6,800 Mile Bugeye Sprite

1960 Austin Healey Bugeye

The seller claims this 1960 Austin Healey Sprite has just 6,800 miles on it. While looking at the body alone it would be hard to believe this claim, but looking at the underside and interior it looks like it just could be true! It appears that someone started painting it with primer and never got around to finishing the job. Hopefully the original paint is still under the primer and could be revealed with some careful sanding. I would definitely want to inspect this car carefully, as the mileage claim is quite incredible. If you’re interested in giving this Bugeye a closer look, you can find it here on craigslist for $11k near Cleveland, Ohio. Do you believe this really is a 6,800 mile car? Special thanks to JK for this tip!


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  1. RayT Member

    I wouldn’t trust the “6800 mile” claim, even though the body and underside seem in nice shape. Yes, some Sprites did get taken off the road early, but that would make me leery of some mechanical catastrophe. Its driving days lasted long enough for the original black/orange CA license plates (if it was a CA car originally) to be replaced with the later blue/yellow plates.

    Don’t think the paint is original. Did Sprites come in a dark metallic blue from the factory? The upholstery screams “replacement” to me as well.

    I’d happily take this on as a restoration project as Sprites are easy to work on, parts availability is good, and the end result would be lots of fun. But it’s not $11K worth of fun in present condition.

  2. Leo

    Sorry to tell you but it definitely isnt a 6800 mile bugeye and has been repainted and interior replaced at some point. Obviously the owner withdrew that claim also as the ad doesnt mention it anymore. That being said,,, its still a great point from which to start a restoration. I just got news that my conciurs level bugeye i restored changed hands once again to another private collection in the UK. Pretty astounding number atrached tobit from what i heard :). That means premier examples are finally reaching serious collector levels. I miss that car. Downside of going to that level is that it becomes undrivable/unenjoyable because the NOS parts required to tske it to that level arent around anymore. It was, and still is thankfully due to its caretakers, an absolutely stunning example for people to see of one of the most important sports cars produced.

  3. mike

    Know big Healey’s did not have a metallic blue paint in 1960 or any year other than the original Healey blue but that was a much lighter blue than this one. Cannot imagine that Sprites offered any different paint colors than DMH was putting on 3000’s back then. Only blue I know Sprites came in was a light baby blue. Agree interior looks like a new kit but seats appear to be correct shape from little that can be seen. Would have to look at this one in person or have someone who knows Sprites inspect it. Doubt mileage is correct as if it only had 6800 miles back in 1967 why would anyone start to repaint it ?

  4. Horse Radish

    Josh , a seasoned veteran such as you should know how to read these ads.
    CL ad actually only says odometer reading 6800 miles and we all including the seller know that the car was not in a vacuum sealed box, even out in California for 49 years….
    He makes no claim for the mileage yet plays to anybody’s gullibility……
    …having said that even with the no rust claim I don’t see $11k worth here considering it needs ” total restoration”.

    I agree with RayT about plates , mid eighties

  5. Leo

    A link to pics of a “correct” restored bugeye if anyone is doing one and wants to go to a very high level
    Only part not 100 percent correct is that the tires are modern day radials

    • Alan (Michigan)

      I was not aware there had ever been the third seat in the middle like that.

      Great looking car.

  6. Cameron Bater UK

    Can I, as a proud Englishman, please point out that these are not widely known as the “Bugeye Sprites” but rather the “FROGeye Sprites because if you look at them from the front they look a tad like a frog in pre-pounce or pre-jump.

  7. dgrass

    Is it me, or is that radio a (non 8 track) tape deck? The pictures are too grainy to get a good honest look…

  8. stewart

    The wheels are also wrong, and if the millage is to be belived, it seems to have lost its rubber mats

  9. Dolphin Member

    Oversize wheels and tires, painted dark gray primer….looks like somebody with an attitude got hold of this poor Sprite. I wonder why bother. It’s only 948cc, not exactly musclecar territory.

  10. jim s

    the mark II ah and I mg are a lot less price wise and just a much fun to drive. why put a radio in a car that is that noisey. i would rather listen to the sounds the car made anyway. even my miata did not have a radio. still a great find.

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