4 Door 4 Speed: 1973 Pontiac Grand Am

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Do you want to drive the most unique car to the next Pontiac Car Show? Reportedly, only 12 Pontiac Grand Ams were built in 1973 with 4 doors and a 4 speed manual transmission. If this was an Oldsmobile, it would be called a “444” – four barrel, 4 doors and 4 speed or maybe 400, 4 speed and 4 doors! It is listed here on eBay with 5 days remaining in the auction. The Grand Am is currently bid to $9,655 but the reserve has not been met. It is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The first generation of the Pontiac Grand Am was produced from 1973 to 1975. The Grand part of the name represented luxury like the Grand Prix and the Am represented performance like the Trans Am. The total production for 1973 was 43,136 Grand Ams. The car has one repaint in its original Cameo white with blue and red pinstriping. The car has dual exhaust which were probably added at some point. The car has some options including air conditioning (but it is not cooling), AM/FM stereo, console and deluxe interior.

The base engine option for the Grand Am in 1973 was a 2-barrel carburetor 400 cubic inch (6.6-liter) V8, which produced 170 horsepower. The next step up was an optional 4-barrel carburetor version of the 400 cubic inch V8 that produced 200 horsepower and this was the only engine available with a 4-speed manual transmission. Another optional for the 400 cubic inch V8 with a 4-barrel carburetor came with dual exhaust system, which produced 230 horsepower. The only other engine option was the D Port 455 cubic inch V8 rated at 250 horsepower. This was the same D port engine that was standard in the Trans Am.

Most people relate to the pointed hood and front end (nose) as the defining characteristic of the Grand Am. However, the Grand Am had the engine displacement (in liters) displayed on the trunk lid to emphasize its European styling, despite being a classic American muscle car. The Grand Am also had a Radial Tuned Suspension and this car is equipped with 15×7 Rally II wheels. The seller states that he or she is the second owner and has owned the car for 20 years.

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  1. car39

    Wish it had the rear spoiler. Always liked that look

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    • Dan

      The Grand Am, didnt come with a rear spoiler.

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    • Michael Hainsworth

      Exactly! Always loved the Pontiacs body styles were awesome. Today if you take the manufacturer badges off the cars you won’t know what car it is, cause they all look the same! When I get in my 70 big block chevelle I feel like I’m 16 years old again.

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  2. Scrapyard john

    Was not expecting the 4 speed. This would be a fun car with the manual trans. Maybe hop up the engine a bit…

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    • Stan

      Johnny, this is the rare 4-4-4 model 🏁

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      • Richard Long

        Looking for a parts car for my 1973 Olds 442, I came across a 1973 Cutlass that formerly housed a manual transmission. When I bought it it had a 455 with a T400 that a previous owner had swapped in to replace it’s original drive train? There was a clutch pedal tied to the firewall. It was in pretty rough shape overall but I figured I might need fenders at some point. Long story short my previous ’73 442 is long gone but the parts car remains because of it’s unique features with the hope I might someday find another ’73 442 in need of parts which I have since found. Where would we be without dreams?

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  3. Kirk

    Had a 77 grand lemans with radial tuned suspension was a small plaque denoting this on the dash just above the steering column.
    Always wondered what tuning had been done differently to run radial tires opposed to bias ply car did handle awesome and with a 400 small block and 4 barrel it would go like a scalded cat too one of my all time favourite cars and I’ve had a lot
    Love to have this beauty if just for the 4 speed manual would be a hoot

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    • Alan Trace

      Radial tuned suspension was nothing more than different alignment specs, springs and sway bar.

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  4. Driveinstile DriveinstileMember

    Those 4 door 4 speed manual cars I think are about as rare as hens teeth. I dont remember ever seeing one in person, and very very few in magazines or online. This looks like it would really be a blast to drive.

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  5. Mike76

    That’s gotta be one of the rarest of the colonnade cars. You don’t see many 4 speeds in 73 for any of the “B-O-P” two door cars, let alone a four door. I’d say confidently, you’d probably never park next to another like it at car shows. Super kool Pontiac.

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  6. TorinoSCJ69

    “Starts and stops and runs…”

    Cryptic ad that sheds no light on the best features of this pretty cool car.

    Why seller cannot recharge the AC if that is all it needs never gets old.

    Enough Rare!Rare!Rare! And show the underside, talk about service it received and clutch update. Something please, on what is a very interesting car!

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    • SubGothius

      No preemptive recharge because the old R-12 Freon and any compatible refrigerants are long out of production, and the dwindling remaining supply is now outrageously expensive, yet any new owner might not even care to get the A/C functional again anyway.

      Before any recharge, first you’d wanna go through the entire system to be absolutely certain you’ve got it leak-proofed for now and well into the foreseeable future… and if you’re gonna do all that, you might as well just convert the while system over to R-134a anyway.

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  7. Kirk

    Doesn’t say what the reserve is but this car was for sale recently for about 37 thousand. It was featured here on barn finds I’m pretty sure. It’s cool but I don’t think he’ll ever get that much for it . There’s a lot of options for that kind of scratch and I’m not sure a 4 door colonade would even get on the list factory 4 speed or not. 10-15 grand probably fair if it’s as good as it appears to be

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    • Tony Primo

      Yes, Jim O’Donnell did a write up on it December 22, 2022. This car has been kicking around for a long time. The owner seems to think that it’s worth it weight in gold.

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      • Big_FunMember

        Apparently, it’s owned by ‘The World’s Most Interesting Man!’ (retd). Check out this profile picture on eBay…

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  8. Zen

    Wow, very unusual car, I hope it finds a good home.

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  9. Fred

    Fun fact: a few of the 4 speeds came with 2 bbl carbs. I personally looked at one in the 80’s on Long Island and passed because I thought it wasn’t original.

    Big boats, they rode like Cadillacs and I regret not buying it back then.

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    • Pontillac

      I’m sorry, these are not big boats, and they don’t ride like Cadillacs. These are A platform, MID-size cars. A 1973 Cadillac Sedan deVille is more than a foot longer in wheelbase as well as overall length, and more than a thousand pounds heavier. No comparison between the cars.

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  10. Nelson C

    Might be the holy Grail of the Collonade cars. I would place it along side any stick SS, GS, GTO or 442. Fortunately the Grand Am was a good looking car in either body style. The blending of sedan practicality with the Grand Prix interior makes them special.

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  11. George Mattar

    Only worth what someone is willing to pay. Certainly, very few were built and to survive in this condition for 50 years, well, that is a testament to the owners. Few, if any reproduction parts are made for the great Colonnade cars. I had six of them. While the editor of Hemmings Muscle Machines years ago, I got to drive two very rare cars, two 73 Cutlass Supremes, both with 455s and factory 4 speeds. One was original owner with 12,000 miles. These cars handle so much better than 68 to 72 GM cars and IMO, are much better looking. Miss my 76 Cutlass Salon with Hurst Hatches and 77 GP SJ with Hurst Hatches. Trying to find that car and the seller won’t respond. This Grand Am will certainly be a hit at cars and coffee.

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  12. DrD

    What a shame wasting a 4sp on the worst style of a car from gm! And in a 4 door to boot! I’m sorry to say that but in my opinion it looks like a giant joint rolled too tight at both ends!

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    • John

      Yeah rare doesn’t mean valuable. I can’t imagine it being “worth” More than 12 to 15k
      People confuse rare with desirable

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  13. Evan

    “Reportedly, only 12 Pontiac Grand Ams were built in 1973 with 4 doors and a 4 speed manual transmission.”

    I would have expected the figure to be significantly closer to zero.

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  14. Mike

    One of the best designs GM everr produced on a four door sedan, incredible styling that always gets attention. So rare with buckets and the four speed.

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  15. Paul

    Several years back locally, near Findlay Ohio there was a 1969 Chevell Malibu 4 door sedan (post car) with a 350 engine and a factory for speed for sale. I spoke with the sellers mother, she said he ordered it that way to have a little fun with a family car.

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  16. Dan

    Contact the Pontiac Historical Society. They should be able to authenticate the car and give you production numbers etc. Definitely a Unique Old Poncho😊

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  17. Bob

    It’s the 4th 4 speed 4d Grand Am I have seen since the 80’s

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  18. Richard

    Does anyone know what the gauge and toggle switch are on the console in front of the shifter? I’m 68 years old and I like this car it would be fun to own and drive.

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  19. B302

    The gauge is a Stewart Warner vacuum gauge.
    The switch I have no idea.
    Both are probably not factory equipment.
    The sellers phone number is 630-992-9357, call and ask him.

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  20. Dan

    James Caan drove one of these in the Movie titled “Thief.”

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  21. nlpnt

    Even if you didn’t need them, 4 doors on most Colonnades was a cheat code to avoid some of the really awkward quarter-window treatments inflicted on the coupes. I don’t know why they confined the slim pillar/triangular quarterlight look that was obviously the original intention to the base models most of the run, and Pontiac was unique in having the louvered setup that was maybe the awkwardest of all from the first-year ’73s.

    On another note, I always wondered if the Grand Am wouldn’t have been a better seller if the minimum buy-in hadn’t been 400 cubic inches just as the first gas crunch hit.

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    I remember seeing the 1973 Lemans for the 1st time on my birthday in 1972. My bday is Sept 15 and that’s when the big 3 used to debut their new cars. My dad always told me it was my b-day gift from them.. I liked the pointed styling of the Collonade’s then and now. The Laguna S-3 in particular was a great look. I had a 74 El Camino SS with the S-3 454- 4spd. It was a hoot to drive.

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  23. Jim R.

    The 73 to 77 GM coupes were great handling and driving cars. And they were good looking cars from a time period when every thing was bland, GM really hit the mark with these cars.

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  24. JoeNYWF64

    I wonder how many 4 door lemans/grand ams Pontiac made back then simply with bucket seats, regardless of the motor!
    This car would be even rarer if it had a 455 & 4 speed.
    I wonder how many WAGONS they made with a big cube motor & 4 speed.
    & if any came with bucket seats, Probably none.
    Rarer tho is not always desirable – like a ’69 -‘7? trans am with column shift.
    I wonder how far those rear seat side windows can roll down.
    Silly to order a clock here instead of a tach – with a 4 speed manual.
    Rally II’s IMO do not look good with blackwalls. Unfortunately, RWL tires these days can cost 3-4 times more! than the cheapest backwalls, unlike back in the day. & ultra thin whitewalls can cost even more!

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  25. Davey Boy

    Pretty cool car and at almost $20,000 and only hours to go with no reserve showing, this may actually sell this time. Would have liked this one but not in the cards.

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  26. DJS

    Best looking car of the malaise/bumper era?

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