43k Mile 1967 Mustang Fastback

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

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I know when it comes to classic Mustangs, most of us are looking for V8 cars. Specifically fastbacks with the high performance V8s. However, if you can live with an inline 6, there are still a ton of great deals out there for classic Mustangs. Take this ’67 Fastback with just 43k miles on the clock. It looks to be in fantastic shape inside and out. Yes, bidding is already up to $26,700 with the reserve unmet, which might seem high for a non-V8 car, but a K code fastback in this kind of condition would easily set you back $50,000. If this seller lets it go anywhere near the current bid, it’s a great deal for a fantastic car. Find it here on eBay in Somerset, Indiana.

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Interior

The seller claims it is all original, right down to the Pebble Beige paint. It even still has old bias ply tires, which should probably be updated before driving it much. Apparently it runs and drives well, the seller thinks you could drive it cross country with nothing more than a new set of tires. I’m not sure I would attempt that without going through the brakes and looking everything else over carefully.

1967 Mustang Fastback

I’m sure there a plenty of people out there that would stuff a V8 under this ponies hood, but I truly hope the next owner decides to leave the 200 I6 alone. I know V8s are fun, but these 200s are really great engines with tons of potential waiting to be let out. With just a little work, this pony could be surprisingly quick! So do you see this one being left original or will it get the Eleanor treatment?

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  1. Roselandpete

    I’d leave that beauty alone.

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  2. DolphinMember

    Agree with the seller that this is probably the cleanest rust free vintage mustang either of us has seen. Disagree with the seller that saying therefore “I will demand the highest price” is a good thing to say in an ad.

    But if he wants to actually get the highest price it would probably be better to put it in one of the well attended major auctions with a reasonable reserve that will attract interest, and then let bidders have at it. He’s in Indiana and should not need to travel far to find an auction. That way people can see for themselves up close how good the car is.

    Too bad about the beige paint, tho. That will probably hold the price back.

    I’m wondering about those wheel covers—a Ford option in ’67? They don’t look like it.

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    • Roselandpete

      There used to be a big auction in Auburn, IN I think It was.

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    • Karo

      Those are indeed original ’67 wire-wheel covers. They have red centers; in ’66 the centers were blue with little spinners. This style stayed around through at least ’69, maybe ’70.

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  3. wagon master

    I have a ’69 6cyl mustang. Uneventful spiritless driver. I just bought a v8 for an easy conversion to enjoy my mustang the way it was intended to be, in 69.
    Although I admire it’s survival instincts, the 250 ci 6cyl doesn’t float my boat.

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    Nice, clean, original, vintage and BORING AS HELL

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  5. Jeff V.

    My very first car in hs was a ’67 Stang fastback that the guy had put a 390 in outta a mid 60’s Tbird. It had a C6 in it that had to be replaced (300$? in ’75). It had a clean body (no dents, accidents, rust) but the dude had it primer spotted some. Nice ET slot mags and I installed a chrome straight-pipe exhaust in her in auto-shop. I was king-of-the-hill until some rich senior bought a 70 1/2 Z28 350 LT1. Oh, I paid 500$ for it in ’75.

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  6. 3PedalRacer

    “All original paint” except the right front fender apparently. With a buy it now of $35,000 and bids getting close to $30,000 I would say it is a fair price. Wonder why there is no picture of the engine bay?

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  7. Blueprint

    I’d leave as it for the refreshing odd ball build that it is.

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  8. andy

    The Australians sure had no trouble oiling a few more hp out of these sixes. Underneath that fastback body it’s still a relatively lightweight Falcon. I wouldn’t touch that motor.

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    • z1rider

      They sure did. By the time that engine went out of production it had been further developed with a DOHC head.

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  9. Jim

    One could easily drop a nice little 2-V 289 into it without seeming like overkill. The color leaves a bit to be desired, but the condition is exceptional.

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  10. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Kind of funny to me, but in the first photo in the ad it looks like the car has a huge leak. I think I would have moved her back a couple of feet.

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  11. don

    sounds like the seller is flipping it. nice car.

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  12. Will

    Now I am officially confused. Just the other day Barn finds posted a Dodge Dart survivor and was OK with ruining it with a Hemi. This one you think should stay original. I fail to see the difference. Consistency is a virtue.

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    • AAAZDADMember

      Could be different contributor, as well as a different writer. Thankfully opinions vary so that there is enough variety to intrigue the masses. An old used car jockey once told me that there is an a@% for every seat out there!

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  13. Jerry Long

    Nice car but over priced. It should sell for about $25K. The 200 CI six drives fine as I had it in a 67 convertible a few years ago.The exterior color is a big downer. There should be many more pictures if the seller really wants to get top dollar. It appears that the floors are original but there is a lot of rust on the under body components.The 67 is the best looking year followed by the very similar but safer 68 which did not have the spear-o-matic steering column. You can never have the best looking woman, the biggest manhood or the fastest car. Nor do you need that.

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  14. BillB

    It’s at $30K with just a few hours left. The fact of it being a fastback is also a big factor in driving the price to this level. If it were a coupe, the bidding would be half of that.

    I love what Ford did to update the Mustang for ’67.

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  15. Steve

    Nice car, but BORING! Pull the six cylinder for something more lively, but keep it around in storage. Maybe swap in one of the the new “Boss 9” engines, with efi. As for the paint, i would do a wrap. Just a few thousand and you could have a wild “paint” scheme, but could put it back any time, and the wrap would actually protect the original paint. Definitely no more “Eleasnor” clones through. That FAD is just that. For A Day.

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  16. Joe

    If the restoration on a car that is 49 years old took place say 25 years ago, it can look like it is original. I would check it very closely before I shelled out 30K. The multicolor underside may offer some clues.

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  17. jaymes

    no motor pics? wtf

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  18. Van

    I would be on Craigslist looking for a 351 Ceveland before it got in the driveway. Add a 5 speed and 15″ wheels from a Pantera. Original 6 cyl car, no thanks.
    It does look good though.

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  19. ROTAG999

    Coyote 5.0 would be the ticket…!

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  20. Jon

    7 minutes left…Going….. going ???

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  21. DolphinMember

    Sold for exactly $30K. Maybe too much for having just the 6-cylinder and beige paint, but these ’60s Mustang fastbacks keep looking better and better to me as time passes.

    You could spend $30K on lots of new cars these days, but right now I can’t think of a $30K new car that has a better looking body than this one.

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  22. Eric Murray

    No matter how nice it is, $30k for a 6-cylinder mustang is downright absurd…you could have, for instance, a Mark Donohue Javelin with the 390 at this price…I love old mustangs and camaros, but the prices on even the base and lower performance variants of these cars is just getting awfully ridiculous anymore.

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    • Keith

      I gotta agree with you Eric. I restore Mustangs as a hobby, but for $30k man I’d take an AMX all day long as a personal car.

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  23. Greg S

    It is hard to remember but the vast majority of Mustangs in the 1960s were in fact six cylinders.

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  24. Mike K

    I’ve got an 06 GT Vert with 18’s in legend lime and 28,000, one of 37, I hope when the wife sells, after I’m dead and gone, she makes this kind of dollar !
    I’ve kept everything I’ve removed including the wipers.

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  25. William H

    Pricing on ’60’s Mustangs has just gotten crazy. My father and I used to restore ’64 – ’70 Mustangs in the ’80’s. The common coupes and fastbacks were a dime a dozen back then and you could find them just about anywhere. It was all too common to be able to pick up a perfectly straight, rust free car for $500. Cheapest one we ever bought was $37.50. An older lady brought a ’68 into the shop to get an inspection sticker. She was livid because her son had gotten a ticket for the expired sticker and expired tags. She made the off comment that she’d sell the car to my father if he’d pay the money for the ticket. She went home, got the title, brought it back, my father paid her and gave her a ride home. I don’t remember what was in it but there had been a lot of work done to it and it would scream. It was Lime Gold, had Cragars all the way around, wides in the rear, skinnies in the front. It was super clean and rust free. Needless to say, the next day an extremely irate teenager showed up demanding his car back. My father told him to take it up with his mother and that’s when he started cussing my father out, told him he was going to whip his @$$ then spit on him. My father went and picked up the biggest wrench he had and the kid turned tail and took off running down the street.

    On another note. There was a Mustang parts supplier locally that had every piece, part and screw you could possibly need. Tons of NOS as well as high quality repro parts.

    Sorry for the rambling. Barn Finds does tend to bring out some long forgotten memories once in a while.

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    • Keith

      The days of a $500 are long long long gone my friend. I can recall my grandpa saying the same thing about Packards back in the 70’s: “those things were a dime a dozen back when I was younger!” Wonder if we’ll be saying that about minivans someday……

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      • William H

        Oh dear Lord I hope not. I can just imagine Hemmings auctioning off an Chevy Lumina APV and people bidding outrageous amounts to have it. Like bizarro Superman world or something. I long for the days of finding ’58 land yachts slumber in the back of a farmers field that could be had for the trouble of hauling it off their property. Although I must admit a certain hankering for an ’86 Chevy Astro van with no rear windows. Super sleeper with enough room for an outrageously obnoxious stereo system.

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  26. Mike Williams

    I love these and have owned 10 classic Mustangs, while not the more desirable v8 it still has the fastback. Do you save it as is or restorod it with a v8? I had a low mileage 85 1/2 SVO and decided not to be the caretaker of it and passed it on. What do you do with a car with that low of mileage or close to it? Do you store it or drive sparingly?

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  27. Mark McCoart

    I was the seller of this car. I purchased it from a older gentleman that owed it since the early 80’s. he only put 4K miles on it. no painting or repairs had ever been made. the undercarriage was near perfect the original primer was still bright even though it looked rusty it was rust free. The engine bay had been touched up poorly long ago. thus, I didn’t show many pics of it. I’ve been restoring and building custom cars for 30 years. I could have easily turned it into anything under the sun, including 5.4SC Shelby clone as seen on my web site http://WWW.Mustangmaker.com. However, that would caused me to actually work on it. You see, I only changed the points on it and made 25K. What would you have done,, I’ve got a 3 year waiting list for cars to be restored. So I sold it to Gas Monkey Garage. They can butcher up a beautiful classic. He might make money on it, But I’m sure they will do alot more work. Watch for this fall on Fast & Loud. they wouldn’t tell me what they were going to do,

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