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French Flair: Renault Caravelle Project or Parts

In the late 1950s, Pierre Dreyfus, head of Renault, was vacationing in Florida. He noticed the popularity of the VW Beetle and its sister, the Karmann Ghia. Meanwhile, Renault dealers were begging for a car with a sporty demeanor… more»

BF Classified: 1963 Renault Caravelle

Seller’s Description: Red 1963 Renault Caravelle. Has been sitting in a barn for 30+ years. Talented purchaser may be able to restore or use parts in other restorations. Price: $1,000 Location: Lexington, KY Mileage: unknown Title Status: Clean VIN:… more»

Forlorn French Classic: 1963 Renault Caravelle S Convertible

While it may look to be a sad and forlorn sight nestling next to its brother out in the open, this 1963 Renault Caravelle Convertible may well prove to be a diamond in the rough. The general condition of… more»

En Francais: 1962 Renault Caravelle Project Package

Ask almost anyone to name a rear engine sporting car from the late fifties-early sixties time period and you’ll probably hear Karmann-Ghia. Say Renault Caravelle and you’ll likely get a blank stare.  That may be what’s going on with… more»

Surprisingly Solid: 1963 Renault Caravelle

The Renault Caravelle was a pretty body in search of some more power in the United States. And, I should add, a pretty rusty body in most cases. However, this 1963 model seems to have escaped a lot of the… more»

Show Car Styling: Craigslist Renault Caravelles

In what is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime event, two Renault Caravelle coupes are up for sale on craigslist sites in California and Missouri. The Caravelle is seldom seen today, despite the company’s desire to overtake the popularity of the VW… more»

Forty Years In Storage: 1961 Renault Caravelle

Y at-il des fans de voiture français là-bas? I thought so, and this is a good one! This car wasn’t in a French barn but it was in storage for forty+ years. It’s a 1961 Renault Caravelle and it’s in Romeoville,… more»

1964 Renault Caravelle For $1,200

This (sporty?) little red 1964 Renault Caravelle has been stored since the 1970s and has only 63,000 miles on it. What would it take to wake up this little car for a top down, wind in your hair ride? It needs brakes and… more»

1967 Renault Caravelle: 8k Mile Survivor

I’m a sucker for drop top European sports cars and low mileage survivors. Put the two together and you have the perfect combination, well at least in my book. In all honesty, this Renault Caravelle wouldn’t be my first… more»

French Rarity: 1960 Renault Caravelle Convertible

This certainly is an unusual one! Caravelles were produced for 10 years, and although over 100,000 were produced the survival rate is very low, especially on this side of the Atlantic. This one is currently in what looks like… more»

Bug Beater: 1962 Renault Caravelle

When the French automaker Renault saw the incredible success of Volkswagen’s Beetle in the American market, they knew they needed to build a competitor for the affordable rear mount VW. So they set about building a small and affordable… more»

French Barn Find: 1963 Renault Caravelle

When it comes to unique and unusual cars, there is one country that stands out above all the rest and that’s France. Some of the most interesting cars ever built have come out of France, but few French cars… more»

French Field Find: 1961 Renault Caravelle

There was a time when French cars competed for sales in the US with the best small cars that Europe had to offer, particularly Germany’s VW and England’s BMC. The main French competitor was Renault, which has a storied… more»

Bargain 1964 Renault Caravelle

Update 7/30/11 – The seller just informed us that the car has sold. We have had a sudden influx of Caravelle lately with a recent barn find and now this. Whether the car is parked in a barn or… more»

1961 Renault Caravelle Barn Find

UPDATE 1/30/12 – We just heard from Pete that this Renault sold right away for $1,000. With just a quick glance most people wouldn’t recognize what’s buried under this pile of old junk, but if you look close enough… more»