54K Mile Survivor: 1967 Buick Electra

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If you wanted to show yourself you were successful but didn’t want to flaunt it “too much”, in the sixties through eighties, you could buy a Buick Electra 225 rather than a Cadillac Sedan DeVille. Coming at you, through 1967 anyway, the grille was shared with a lesser Lesabre, while the sportier Wildcat had a unique grille. Here is a 1967 Buick Electra 225 4 door sedan for sale here on Craigslist in Cummings, Georgia. Barn Finds reader Pat L. found this car and let us know about it.

This car has only had one previous lady owner and is in excellent original condition. This Electra 225 has been garage kept most of its life. Original owner’s manual and other original brochures are including, as well as metal maintenance card. The exterior has no dents, dings, or rust anywhere. The car has two-tone paint finished in blue with a white top. The 1967 Electra 225 styling included rear fender skirts and full-width taillights.

The interior’s seats are finished in the original Brocatel cloth with Madrid vinyl (hey, they’re just names, kind of like Corinthian leather). The front bench seat appears to be in good condition. Even by 1967, you would think a car like this would have air conditioning, but this Electra 225 lacks factory air conditioning and has manual crank windows. The dash and carpeting appear to be in good condition.

The engine is a 430 cubic inch V-8. It drives beautifully, smoothly, and is a powerful car. This Buick has only 54,000 miles. Recent work includes overhauled brakes including new master cylinder, new larger radiator plus water pump and hoses, new belts, plugs, and points, a carburetor rebuild, new GTO gas tank and sender unit, and new complete Electra original specification exhaust system. The seller is asking $9,500. Wouldn’t you really rather have a Buick?

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  1. Rhett

    One of the great life lessons I learned working at a Buick dealership – A stockbroker/investment banker told me “if my clients really knew how much money I made off them, they’d hang me. The Deuce (Electra 225) hits the sweet spot – I know what I’m doing, but I’m not gouging them on commissions”.

    Another was a doctor that claimed to drive “for free” back in the mid 70’s/early 80’s. He’d buy a 2 year old Electra every two years, and generally sell them for almost what he’d bought them for. Clever.

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  2. David Rhoces

    too bad it’s a sedan ….. I had one but it was a 2 dr hard top …. what a beast ….great car

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    • Rhett

      I dunno – something about a car this big makes a 4 dr really feel right..at least for me. Although this one is a sedan, I’d hold out for a hardtop…

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  3. Miguel

    Too bad it doesn’t have factory air.

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  4. Shingo

    Does the GTO gas tank make it faster?

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    • Terry

      nope, means you have to stop for gas more often.

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  5. Rock On

    Too bad it’s not on my driveway!

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  6. Jack M.

    We used to call them deuce and a quarter.

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  7. Chillymost1

    I had a ’67 Wildcat 4 door with 30K original miles. Bought it in 1997 for $3500. It was showroom clean. Sold it 3 years later for the same price.

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  8. Del

    Nice car but for 10 grand I can get a nice coupe. No thanks.

    Boat anchors away 😁

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  9. Vance

    Friend of my father’s always drove Buicks, swore by them asked why he didn’t buy himself a Cadillac, he replied, ” My ride will always be a deuce and a quarter, my final ride will be in the back of a Cadillac”,. He has been gone 50 years, and I still remember him saying that. I miss you Uncle Wayne.

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  10. stigshift

    Too much money for doorpost sedan with no options. Crank windows and no air? On an Electra? Original owner should have bought a loaded two year old Cadillac instead.

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    • r s

      In 1975 I worked part time pumping gas (where there was no self service) and a lady came in with an Electra 225… I don’t know if it had AC but I noticed it had crank windows. I mentioned to her that I thought all Electras had power windows but hers didn’t… she didn’t seem very pleased by my observation. Maybe she was PO’d at her husband for getting her the cheapo model.

      I don’t get the idea of buying that big fancy Buick and not putting some luxury equipment on it… surely AC but adding power windows and seats was relatively cheap back in the day.

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