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400 Reasons: 1971 Chevy Kingswood

1971 Chevy Kingswood Wagon

I don’t know what has gotten into me lately, but I find myself really liking classic American station wagons, especially ones with big V8s. I know, most drive like barges, but there is just something appealing about a family wagon that has room to haul everything from a Christmas tree to a stack of 2x4s, while still being able to do a tire smoking burn out! This Chevy Kingswood caught my attention when I came across it here on eBay in Tacoma, Washington with a current bid of $5,200. I’m not sure if it was the 400 cui V8 or the patina that made me take a closer look, but I’m glad I did!



  1. Avatar photo Bill

    Weird colour combo on this one, but I loike it.. not $5k worth, but i like it!

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    • Avatar photo William

      This car is currently in a Ferrari shop in OH getting an LS conversion. Paint has been left alone and the interior has been repaired back to like new.

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  2. Avatar photo Blindmarc

    I love the early 70’s wagons. Just wish you could get better gas mileage out of them.

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  3. Avatar photo redwagon

    Blue interior is very similar to the blue interior on our 69 impala. The green similar to the green on our 72 impala (see a trend here?). But the two colors together had to be a mistake or a special order. They clash.

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  4. Avatar photo Mike H.

    Always had a weakness for the longroof models. All of my friends think that there’s something wrong with me because of it.

    There ARE things wrong with me, but the longroof affection isn’t one of them.

    I’d been negotiating with a former acquaintance of mine to part with his all-original (the only non-original aspect was the reupholstered front bench seat, in original materials, though) 1-owner 1969 Kingswood with the 427 and automatic. Green/green, with woodgrain and a roof rack, and I’d so desperately wanted it. It had “divorce” written all over it, but I had wanted it anyway.

    I’m sure she’d have fallen in love with eventually.

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    • Avatar photo Josh Staff

      Mike, if you get it, you better send us photos! I will be so incredibly jealous.

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  5. Avatar photo Mick

    I don’t think it’s actually got a blue interior. I think it’s just a trick of the light. It really looks like it has good ol’ black vinyl in there.

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  6. Avatar photo Tilden Harper

    “Very rare, only one I’ve seen with factory blue interior”

    I had been scoping this out on eBay for the last couple days. If I didn’t have a 75 Cadillac to restore I think I would already have jumped on it.

    These two are also nice:

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    • Avatar photo Will

      This is strange. The 68 you linked to is identical (Minus the wheels) to the one my dad bought from my uncle when my uncle bought his new 72 Impala that was green.

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  7. Avatar photo Rando

    The description calls out BLUE interior. No evidence of the exterior being any color but green. I like it; g/f would HATE that combination. Someone liked it enough to order it? I can’t see the factory making it that way on purpose. Someone bought it, though, and here it is…

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    • Avatar photo Chebby

      The Official Pace Car of color blindness

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  8. Avatar photo Will

    I tend to agree with the person who asked the seller for a view of the trim tag. Hopefully it was someone here. I am leaning towards this being an interior from a donor car. That would not be a deal breaker for me but a lack of full disclosure would be. I love the car. I rode in the rear facing seats many miles in my teens while working for the youth conservation corps in Ohio in the mid 70s. They used them as buses. I never got to drive one.

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  9. Avatar photo OKCPhil

    Here is a fun Alternative at…….twice the price

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  10. Avatar photo dude

    5k all day. Sweet color combo

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  11. Avatar photo Bill Merritt

    My parents had one of these when I first started to drive with the 400 and 4 barrel carb. Couldn’t wait to get around the corner so I could flip the air bonnet and listen to that throaty carb suck air and gas!! They are great drivers, would love to get behind the wheel of one again. The wheels on this one are not original for the wagons but they are GM and do look great!

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  12. Avatar photo DirtyHarry

    I love these wagons. I used one in lieu of a truck, while working as a contractor. They ride well and are smooth on the highway. It would also tow my boat quite well. I would paint it blue and end the tragic visual nightmare.

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  13. Avatar photo Steve

    “…very rare.only one I’ve seen with factory blue interior”…😁 For a reason…

    Like i heard recently…”its rare that i crap my pants. Its never desireable.”

    I could live with the blue interior and a blue car, or green car and blue interior, but this!?!?

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  14. Avatar photo Jesse Staff

    I actually love the color combo! It makes this otherwise boring family hauler interesting. If bidding doesn’t get much higher, I’ll be seriously tempted….

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  15. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    Godaalmighty – and I’m color blind – love it!

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  16. Avatar photo charlie Member

    You could order what you wanted in those days, if you could wait 8 weeks.

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  17. Avatar photo Jamie P

    Slap some cragars on it and call it the Queen of family trucksters…..

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  18. Avatar photo stp

    Some evidence of rattlecan underhood detailing

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  19. Avatar photo JamieB Member

    Would you believe I took my NJ driver’s test in one of these (the Kingswood Estate trim level, actually) in 1983. Had to parallel park it in order to pass–and did! If this were closer to home, I would be very tempted.

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  20. Avatar photo Harry Loyd

    Bad a%$ car and I’d take drive the heck out of it.

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  21. Avatar photo Barry T

    They were wonderful back then for family vacation trips travelling on the interstate, not so much on the back roads. With modern engine technology they might get better mpg than many of the huge SUV’s that people are driving now.

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  22. Avatar photo Bryan

    These gm “clam shell” wagons are getting quite rare after years of elite status amongst the derby crowd. These wagons reign second only to the outlawed Imperials for derby supremacy! They’re very tough, and unlike the sedans they featured a leaf sprung rear axle which made them even more formidable.

    The derby crowd (I don’t derby myself) have told me that most of these wagons were disgarded after the electric clam shell tail gate inevitably failed.

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  23. Avatar photo jaymes

    digging it except the wheels and tires. beware, its clearly been wrecked in the back and I bet the tailgate don’t go down right anymore.

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  24. Avatar photo Braktrcr

    I am a die hard Chevy guy. I love wagons, and have had many, from a Vega wagon to Olds Custom Cruiser wagon, 3 Rambler Wagons, and yes 1 Kingswood Wagon. I really like this one… except the color Combo. I don’t care how rare it is.It just seems something isn’t right
    The 400 small block had a lot of overheating problems initially, folks said they were bored so far, that the cooling systems couldn’t keep up due to the lack of material between cylinders. Whether that was true or not the 400 sbc was not around for very long. As a drag racer, they were great, as a family hauler running in hot weather, in a 4,500 lb car with 1,000 of people/cargo they didn’t fair well.
    Still like the car, might dye the interior black..I agree with the previous post that said the interior looks like it came from a donor car.

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    • Avatar photo Braktrcr

      Black seat belts…. just noticed no AC It was 108 degrees today here in Las Vegas

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  25. Avatar photo justajoe

    My father bought a new 73 Caprice Estate wagon to replace the 63 Belair wagon. Fully optioned, including a Posi-trac at the back and a 454 in front. Mint green, white top, wood grain, green interior. Depending on how it was driven, it got 8 to 17 mpg.

    He sold it in 1977 when we started moving out. I drove a Fiat 124 at the time, and didn’t appreciate American iron. My brother drove a ’69 Camaro and couldn’t be bothered.

    My mistake.

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  26. Avatar photo jaymes

    so color combos werent allowed on later gm cars, anyone know if its the case on these, I cant and never will work together

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  27. Avatar photo Peter J. Boser

    My family had one that looked like this, 1971, but with the 350 2bbl. :-( First drive with my learner’s permit was in that car. It had, IIRC, a green vinyl interior, similar to the outside color – is that possible? Our had a roof rack, and the manual clamshell rear door – as it got older, we would bend the ignition key trying to get it to release! Our family’s first car with air conditioning, and our first station wagon with three rows – no more rattling around behind the second seat! Great car!

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