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BF Exclusive: 1937 Ford Convertible Coupe

Modern cars are often referred to as “cookie-cutter” vehicles. Manufacturers typically follow the same generic recipe, producing cars that almost redefine the term bland. Some people want to march to the beat of a different drummer and slip behind… more»

Solid Coupe from the Carolinas: 1937 Ford Coupe

It seems like everyone with a thirties Ford coupe has decided that it is time to sell.  While the many attributes of these stylish and durable coupes have made them popular for decades, will the overwhelming number of cars… more»

Baby V8: 1937 Ford Business Coupe

Ford introduced its iconic Flathead V8 range to the buying public in 1932, with the 221ci version proving a sales winner. It upped the stakes when it introduced a smaller and more refined version in 1937, and this Business… more»

Mostly Original, Needs Upholstery: 1937 Ford Deluxe Coupe

Ford had a lot going for it in the period between 1932 through 1940.  Not only did the brand have one of the best engines in the low-price field, but the styling through these years was incredible.  Their most… more»

Packing a Mini-Flathead: 1937 Ford Coupe

Henry Ford was one of the few early automotive pioneers who understood that standardization was a way to reduce costs across the board.  His most famous feat in this regard was painting every Model T black for a period… more»

Two Owner Driver: 1937 Ford DeLuxe Coupe

While writing for Barn Finds is a pleasure and a privilege, the downside is that I often face cars I would love to park in my garage. If I were to buy every one of them, my garage would… more»

Rarer Than Hen’s Teeth: 1937 and 1938 Ford Phaetons

Just like in the rise of man, there have been a number of evolutionary dead ends in automotive body styles.  One of those is the phaeton.  Phaetons were open four-door vehicles that used side curtains instead of roll-up windows. … more»

Restore or Rod It? 1937 Ford Tudor Slantback

I’ll admit, I’m more of a purist when it comes to car restorations; I guess it’s the museum archivist gene and history lover in me. But Google “1937 Ford Tudor Sedan” and see what pops up on the Images… more»

One Family Owned: 1937 Ford Woody Wagon

It isn’t unusual for us to see classic cars here at Barn Finds that have been part of the same family since new. However, finding one that has been in that situation for more than eight decades is a… more»

V8 Barn Find! 1937 Ford Deluxe

Selling a ’37 Ford without a decent front-quarter picture should be illegal, but these sweet two-doors looks good from every angle. This 1937 Ford Deluxe in Jewell, Ohio needs a thorough going-through but shows solid metal and signs of… more»

Posed Patina? 1937 Ford Panel Truck

As one can imagine, old Ford trucks, by their sheer production volume, are still commonly encountered. A panel version, however, is another matter as they don’t surface as often. Similar in nature to a sedan delivery, panel trucks from… more»

Restore or Rod? 1937 Ford DeLuxe Coupe

The owner of this 1937 ford DeLuxe Coupe says that it would make an excellent base for a restoration or a hot rod build. It is a solid classic that is set to head in whichever direction the buyer… more»

1937 Ford Panel Fire Truck

There are very few vehicles that can bring out the joy in a five-year-old’s eyes like a fire truck. Could be the red paint, might be the siren –  maybe it’s just the idea of riding on the outside… more»

Preservation Class: 1937 Ford Tudor Slantback

The Ford Motor Company developed some iconic car designs in the 1930s, largely thanks to the work and influence of Henry Ford’s son, Edsel Ford, and E.T. “Bob” Gregorie. Edsel, Gregorie, and another automotive designer named Johan “Jan” Tjaarda… more»

BF Classified: 1937 Ford Pickup

Seller’s Description: Great condition ready to restore or rat rod no rust through on the body some surface rust complete with a flat head. Price: $6,500 Location: Pasco, WA Mileage: na Title Status: Clean List your classified here on… more»

Package Deal! 1937 Ford Tudor With Vintage Trailer

Here’s an interesting package deal, it is an all original 1937, Ford Tudor, with an unlikely, one wheel “vintage” trailer – more on the trailer later.  Owned since 1966, and only driven 2,000 miles since then, the seller has… more»