp. The seller states that the engine and ZF Transaxle are both original and numbers matching. What I’ve seen from discussion amongst Pantera owners online indicates parts availability seems to be surprisingly good for not just the US made engine, but much of the rest of the car as well – not something I would have expected to see for a car that only moved between 5-6000 units in the US. And while the Pantera had a reputation for being plagued with gremlins from the factory, those issues have probably long been addressed by now or can be sorted with aftermarket fixes.

Interior appears to be in good shape with no rips evident on the leather seats or any major wear. Hard to tell if it’s, again, just the unflattering photos or in need of a bit of a cleaning but looks like at worst a bit of a detailing is in order. Overall this Pantera does appear to have been extremely well kept and looks ready to enjoy! Do you think it will fetch its asking price?


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  1. NICK Member

    not sure why but this is going on years for sale.

    • Matt Hurst Member

      Probably something along the lines of “but honey, i’m TRYING to sell it but just not getting any interest, guess I’ll have to keep it oh well!”

  2. Gaspumpchas

    When you look at the roach that was posted in BF last week, this one sounds better. I think there have been some that were posted for less recently. Good luck in the hunt!!


  3. Jack M.

    Nice car. I don’t know about your choice of categorizing a Pantera under oddballs.

    • Matt Hurst Member

      TBH I agonized over the category selection haha, it was either that or muscle cars and neither felt quite right but what are you gonna do :)

  4. grant

    Would be nice if sellers could use a little COMMON SENSE and not photograph their subjects in shadow. The seller of the Desoto did the same thing. Literally, back up 6 feet dude. 100k and you can’t even take a decent picture? Good luck.

  5. YankeeTR5

    Agree with Grant and add, you can’t have the paint and interior professionally detailed for that much $$?
    Yes its low mileage, but given that mileage its a bit shabby. This car could really pop if it was properly presented. Too bad.

  6. KSwheatfarmer Member

    Nothing says style and class on a vintage,100-K car like cheesy after market valve cover bolts

  7. motorhead

    Do I get two for 95k?????????? now that makes more sense to me!!1

  8. Slick51

    This price is the top of what these are selling for nowadays. They are no longer 45k cars. However at this price the car has to be pristine with several of the recommended updates. Also presentation has to be excellent with professional photographs and video.

  9. Jack Quantrill

    To think you could buy one for $10,000, in 74 at the Ford dealer!

  10. RoughDiamond Member

    I recently saw a ’73 video of “We’re An American Band” by Grand Funk Railroad which showed the band members individually and collectively doing cool things like riding and jumping motorcycles in a big field. One member apparently owned and is shown was wiping down a Pantera.

  11. Fiete T.

    Just a few minutes from where my Travco is stored at Harvey Field. Not that I need a Pantera or would pay that much. They are neat, however

  12. Traner k

    I normally would ask “is it just me or….” but I’m going to go ahead and say “it’s apparently just me” but if I’m spending $95,000.00 on a car, I don’t really care how bad the photos are, especially if it is from a private seller. If I’m spending that much on a car from CRAIGSLIST than I’m basically looking for a diamond in the rough. Bad photos and dirty cars are the name of that game.

  13. Tricky

    $95,000…”But it comes with the original 8-track…..!!”

  14. Van

    I have always assumed this is as close as you can get to driving a GT40 updated for the street.
    ZF transaxle, small block ford, no headroom. Still my dream car.

  15. t-bone Bob


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