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43 Years In The Barn: 1966 Mustang Fastback

1966 Ford Mustang Fastback

I think it’s safe to say that there are more V8 powered Mustangs today than ever left the factory, especially when it comes to Fastbacks. It makes sense though, people love V8s, they love Mustang Fastbacks and they especially love when you combined the two. However, that means there aren’t very many inline six ponies out there and to be honest the six cylinder cars are actually a lot of fun! This Mustang is one of the few Fastbacks we’ve come across recently that still retains its correct inline six. The seller claims they just pulled it out of a barn where it had been for the past 43 years and that the car is all original. I’m not so sure about that last claim, but at least it still has its original engine! If you’d like to experience a six cylinder Fastback or if you’d like to convert it to a V8, you can find it here on eBay in Holmen, Wisconsin. So would you leave the six where it is or would you put a V8 under the hood?


  1. grant

    Given the relative scarcity of 66 fastbacks to 65’s (fastback production was about half in 66 what it was in 65) it would be a shame to modify this car.

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  2. redwagon

    beautiful part of the state – lots of hills and twisties with nice views of the mississippi river and farm country. the brakes would be hot fast.

    i would rock this little 6 banger even with the slushbox.

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    • brian crowe

      I’ve herd the term slushbox lots of times but why is an auto trans called that?


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      • Yellowjax Member

        Sorry…. Fat fingers…..no negative comment intended.

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      • Rocco

        Did you ever notice that an auto trans usually slides into 2nd or 3rd when they shift( like sliding in the slush and snow)? A stick shift tranny grabs solid, unless you slip the clutch with your foot and cause the clutch to wear out prematurely.
        When we rebuild a trans for a Hotrod, we put shift-kits in the valve body so the tranny will shift quick and not slide into the next gear.

        Do you get it now?

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      • brian crowe

        ok I see what you mean. Thank you for explaining that.


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  3. Jerry Long

    I think that the reserve is the most that it is worth. It is a good color with a lot of salvage able interior pieces.

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  4. Busyditch

    Wow! 11 hours left an no bidders. Im sure there will be a lot of last minute bids.

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  5. JW454

    Other than it being a fastback, it really has nothing going for it to support the beginning bid price. About half that amount would have generated more interest in the bidding.

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  6. Dan h

    As much as I favor originality, I would really have to hold back from swapping out that 6 to a 289…..

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  7. racer99

    I think this is a whole lot rustier than you can see initially. If you look at the trunk pics and some of the underneath pics it looks like there’s a whole lot of work there. That, the relative bare-bones nature of the car, all the bent exterior body panels, and a $12.5K starting bid will keep interest in it pretty low. I agree with JW454 that about half the starting bid would be a reasonable place to start.

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  8. Dolphin Member

    racer99 is right, there is a lot of rust, with some perforation and likely a lot of places where metal is thin and marginal. Done right there is a lot of work to do.

    Until these fastback straight-6s appreciate a lot more the only way to make this deal work would be to do minimal metalwork and maybe cheap paint, replace or rechrome the front bumper, clean / refurb the interior, and then just drive it. And you would want to buy it for less than the $12.5K opening bid.

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  9. nessy

    12.5 starting bid which is why nobody has bid. Sellers should always put a 100 dollar starting bid so buyers get excited and bid. Just set the reserve at what you are willing to take for a car. Simple as that. High starting bids always turn me off.. I guess everyone else too.

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  10. Cassidy

    Seller either paid too much for it or he thinks he’s sitting on a goldmine…

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    • racer99

      ….. or both.

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  11. Dickson

    The only unoriginal part I see is the paint in the trunk compartment.

    Hopping up a sixer is pretty fun, but there’s too much rust and body work IMHO to justify the initial price.

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  12. Tom Stewart

    Leave the six in there.

    Yeah, fastback are popular. Looking on Craigslist, the cheapest one I see is a basketcase of parts and a rolling ‘K’ code chassis for 8500.

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  13. Joe Muzy

    More V-8s than left the factory and a Mustang in half the barns in America. If you had a great looking car like a Mustang fastback would leave it sitting in a barn?

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  14. Charles

    Another rust-bucket! Rust every where, overall in terrible condition and a six cylinder with an automatic transmission…. Stay away, stay far away!!!

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  15. Prowler

    Says he drove it 20 miles and they were trouble free miles
    That’s all I need to hear

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  16. stillrunners

    You do know that made and sold over a million Mustangs for the 1965 calendar year ? Which was not topped until 1967 – by uh Mustang ? Oh and you would guess what topped that million made was…..did some one say Fairmont around 1978 ?

    Ok who can count to a million….one potato two potato…

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  17. Ekim

    Actually it took Ford 18 months to sell one million Mustangs.
    What you never hear is that Chevrolet sold one million Impalas in one calendar year…1965.
    No one has come close to those numbers since and never will again.

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    • Darel Mattson

      1965 was a big year for a lot of cars. Ford full sized also sold 978,000 cars as well. Not quite a million but considering that number along with the Mustang taking away alot of potential buyers. Even if it did take 18 months of cars to do a million.

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      • OJM

        Yes but the conversation is about one specific model….not total cars sold by a Maker.

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  18. racer99

    Auction closed with no bids. Ad was modified to include potential title issue.

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  19. Mike Williams

    Ditch the 6 and restorod it anyway you want. A rusty six is only worth the body, 6-8k

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