BF Exclusive: 1937 Ford Convertible Coupe

Asking: $43,000

  • Seller: Nick A kkermans
  • Location: Dade City, Florida
  • Mileage: 60,055 Shown
  • Chassis #: L09456
  • Title Status: Clean

Modern cars are often referred to as “cookie-cutter” vehicles. Manufacturers typically follow the same generic recipe, producing cars that almost redefine the term bland. Some people want to march to the beat of a different drummer and slip behind the wheel of a classic that can’t help but turn heads and draw crowds. This 1937 Ford Convertible Coupe could be ideal. It is bold and brash and wears a paint shade that begs people to look closer and admire everything it offers. It is a total package, combining stunning looks, a powerful V8, and interior appointments that make any journey a special occasion. The owner feels the time is right for the Ford to find a new home, listing it exclusively with us at Barn Finds.

When I was a young lad, my family moved from a tiny, remote country town to one larger and closer to the city. I had been largely raised on a diet of family sedans and station wagons. However, a gentleman who lived a few doors down from our new home had a bright red mid-1930s Ford Convertible hot rod. I had never seen anything like it before, and every time he wheeled it out of his garage, I would stand and admire it. I’m unsure if it was love at first sight, but I think it was close! I get the same feeling when I look at this Ford because it is a complete package that has been carefully considered before the builder picked up the first tool. The body is fiberglass, while the fenders and running boards are genuine steel. The panel fit and finish are exceptional, with the gaps confirming the car was assembled with care to tight tolerances. There are no rust issues, and this Ford is as solid as the day it was born. The Purple paint reflects its surroundings like a finely polished mirror, with no visible significant flaws or defects. The Black soft-top is as tight as a drum, and the tinted glass appears flawless. The old-school alloy wheels and chrome contrast the dark paint shade, but it is worth scrolling through the photo gallery to admire some of the finer details. These include custom striping that extends along the car’s sides just below the window line. These were completed in various colors that only reveal their true vibrancy on close inspection. It is a subtle and classy touch on a vehicle that is essentially bold and brash.

Early hot rods were built by owners with limited funds. Therefore, describing their interiors as spartan would typically be accurate. This Ford suffers no such problems, with the interior loaded with creature comforts. The new owner receives air conditioning, power windows, power door locks, an effective heater, side window defoggers, six-way power front seats, a leather-wrapped “banjo-style” wheel, a digital dash display, and a Pioneer radio/CD player. Those with a sense of adventure could forego the luxuries and take their next journey in the rumble seat. The Gray leather upholstered surfaces contrast nicely with the dark paint shade, and the overall condition is impressive. There is minor wear on the outer driver’s seat edge, but the remaining upholstered surfaces are excellent. Light-colored carpet is prone to marks, but this car has avoided that fate. The dash is spotless, and hitting the road with the top down and the interior visible shouldn’t cause the new owner embarrassment.

It is easy to attempt to reinvent the wheel on a custom build, and this often leads to trouble. We’ve all seen owners trying to follow a radical path with drivetrain components, only for the venture to end in tears. This Ford’s current owner has chosen a proven component combination that should provide the buyer with trouble-free motoring and easy maintenance. The engine bay houses a 350ci Chevrolet V8, backed by a venerable four-speed 700R4 automatic transmission. The car features a Mustang II front end with rack-and-pinion steering and front disc brakes. I don’t know how many builders have chosen these components, but with the parts available “off the shelf” at most speed shops, it would be safe to place the figure in the thousands. That is reassuring because it means maintenance parts will remain available for many decades. It is worth noting that this car’s first owner would have had 85hp and 153 ft/lbs of torque at their disposal from the original 221ci flathead V8. The Chevrolet small-block should develop at least three times as much power and more than twice as much torque. Combined with the auto transmission, this Convertible will perform as effortlessly in city traffic as on the open road. Potential buyers can consider this classic a turnkey proposition that runs and drives perfectly.

It is easy to accept mediocrity because it isn’t challenging. The average car doesn’t draw attention or turn heads; people won’t typically flock to admire such vehicles. They are bland and inoffensive, but where’s the fun in that? Classic car enthusiasts don’t accept mediocrity. They crave cars that reflect their personality, regardless of the genre. This 1937 Ford Convertible Coupe achieves that goal with style and flair. Its next journey could be to a new home with another owner who will cherish and enjoy all it offers. If you feel yourself irresistibly drawn to it, I understand that. Summer is on our doorstep, offering boundless opportunities to drop the top and hit the road. I can’t think of a better reason to pursue it further. Can you?


  1. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    Beautiful! Well done all over and a drive line that will drive the purists nuts.

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    • Avatar photo Jimmy Novak

      This poor, molested Ford is now cookie-cutter personified as seen at any “kruze/ croose/ krooz/ cruse” night (what’s the hip-spelling this week?) with that usual tiny steering wheel, look-at-me wheels, bloated tires and hunkered-down stance.

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    • Avatar photo Bob

      What purists? The only Ford parts on it are the fenders

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      • Avatar photo Hot Rod Harry

        ..and they’re re-pops.

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  2. Avatar photo Woofer Member

    You are right bobhess. This makes me depressed.
    I think I’ll go slam a half bottle of Fireball.
    Buy a 1934 cheebie and chop that up. But NOOO. They’re ugly!
    Leave the FORDs for us FORD people.

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    • Avatar photo Threepedal

      It’s a Fordberglass so whatever engine is chosen is appropriate.

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  3. Avatar photo Al camino

    Did the seller think once you’ve seen one 350 you’ve seen them all?

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  4. Avatar photo MLM

    Oh this is one classy car. This does not hurt the eyes one bit and I wouldn’t mind having this nice machine in my driveway.

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  5. Avatar photo Tbone

    Everyone take a deep breath. I know the Chevy in a Ford thing gets old, but at least they didn’t mess up an original. It’s a fiberglass body.

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    • Avatar photo bobhess Member

      …. and probably the fenders etc. came out of an aftermarket parts bin.

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      • Avatar photo RKS

        Dude the whole car was built with aftermarket parts.

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  6. Avatar photo STEVE

    Definitely not my cup of tea.

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  7. Avatar photo pwtiger

    I’ve started to appreciate the 37’s more than the earlier Fords, kinda art deco style. I’d have to redo the dash with some classic gauges…

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  8. Avatar photo PairsNPaint

    Nothing wrong with a Chevy in a “Ford”, especially when there probably isn’t an original Ford part on the whole car.

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  9. Avatar photo John Jasper

    My brother has one of those and yes it has a Chevrolet motor in it.

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  10. Avatar photo Henry Hopkins

    Glad to read the many comments about Chevy engines in Fords. Would never be my choice.

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  11. Avatar photo Joe Haska

    Hot Rods get dated and used just like anything else. These glass 37 Cabs were very popular a number of years ago and many have been built. I think that the asking price is high for a dated glass car and one that its popularity is dwindling.

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  12. Avatar photo Bob

    People are like lemmings, they do what everyone else does because they have no desire to be different from the rest of the lemmings. My dad and two of his friends rode to school back in the late fifties in one of the guys dad’s 35 Ford three window with a rumble seat that was a hotrod. It was candy green with tuck and roll upholstery and had a Studebaker engine with six strombergs and a host of other hi performance mods. I saw it after it had been pulled from the barn after sitting from 1961 to 2019 and ,imo, it was perfect. The next time i saw it, a year later ( We had moved to a different state when i was a five year old so visits have been yearly for the past 45 years) it had a two inch chop that the original owner wanted back in the day, a moulded in 57 Chevy dash that went around into the doors. This work was done by the other friend for the original owners son and it was done to a extremely high standard as he had built numerous cars that were in magazines over the years. He had him replace the Stude with a sbc crate engine of course. Of course it is his car but why get rid of the attention getting old school Stude engine for a belly button sbc?

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  13. Avatar photo Lowell Peterson

    Sorry to see so many critical comments on a beautifully done car. Build it your way and appreciate the nice work on this one. Whining about the combination of beautifully assembled parts is really weak IMHO@

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  14. Avatar photo Lowell Peterson

    Note to purists: buy the car and for less than $15k you can swap in an 85 hp flathead dolled up and 39 Trans. And take it to cars and coffee. Your buddies will love it! Probably sell that useless Chevy stuff and get some of your money back.

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  15. Avatar photo Joe Haska

    Lowell, You can also sell the fiberglass body and buy a real car. That will really be a big hit at your cars and coffee.

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  16. Avatar photo Paul Zampieri

    Whatever you say, that is a beautifull 1937 Cabriolet. But, it is a lot of $$ for a car without the “real steel” 37 body. That does matter, just saying !!

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