428 Power: 1966 Ford Galaxie 7 Litre

1966 Ford Galaxie 500 7 Litre

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When your moving around a car as massive as this Galaxie 500, you really need as much motor as possible to make it move off the line quickly. When Ford decided to build a sporty version of the Galaxie, they decided they better shove their 7 litre (428 cui) V8 under the hood. These big cars can be a blast, but this one is going to need some work to get there. If your up for the task, you can find this project here on eBay in Blanchard, Oklahoma with bidding just over $7k.

Ford 7 Litre V8

And here is that 7 litre engine in all of its glory. The seller claims it runs well already and that the transmission shifts nicely. This big block might be a 428, but it isn’t quite the high performance unit that the Cobra Jet is. It still produces a respectable 345 horsepower and 462 pounds of torque, so it will get up and go easily. The seller admits this car needs some rust repair and interior work, but the engine should more than make up with most cosmetic issues!

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  1. Dairymen

    It looks like the AC isn’t hooked up.

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    • Art Woosley

      0 to 60 was 8.5 seconds for the 7 litre fastback.

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  2. flmikey

    …66 Ford Galaxie+428+4 speed+16 year old kid= totaled out car…loved that thing…

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    • Cattoo CattooButtMember

      The very reason this once 16 year old kid wasn’t allowed to purchase a redone inside and out including hopped up rebuilt 440 and 4 speed 69 GTX. $2000 in 1984-85. Perfect car.

      Some dad bought it for his 16 year old daughter shortly after I saw it for sale. Two weeks later it was wrapped around a telephone pole in an awkward “V” shape, the result of what I heard was an impressive burnout while turning left at a busy intersection.

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    • Mike H. Mike H.

      My first car was a ’65 Galaxie 500 2-door hardtop with the 250hp 352, 4V, and dual exhaust. Way more car than a 16-year-old needed, but the old man felt I could use a project to get started with, and an old wrecked Ford seemed harmless to all of us at the time. While I managed to leave it in far better than we’d found it, I’d agree that it was far more car than a dumb kid would need at that age. However, that project left me prepared for a lifetime of projects that shows no signs of lessening.

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      • Mike

        It would be way to much for some of todays dumb kids in my opinion, they pay way to much attention to their cell phones then the way they are driving, and with this beast I would guarantee somebody or some bodies would get killed are at least serious hurt in this type of car and motor.
        But then again, I had a 2002 Ford Ranger for sell, it had a 3 speed w/OD and I can not believe how many people called about it, and when I told them it had a 3 speed w/OD they would tell me they did not know how to drive a clutch. Makes you wonder how things are changing!!!

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      • Chebby

        A 3-speed stick in a 2002 truck?

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      • grant

        A 3 speed stick with overdrive in a 2002 truck? Has a 3 speed manual with overdrive ever even been built?

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  3. racer99

    Kind of a hodge-podge of pictures — would really like to see some wide angle shots of the entire car. Otherwise looks to be pretty solid and a decent starting point for multiple options (restore, resto-mod, clean up and drive, etc.). I have a soft spot for the older big block Fords.

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  4. ClassicCarFan

    worth noting that this car is a genuine “7 litre” Galaxie. The one-year-only when this was a separate model in its own right. You could in theory get the 428 engine as an option in any full-size Ford that year, but the “7 litre” was a special model, with unique badging and some other unique parts like trim and steering wheel. Note, the spelling of “litre” was the British/continental way not “liter”

    according to the reference books a handful of the “7 litre” cars that year did actually come equipped with the crazy “427” motor though the vast majority were the 428.
    With the 428 motor installed, I’m not sure if you would truly describe this car as the “sporty version of the Galaxie” ? The big-bore/short stroke “427” was the high performance engine. The 428, though powerful enough, was a long-stroke motor specifically designed to haul around Ford’s larger heavier cars and more known for torque than revs. …and although the 4-speed was an option with the 428, few of them I believe actually came with it.

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    • Rocco

      The 428 7Litre were made in ’66 & ’67. They all had disc brakes also.

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    • Clint

      My father owned the burgundy 427 convertible 7 Litre. There were two built; a blue one and my dad’s. Of course, the 427 cars were 4 speed only.

      I have vague memories of that car since I was so young. I do recall my father & uncle telling stories about the adventures in that car. Seems he took it to Holman Moody in Charlotte to have them “tune” it (never found out what was done) as well as having a gear change done. Rumors were that this was one bad ass car.

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  5. piper52j

    I like the car.. Not the amount of work to bring it back..

    Great find.. Nice car..

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  6. Bbuz

    Check out Jay Leno video restoration blog of his 7 Litre.

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  7. James

    There is a running red over read 7litre near me for sale for $3,500. I may just have to go take a better look given the value of this one.

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  8. wagon master

    7ltrs are one of my favorites. They just don’t get the respect they deserve. Like the Pontiac 2+2 separated model designation beginning in 65, I believe the issue is that both were standard with large cubic engines. They’re not seen as rare because they all have the same large engine. Unless of course, the 7ltr was fit with the R code 427 or the Pontiac was fit with 421HO version from the factory. Then you see hi desire and higher collectable prices brought at auction. 7ltrs frequently bring 7-8k running and driving in driver non rust condition

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  9. Joe

    Looks pretty solid overall. I don’t think it would take much to get it on the road and to local cruise nights. At 8K now, would want to pay much more given that NADA tops the 66 7 litre out at 30K.

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    • Joe

      That is “would NOT want to pay much more…”

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  10. Dan

    Had a neighbor with one of these years ago, 7 litre and a four speed, maroon color, tried forever to buy it, but he was the original owner and wouldn’t let it go, never drove either….then one day they moved away and never saw it again…..needed nothing….

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  11. Luke Fitzgerald

    Another great find – rubbish photos – but honest description – not going to be cheap tho’ – pin stripings’ not right is it?

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  12. Roy Crader

    This has nothing to do with the 428, but my brother and i put together a 47 Plymouth coupe with a factory Pontiac 389 tri-power and the 4spd auto that was attached to it. The drive shaft was around 2ft. BAD to the bone on the strip and street. Spotted a brand new 327 4spd 4bbl750 9 cars- when he hit second i was sitting right out side his door……..Those were the days when all us young motor heads had some muscle car, either at home or actually driving it..

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  13. DorsoDoug

    No one even knew what a liter was in ’66. Most don’t now. I don’t get the need to use metrics for these types of cars. I’m gonna go drink a two liter of Mt Dew

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  14. piper62j

    I agree Dorso…. Why would the PC people want to tag an American muscle car with the metric liter adjunct? P’s me off that we can’t be Americans any more…
    Don’t get me started…

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  15. erikj

    me too we live in America and like it or not it should stay that way. I believe when a foreigner comes to live in the us, they must learn an speak English in public. That don’t happen if you take notice, sorry for the spout

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    • Mike H. Mike H

      Yeah, we live in America and demand that “foreigners” speak and read and write English, even though we don’t have the same requirement for this who were born here.

      Capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and usage. If you’re going to rant about non-English speakers then you’d best be an exemplar of the language yourself.

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  16. Larry

    For those who may be interested, I have a 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 7-Litre Convertible for sale for $7500. This is also a factory Q code 428 engine, auto on floor, ps, pdb, radio, rear passenger antenna and dual exhaust. I am in Northeast Missouri and can arrange delivery if needed.

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    • Jesse JesseStaff

      Please don’t post your own cars in the comments section. Refer to the submissions page for information on how to get your car featured on the site. Thanks.

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  17. Larry

    here is another pic

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  18. Larry

    another pic

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  19. Larry

    another photo

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  20. Larry

    last photo

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  21. piper62j

    Good project..

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  22. SSPBill

    This same car was featured here back in February when the seller had it listed on Craigslist for $11k. Used the same photos too. That the car didn’t sell back then may be telling as to the true condition or authenticity. Hopefully that isn’t the case and Ebay will find a larger audience of buyers. There weren’t many of these and it would be ashamed to loose them.

    Anyways, the search function will find you further discussion if interested.

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    • Larry

      This car has never been featured here on Barn Finds and has never been listed on Craigslist for $11,000 to my knowledge. I will check further just to be sure. These photos were taken by me personally. SSPBill, you have my curiosity up because I don’t remember anything about this

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  23. SSPBill

    Didn’t mean to offend Larry. I truely hope this car finds its way to a good home. With only about 10k made its well worth saving. I’m not sure I can post a link but I’ll give it a shot…


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  24. Larry

    I did some checking and my 7-litre Convertible has never been featured here on Barn Finds and has never been offered on Craigslist for $11,000. It was my mistake thinking that you was referring to my car but now I understand that you were referring to the 7-litre 2dr HT. My apologies.

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    • SSPBill

      No apologies necessary. Hope yours finds a good home too.

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