A Code Survivor: 1965 Mustang Fastback

1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

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Like this seller, I still remember when Mustangs were just old cars you’d see parked around town in people’s driveways and yards. Now, they are quite sought after by just about anyone with a love of classic cars! It’s easy to see why though, they were good cars to begin with, they are fun to drive and parts supply is truly impressive. Just about every piece of this Fastback is being produced these day, which will make getting it into top shape a breeze. It’s said to be an all original survivor and it looks to be in nice shape. You can find it here on eBay in Salem, Oregon with a current bid of $10k.

1965 Ford Mustang Damage

The seller tells a good tale of how this particular car has survived the years. It’s a good story and given the condition, I’m inclined to believe it. This Mustang isn’t perfect, it doesn’t run, it was in a small fender bender and it leaks, so it sounds a bit like me! While it has its issues, I really wouldn’t mind having it! How about you?

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  1. JW454

    On the surface this looks to be a very nice car but, on closer inspection, it has a lot of wrinkles to smooth out. I’ve seen much worse looking cars brought back and this one will be no different. It will ride again for sure.

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  2. Rocco

    There we go again with that “original survivor” lingo. I was just mentioning this to David & Jesse.
    I agree with this Mustang description.

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  3. DolphinMember

    Love the look, especially at a distance. Up close—not so good, but it can & will be brought back, as JW454 said. I even like the color, and I don’t normally go for red, but this car has a lot or orange in it, and I am restoring a car that is going to be painted in its original bright orange, and so am getting to like the color more.

    Too bad it’s an auto without the optional wheels, but it pretty much looks like it’s all there, so that’s a plus. That and the A-code.

    It will take some work to get all the details right. The gaps are pretty bad just about all over. But if the chassis isn’t badly tweaked they can be brought back right. The original door tag is good to see with its original rivets I believe.

    The underside looks better than a lot of what we see, but not perfect. You’re just not likely to get away without some metal replacement on a 50+ year old car that got used a lot.

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    • Rocco

      In case you’re interested, I think Ford refers to that paint as Poppy Red, if it’s original. It’s easy to get confused with an orange color.

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  4. BillB

    Dual exhaust was not available on the ’65-’66 A code cars unless it was a GT. However, it’s very rare to find one without them added these days. Seeing the factory single exhaust setup tells me that this car is more or less unmolested.

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  5. grant

    I would kiss it and love it and squeeze it and call it George.

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  6. Chebby

    “This car was purchased by the last owner in 1971 by a working man with the working man’s dollar…I am proud to have stepped in and purchased it so I may flip it to a wealthy collector for the most dollars I can get.”

    Yeah, someone loved this car and it clearly wasn’t you. Never mind the bogus heartstrings.

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  7. Joe

    $10K+ for this beater? Pay $3k for a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry or $500 for a Pinto and keep the rest in the bank. The Accord or Camry are faster, more reliable and safer cars. These 60s Mustangs had good drive trains, weak brakes, cheap interiors and big rust buckets.

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    • TomMember

      hey Joe, ……oh…just remembered the RULES….no personal attacks. Prretty sssuurre you don’t get the gist of this site or old classic cars. Just wondering based upon your love for the imports….. is your name short for and/or “instead of” a long oriental name, such as “oh I love you long time Joe!”

      IMO. PS cool mustang, too bad it is not a 4 speed.

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    • Joe

      Hey Joe, take a walk on the wild side. I have to respectfully disagree. This is an absolutely beautiful car. The minor rust on this example is nothing.

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    • grant

      Not sure you quite get the point here. If you are looking for $3k Hondas, go to autotrader.com

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      • 67 fastback

        On the money there grant !

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  8. Roselandpete

    An uncut original survivor…really?? I think my idea of a survivor is somewhat different than the seller’s.

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  9. Rick

    This fast back is a bargain, even with rust issues.

    Rich Man, Poor Man. Let’s see 3,000 for a Camry, 7,000 in the bank at 0.06% interest, even with inflation at ultra low 1.5%… Means your 7 grand, well you do the math.

    Where as 10k for this mustang, even if you did absolutely nothing but keep it going in 5, 10 years from now that Mustang is going to be worth more than 10k, that Camry, well at best it will be worth just a tad over squat. AND during those years of Mustang ownership you’ll have the pleasure of driving it, the pleasure of tinkering with it, great road trip stories to tell even if just getting a quart of milk, and you’ll meet a lot of great people along the way, there’s no better conversation starter than a classic Mustang. Rich Man.

    10 years in Camry,….

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  10. Robert_B

    Always liked the these fastbacks, waited too long though, I’m not paying the rip off prices wanted for them now. You comment guys mention 10K, that is a pipe dream, this car will go for much more and that is the problem. Funny how there are a ton of 65/66 notch back cars in about this same condition for 1500 to 3k or more if your a CL flake. Just saw a white one in the Seattle area CL, it was an A code car and was just about exactly like this one. Owner wanted 2200 I think and it took like 3 months for him to move it at that price. Kind of wish I would have bought it, being an A code 4 speed car but I see lots of similar shell/rollers [not A code cars] for 1000 or less so I passed. No room to store a bunch of project cars these days.

    I am going to find a descent striped out 66 notch back shell and build that into a vintage style track car, I once had a 66 A-sedan mustang, the body was 2 mustangs welded together so I stripped it and junked the body in anticipation of finding a fastback and bolting on all the parts for a over the top street racer.

    Life happened, 30 yrs go by, and never got round to it but kept all the parts from the old race car, every last nut and bolt, except as it turns out, the MOST IMPORTANT part, the SCCA logbook. Trust me, I slap myself about once a week for losing that. I need to find a nice 66 notch back shell and start building it. Not getting any younger…..

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