76K Miles: 1978 Pontiac Bonneville

The year 1977 saw the downsizing of the General Motors full-sized cars, so there were very little changes necessary in 1978. The major changes were tweaking of the grilles and taillights. The only GM car that kept fender skirts during the downsizing was the Pontiac Bonneville (to be joined by Oldsmobile Ninety Eight in 1980). This is a nice 1978 Pontiac Bonneville 2 door coupe for sale here on Craigslist in Easton, Pennsylvania. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Ikey H. for finding this car.

The taillight design was simplified in 1978, with a single horizontal chrome bar and the taillights segmented into four divisions. This car has no rust and is very solid. The Bonneville has a newer matching set of tires. The white paint does not show any thinning anywhere, and there’s no vinyl top to have to maintain and limit its time in the sun. The car has the standard Bonneville wheel covers.

While this is not the Brougham model, it does have a very nice interior with seats finished in velour. Actually, this was the interior used in the Brougham in 1977 and the 1978 Brougham had a more crushed velour wrinkly look to it (see this Barn Finds article from last month on a 1977 Bonneville with a wilder interior, not available in 1978). The interior is in excellent shape except the headliner is starting to sag. Just the basics here, with manual crank windows and no power door locks, as well as black rather than color-keyed seatbelts. It does have cruise control that has been repaired with a new unit.

The engine is the 301 cubic inch V-8 with a rebuilt carburetor mated to an automatic transmission. It has a new battery. It runs and drives well. The car has 76,000 miles. The seller is asking $4,500. Are you looking for a Pontiac Bonneville from this era? Then this may be it.

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  1. Capriest Member

    Hopefully those fender skirts prevent this Bonnie from becoming a Donk! Price seems a little high for a rather plain 301 car, but not by much.

  2. TimS Member

    It’s a good cruiser that will look very special in today’s parking lots. And if the 301 gives up the ghost, then hello Mr. 455.

  3. Kevin

    My parents had this car except rallye rims and red vinyl. I think they had this car longer than any other it was around till 1990. I remember it did get repainted gray around 87 or 88 but otherwise was a great car. I thought the roofline on the coupe was much nicer than the rest of the downsized 77 much cleaner and lower into the beltline than the rest.

  4. M

    Had a 77 Brougham awsome road car, mine was loaded w 400 c.i. miss it!

  5. Thomas

    My wife had a 78 Catalina that was one of the best cars we ever owned. It belonged to a local race track owner that was a big figure in Nascar and was a special order car. Came with a 455, rally wheels, dual pipes, skirts, and rolled and pleated leather seats.

  6. ROTAG999

    Look’s to be a good buy to me if there is no lurking tin worm…

  7. Zack DeMundo

    I had one of these 2 door Bonnevilles back in the 80s. Lovely interior: so soft, plush, BIG, and quiet. Great turnpike cruiser with very decent mileage for a big car. I got mine with 42k on it in mint condition, sold it 2 years later with 104k on it, still in mint condition inside and out; I had babied it.

    Only problem I had was with the auto trans. Aamco replaced it around around 80k. I had used it to tow a light trailer.

  8. Steve hagebusch

    I think its a little high although it is a pretty clean car if i had the extra cash and wasnt restoring a 62 catalina tripower 4 speed car id be all over it but not for a donk….id lay it out on 13 inch daytons with hydros…..but thats just me….i bought my first 79 2 dr bonnie brougham black black vinal half top with the camel tan interior 301 or a grand about 12 yrs ago drove it 2 hrs home got it from the second owner who bought it from his buddy who purchased it new and it was pampered its enire life every piece of paper work came with it even the window sticker…..unfortunately….i got T boned in it about 3 yrs ago i loved that car….i was heart broken…..luckly my wife was able to locate her twin….well almost….a black 79 with a black half top and camel tan interior….although this one has the factory snow flake wheels and the rare bucket seat console option which i always wished my other one had….still has a/c power windows locks cruise ect just like the last one tho….and i only gave $3000 for this one….one owner car i got it from the lady who bought it new….its a great car but that little 301 wont get out of its own darn way….

  9. Donald G Lubbers

    Hmm, no air conditioning. I find that rare and undesirable.

  10. Jack

    My parents had a 77 2 dr with skirts and it was Canary yellow and tan interior. I thought it had a 305 in it but I could be wrong. I was 17 at the time and it drive great. I use to reach under the dash and disconnect the odometer clip as I was limited to 100 miles per week. We laugh about many years later when I told him. We Never had any issues with it except the tyranny use to shift at higher rpm from 1st to 2nd.


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