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428 Cobra Jet Power: 1970 Mustang Mach 1

1970 Mustang Mach 1

While I like the earlier Mustangs a little bit more, I’m still a huge fan of the first generation of Mach 1s. The redesign of the Mustang in ’69 created one of the best looking Mustangs, but they also grew larger and heavier. To make up for some of the increased weight, they introduced more engine options. The top power plant was the 428, which came as either a Cobra or Super Cobra Jet. This one was fitted with the less aggressive Cobra Jet engine, but don’t worry it still puts out 335 horsepower! The seller of this one claims it is mostly original and has been in a warehouse since the ’80s. You can find this Mach 1 here on eBay in Middleboro, Massachusetts with a current bid of $12,700.

1970 Mustang Mach 1 428 CJ

This thing is going to need to be restored, but it looks complete. The 428 is numbers matching, although it’s missing it’s original carb and a few other bits. Hopefully it won’t take much to get it running again! The only thing I wish was different is the transmission, but I think I could live with the automatic. How about you? Would you want to take on this Mustang?


  1. Bruce

    If I wasn’t in the middle of building 3 cars I would grab this. The 69/70 MACH 1 is one of my favorites.

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  2. Djs

    It will take more then it would be worth to complete I’ll pass

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  3. John H. in CT

    Pull the matching #s slush box and save it. Put in a Tremec 5 or 6 speed manual. You will actually be money ahead and you get the best of both worlds. Have seen this happen with ‘Cudas as well. 10% premium for manual tranny car even when tranny not original as long as old one is still along side.

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  4. piper62j

    I like it.. Bought a 69 Mach w/427 (if I remember) and it would snap your head back in the seat.. one problem was sometimes it would just stall at idle.. Could never figure it out and sold it for my 73 Mach w/400 2v… That was it, I became a 123 Mustang fan from then on..
    I like this one.. It will bring some big bucks to the seller.. Middleboro was not far from where I used to live in Mass.. Wish I knew it was there before I moved..

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      If your 69 Mach had a 427 someone put it in there after the car left the factory. In 69 the FE options were a 390 or a 428. 1968 was the last year that any car left the factory with a 427, and that was in a Cougar GTE.

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    • Don

      mustangs never came with a 400

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  5. Al8apex

    Auto air car

    One of the “signature” 1970 colors that is was and am still not a fan of

    Heavy nose, light rear, absolutely terrible handling

    Would take a small block any day

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  6. racer99

    Seems like a decently solid starting spot and a nice combo of big block, auto trans, and a/c. This (like some of the big block Corvettes) is a point-and-shoot car and not a relaxed Sunday cruiser. Would think this would go for pretty large $$ to the Barrett-Jackson wanna-be crowd.

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  7. piper62j

    Cathouse… Yeah,, maybe it was a 428… Had smog pump and pipes leading to the exhaust manifolds.. Sometimes my memory slips.. LOL

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  8. EB

    There’s a noted Shelby/Mustang restorer that has a shop not far from there. I’m surprised they haven’t snapped this pony up.

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  9. Ty

    Solid, well optioned, unmolested original condition, these are getting hard to find. if you enjoy the restoration process and want a car that will be desirable when complete this is a good start. This car will probably bring enough as it is you will have in it what it’s worth when done. If making money on it is your motivation it’s easier to buy and flip. but if you have a love for restoration and this model of Mustang, this is about as good of a start as you will find today.

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  10. Doc

    OK i hope this guy changed the oil prior to firing it up. Ebay photos shows rusted oil filter

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  11. Oingo

    Less aggressive CJ? as far as I can tell the power ratings are the same only difference in the ENGINE is that the Super Cobra Jet has a more durable reciprocating assembly (crank, rods, pistons, wrist pins, flywheel/flexplate, and harmonic balancer)

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  12. piper62j

    Don… My 73 had a 400 with a 2bbl carb. Do a little research and you’ll find there were very few made.. Mine was off the lot, so possibly ordered special and abandoned the sale. Those things happened back then but it’s not common place now..

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    • Rob S

      73 mustangs never came off the line with a 400. 302 was standard in mach 1 followed by a 351 2V then the top of the line 351 CJ Q code.

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  13. Mark 'cuda man

    My recently acquired 1969 “R” code Cobra Jet, Ram Air, 1 of 1 4-speed with 41k almost one owner Mach I. It was last on the road in 1986. Bone stock! Original indian fire (burnt orange) with white interior.

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    • Mark 'cuda man

      This is the picture of the above car……

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      • Doc

        Must have taken this picture during a snow storm..

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  14. 68GTMustang


    Your 1973 Mustang must have had a 351 in it, no mustangs ever had a 400. And yes, I confirmed with research.

    You sure it wasn’t a Firebird ; )

    Reference :


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  15. Rob S

    Very desirable black on black! This would be a Fun restoration. My favorite bodystyle in my favorite color. Definately worthy of a high end resto and you certainly would recoup your investment, unless you pay some resto shop to do the car for you, then it’s a different story.

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    • Brian

      Just bought this car a few hours ago. I live local and know the owner and resto. shop mentioned in a previous reply. This car has a very interesting history. Frame and floors are incredibly original and solid. Drive train is factory original. Almost all factory features are still in place. Plan is to clean it up and get it running as a good driver-we did the same thing with a one owner ’69 Boss that I bought a few years ago and still own. No resto. planned-why would I. Original, unrestored Mustangs/Shelbys (esp. big blocks) is where the market (and values) are heading. Remember, it’s only original once.

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