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46k Mile 1957 Chevrolet 210 Survivor

1957 Chevrolet 210

This one isn’t really a barn find, but more of a garage find, which is perfectly alright with me! Many of the ’57 Chevy barn finds we’ve come across are in rough and rusty shape, but this car looks to be in great shape throughout. The seller claims it has just 46k original miles and that they have documents to prove it! As a matter of fact, their grandfather actually bought the car in 1957 and it has been in the family ever since. You can find this family heirloom here on eBay in Toccoa, Georgia with a BIN of $27,000.

1957 Chevrolet 210 Engine

The seller lists this one as a Bel Air, which is a common mistake, but it is actually a 210 with the inline 6. While it isn’t as desirable as a V8 powered ’57, I wouldn’t mind this big six! They actually offer plenty of grunt and I’m sure more power could be extracted from this Blue Flame. If 140 horses just isn’t enough, there are several inline 6 tuning companies out there building these engines up to produce well over 200 horsepower. I actually can’t imagine how much fun that would be, but I think this one should stay as close to original as possible.

1957 Chevrolet 210 Interior

As you can see, every part of this car looks to be in good shape. It’s actually quite impressive that a car living in the humidity of Georgia has survived so well, but I’m guessing this car was grandpa’s prized possession. It has a few weak spots, the interior needs a good cleaning and some touch up. The tires should probably be replaced as well, seeing as they are only the second set to be installed on the car. And it looks like the chrome could use a good polishing, but that’s about it! I think with a free Saturday, you could have this one looking like new without any problems.

1957 Chevrolet 210 Two Door

It’s actually kind of sad that this family is letting go of grandpa’s car, but if they aren’t gearheads, it might be better for the car to go to someone who is. It is in such nice shape that it really needs to go to a home where it can be preserved and maintained.  I just wonder if a 210 is really worth $27k? What do you think? It is exceptionally clean and original!


  1. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    If it’s as good as it looks – every – damn – cent

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  2. Avatar photo Andrew S Mace Member

    It was probably 30 years ago that I lost interest in the glut of over-restored, over-accessorized, faux-fuel-injected ’57 Bel Air hardtops and convertibles. I suspect I’m not alone there. I’d be willing to wager that this would draw as much or more attention at any car show than those overdone cars!

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  3. Avatar photo RON

    Chevy people totally lose their mind on a nice car like this eve if it is a 6. If it is truly this nice and 46k it will go close. It appears to be that nice the only thing I see would be easy to verify. the seat covers are aftermarket and have likely been installed when bought new. that being the case the seats should ne mint. if they drove it 46k and then installed them probably not. if they have not been on it since new I would not give anywhere near that. that is definitely covers the original up was pretty austere, but matched the door panels. but a definitely nice find. unless it has been kept inside and kept waxed, I highly doubt the paint is original. that color green was notorious for dying and fading in a short time even when garaged. for me to draw top money, that is the key, totally original and no repaints. otherwise you can buy a good solid car and restore it to original for a lot less money

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  4. Avatar photo MountainMan

    Nice find for sure, while I prefer the looks of the 55 & 56 model year cars I would be happy to have this one for myself. I really like the idea of a 6 cylinder with the period go fast parts to liven things up. As Andrew said this would draw as much attention and just as many smiles as any V8 tri five. The color is great too and it’s obviously been well cared for over the years. So, I would make it my own by an addition of intake , carbs, cam, exhaust along with providing hotter spark to the 6 cyl and some 5 slot wheels or something else similar from the era. Yup, the originality freaks are cussing me but that’s OK. All the original parts could be safely stored away for the next owner.

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  5. Avatar photo Joe

    Owner says car repainted once and headliner replaced. A very clean and rust free example that lived in one family, passed from grandfather to grandson, is hard to find. Nice color as well, as judged by inside door jams. I would be very happy driving this one.

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  6. Avatar photo Roseland Pete

    I’d leave it alone. Nice car but not $27k nice for me anyway.

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  7. Avatar photo Moxman

    Wow..this car is in great shape. I noticed the original spring-clamps on the upper radiator hose. I suppose that’s good, from an originality standpoint; but the coolant hoses should have been replaced at some point? Hmmm…maybe they were…and they re-used the original clamps??? Just my trivial mind at work.

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  8. Avatar photo St. Ramone de V8

    Expensive, yes, but a great car. Grandpa bought the right car and kept it well. Family deserves a decent return.

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  9. Avatar photo Tom Cotrel

    Are you sure this isn’t a 150?
    It has the proper number of pedals.
    I suspect the price is not THAT unrealistic.

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    • Avatar photo Chuck Turner

      It’s a 210.

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    • Avatar photo thomas schweikert

      not a 150 they had a single strip of side chrome 210 s looked like this one and bel air had stainless steel between dual chrome strips not body color

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  10. Avatar photo Lee Hartman

    I would pay the price for this car before I would spend that much on any new car.

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  11. Avatar photo Woodie Man

    Stripper 2 door post sedan! 27K……..wow ! They’re only mostly original once…….but yikes! I just dont understand the market anymore.

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  12. Avatar photo Charles

    I hope a flipper does not get it and next we see it on BJ selling for a 1/4 million.

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  13. Avatar photo bob

    Seems worth the money to me. I’d gladly flip it for a quarter million too.

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  14. Avatar photo Gnrdude

    wow, Radio Delete Grandpa was Super Cheap……

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  15. Avatar photo Fred

    Tom- not a 150 as that model does not have the BelAir looking trim without the aluminum insert, it’s a 210. Nice car compared to the multitude of hacked up cars out there.

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  16. Avatar photo Mr. Bond

    Pretty much identical to my first car in 1976. Paid $50 for it. 73,000 miles. Wish I kept it!

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  17. Avatar photo DrinkinGasoline

    I’m more of a Ford guy but I have to admit, this is a very nice looking car. I tend to lean towards the lower optioned vehicles of any brand.
    There is something about dog dish caps and the simplicity overall, that draws Me towards them. And I do agree that the collector vehicle market prices have become insane.

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    • Avatar photo Roseland Pete

      I also find the lower optioned versions of old cars to have a certain charm.

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  18. Avatar photo Curt

    Low mileage because it was just too ugly to drive.

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  19. Avatar photo john clark

    We had one exactly like this, except it was a power glide. Exact color and everything. My mother purchased it from a retired couple in Schuyler NE for about $800.00. The year was 1962, and it had 886 total miles. The factory plastic was still covering the rear seat. She drove it until 1969, when we got her a Dodge Dart with a slant 6.
    I took it, moved to Omaha, got rear ended by a Mustang. That totaled both cars.
    It was still a tight little car. Had only 38,000 miles on it.
    I bought it as salvage from the insurance company and re sold it later. This was in about 1969 or 70.

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  20. Avatar photo Jon

    I bought ( my first car ) an identical one like it in 1969. color, interior, except mine was not radio delete. Paid all of $95.00 for it at the time. Then I dropped in a 283 out of a 61 or 62 belair. and painted it AMC Big Bad Green. then two years later painted it, Fiat lime green.. And stitched up my own interior in black Naugahyde. Had a real blast with it. So when I saw this car, I really flipped out..LOL.

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    • Avatar photo thomas schweikert

      my first car was a 57 belair wagon for a whole $75 along with the original worn out 283 several powerglides and a rebuilt 265 behind which i put a 3 speed then a t10 four speed cuz the 3 speed lasted me 1 day.hey i was 16

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  21. Avatar photo john clark

    Th Vacuum operated wipers would make a true believer out of you if you were passing someone in the rain they would stop in place when you floored it. A 58 and up electric motor would bolt right in.

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