Elegant Econobox: 1988 Dodge Omni

Econoboxes tend to get the short end of the stick; yeah they’re slow, small, and (often) ugly… but hey, at least the Omni can claim Carroll Shelby as a fan! Sadly, this 1988 Dodge Omni is not one of… more»

Stored 278 Years: 1979 AMC Pacer

AMC Pacers are very much a “love it or hate it” kind of car… They’re kind of like a DMC-12 in that they’re an iconic design that’s been immortalized in film and popular culture and always turns heads of… more»

British Basket Case: 1988 Sterling 825SL

Are you looking for a late 80’s Acura Legend, but without the reliability and easy parts availability? Well, look no further! This 1988 Sterling 825SL does share many common components with its Japanese cousin but is known for a… more»

Nice Nissan Pickup: 1984 Datsun 720 King Cab

If there are two things I love, it’s trucks that are old enough to run for president and decals on said trucks! The Nissan-produced Datsun 720 has always been a favorite, and this one looks to be mostly well… more»

Thunderdome Approved: 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 4X4

Looking for the perfect vehicle for the next warlord meetup at Bartertown? Well, dust off your spiked shoulder pads because I’ve got the car for you! Thanks to reader Scott R. for the heads up on this 1971 Chevrolet Camero Z28,… more»

Retro Radwagon: 1986 AMC Eagle

I’m always surprised the AMC Eagle hasn’t had more of a revival lately; it’s rad-era retro and 4wd to boot, both categories that have gotten a big shot in the arm price-wise over the last few years. Not that… more»

Affordable Muscle: 1969 Mercury Marauder

For whatever reason, the Marauder has never hung around long. For each of its three iterations, the first run was its longest at only three years. Too bad, as each version has been a pretty cool twist on your… more»

Nice Wheels: 1988 Volkswagen Polo

It’s always interesting to see what happens to cars after they’re listed on Barn Finds; in the case of this 1988 Volkswagen Polo, it doesn’t look like a whole lot has changed! Since it was previously written up here… more»

Compact Truck Collection: Five Subaru BRATs

Subaru Brats are getting increasingly hard to find; I have a saved-search notification for new listings on Craigslist in my area and sometimes go months at a time without a new one popping up, let alone a decent one… more»

Garage Find: 1979 Hurst/Olds W30

If you’ve ever happened to notice my byline above an article on this site, you must’ve assumed I’d get around to one of these eventually! While, sadly, there is no relation to best of my knowledge, I’ve always wanted… more»

Watkins Glen Edition: 1988 Ford Mustang GT

There’s an old adage amongst collectors of any stripe that you buy the “thing” and not the story. This 1988 Ford Mustang GT certainly has an interesting, if murky, backstory and is listed as an auction here on eBay. … more»

Mint Condition Minivan: 1988 Dodge Caravan LE

To call the Dodge Caravan iconic is hardly an overstatement; there’s even one in the Smithsonian! This once ubiquitous minivan ushered in a whole new class of passenger vehicles and was instrumental in helping Chrysler turn a corner during… more»

14k Mile 1981 Lancia Zagato Project

As the saying goes, the cheapest project vehicles usually turn out to be the most expensive! Certainly, that won’t be the case with this $1000 1981 Lancia Zagato which can be found here on Craigslist and is located in… more»

Pristine Panther: 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis GS

Maybe I’m showing my age here but it doesn’t feel like all that long ago when it seemed like half the cars on the road were big, boxy sedans. Despite production numbers well into the millions, it’s not often… more»

Roadtrip Mothership: 1977 AMC Pacer Wagon

Sure, the retro-futuristic aesthetic of the AMC Pacer is not for everyone; that being said, the Jetsons-inspired rolling fishbowl has proven to have real staying power and has certainly cemented itself as a pop-cultural touchstone. This 1977 AMC Pacer… more»

28k Original Miles: 1973 De Tomaso Pantera

The De Tomaso Pantera was an interesting mash-up of Italian and American know-how, pulling its design cues from Ghia (and their American born designer) and the V8 powerplant and US distribution from Ford. Thanks to reader Rocco B. for the… more»

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